Mt. Britton Cemetery

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Map of Mount Britton showing Cemetery just west of the old township.

Location: Mt. Britton, via Nebo,  Queensland.

Local Government Authority: Nebo Shire Council


History:  The Mount Britton area was the site of the first major Gold Rush in the Mackay district.

Number of Burials:  11 as per research from Mr. Lyall Ford.

Sign at the entry of the Cemetery. (Glen Hall Collection , May 2008)

The ornate Wrought Iron Fence surround the Reckitt and Mills Graves. (Glen Hall Collection , May 2008)


Headstone (Click to Enlarge Photo) Surname First Names Death Date Burial date Age Notes
  CONDON George 10 February 1882 11 February 1882 43 yrs. Register No. 3092.
  DUFF John 17 July 1881 17 July 1881   Register No. 2122
  FORD William 28 July 1882 29 July 1882 38 yrs. Register No. 3096
  HOBSON Unnamed (Female) 23 September 1883 23 September 1883 Infant daughter of William HOBSON and Cecilia Amelia JOHNSON.  
  JACKSON Edward 19 May 1882 20 May 1882   son of Thomas JACKSON.
  MacLEAN Eliza 28 March 1883 3 April 1883   daughter of Edward RICHARDSON and ? AUSTIN.
MILLS Ernest 21 February 1886 22 February 1886 9 mths. Register No. 220/86.
Son of John Henry MILLS and Mary Ann Louisa RICKETTS.
b. 6 May 1885.
  O'TOOLE Sarah 9 April 1890 9 April 1890 Infant  
RECKITT Albert 24 March 1905 25 March 1905 75 years. Register No. 3997.
SCANDISH Susan 25 April 1898 25 April 1898 64 years. Register No. 4328.
  VOGEL Johann Michael 10 August 1881 11 August 1881    


Email from Mr. Lyall Ford. (Lyall is the author of the book "Below These Mountains" which gives an excellent account of the history of the Mount Britton township and the Reckitt and Mills families)

Queensland Pioneers Index 1829-1889.

The Daily Mercury, Monday, July 18, 1988. p13

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