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Sources of Information.

I have undertaken the past few years researching the different Hotels and their Owners/Licensees using many different resources from the Mackay Area.

Whilst the accuracy of sources differ, some hotel-keepers names have been spelt incorrectly or the year they were licensees of the particular hotel may have been recorded incorrectly in the next issue for instances of the Post Office Directory.

The code in brackets signifies the source on the Alphabetical listings. 

Primary Sources

Queensland State Archives

  • Registers of Applications under the Liquor Acts, Court of Petty Sessions, Mackay. 
    • (QSA1)PRV6735-1-1; 2 March 1910 to 30 June 1913.
    • (QSA2)PRV6735-1-2; 2 July 1913 to 26 March 1917
    • (QSA3)PRV6735-1-3; 4 April 1917 to 31 March 1920
    • (QSA4)PRV6735-1-4; 23 March 1920 to 23 June 1923.
    • (QSA5)PRV6735-1-5; 4 April 1923 to 30 June 1924.
    • (QSA6)PRV6735-1-6; 30 June 1924 to 22 January 1926.
    • (QSA7)PRV6735-1-7; 2 February 1927 to 8 February 1929.
    • (QSA8)PRV6735-1-8; 12 February 1929 to 13 June 1931.
    • (QSA9)PRV6735-1-9; 27 June 1931 to 5 April 1933.
    • (QSA10)PRV6735-1-10; 5 April 1933 to 27 February 1935.
    • (QSA11)PRV6735-1-11; 6 March 1935 to 10 January 1941.
    • (QSA12)PRV6735-1-12; 16 January 1941 to 31 December 1952.
  • Queensland Government Gazette (QGG).

Secondary Sources

Greenmount Historic Homestead

  •  (SLQA) Slater's Queensland Almanac.
    • 1908; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
    • 1915; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.

Mackay Historical Society and Museum Inc. & Greenmount Homestead Archives

  • (DM) The Daily Mercury
    • " Our Century" Supplement, February 26, 2000.
    • Various newspaper articles and magazine articles held by the Society.
  • (DSPM) The Discovery and Settlement of Port Mackay, Queensland, by Henry Ling Roth, published 1908; F. King & Sons Ltd; Halifax, England.
  • (JB) Correspondence by Mrs Joyce Beikoff held in archive files.
  • (JOM) The Jubilee of Mackay 1862-1912; published August 1912; The Daily Mercury, Mackay.
  • (MI) Mackay Illustrated 1907. A special issue from Queensland Country Life, published December 1907.
  • (PN) Pioneer News
    • Thursday May 14, 1987, pp8 (listing of hotels in 1898 and licensees).

Mackay Family History Society Inc. Formerly Mackay Branch Genealogical Society of Queensland

Microfische Records

  • (BQGR) F.F. Balliere Queensland Gazetteer and Road Guide.
    • 1876    
  • (CCQA)Cowie and Cowlands Central Queensland Almanac. 
    • 1900;  Country Directory, Mackay, pp.160.
  • (QHPI) Queensland Hotels and Publicans Index (1843-1900), researched by Merle Norris and published by Qld Family History Society, Brisbane, 1996. (An invaluable source for anybody wishing to research Hotels or publicans from Queensland)
  • (QPOD) Queensland Post Office Directory
    • 1868
    • 1874; Trade and Professional Directory, Hotel & Innkeepers
    • 1883-1884; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels, pp314.
    • 1885-1886; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
    • 1888; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
    • 1891; Country Directory, Mackay.
    • 1892; Country Directory, Mackay.
    • 1893; Country Directory, Mackay.
    • 1897-1899; Country Directory, Mackay Hotels, pp. 515
    • 1900; Country Directory, Mackay.
    • 1940; Country Directory, Mackay.
    • 1941; Country Directory, Mackay.
    • 1942; Country Directory, Mackay.
    • 1943; Country Directory, Mackay.
  •  (SLQA) Slater's Queensland Almanac, 
    • 1901; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
    • 1902; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
    • 1903; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
    • 1904; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
    • 1905; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
    • 1908; Country Directory, Mackay, Hotels.
  • (WNQA) Willmetts North Queensland Almanac, 
    • 1879; Northern Towns Directory, Mackay, pp.192
    • 1883; Northern Towns Directory, Mackay, pp.133
    • 1885; Northern Towns Directory, Mackay, pp.33
    • 1888; Northern Towns Directory, Mackay, pp.35
    • 1892; Directory of North Queensland, Mackay, pp.30
    • 1898; Directory of North Queensland, Mackay, pp.98

Mackay R.S.L.

  • (RSL) Various issues of "Drumbeat" magazine and articles and researched by Mr David Roche.

Other Published Sources

  • (BN) Behold Nebo, by George Mayes, published 1991, ISBN 0 646 06018 X
  • (PPHT) A Pattern of Pubs, Hotels of Townsville 1864-1914, by Dorothy & Bruce Gibson-Wilde, published 1988, ISBN 0 86443 272 0.
  • (JPRM) James Perry Remembers Mackay, Compiled by Vyvian Mengler, published 2000, Albany Advertiser, ISBN 0 646 38687 5
  • (MPHT) Mackay Region Pilot Heritage Study, by Graeme Butler & Associates, published 1994 Fairfield Victoria, ISBN 0 646 19669 3.
  • (PP) Pioneer Pageant, A History of the Pioneer Shire, by John Kerr, published 1980, Pioneer Shire Council, ISBN 0 9594740 0 5.
  • (SS) Sugar from the Scrub, by Pat Hamilton, published 1994, Boolarong Press. ISBN 0 646 2170 0.
  • (SSIR) Sarina Shire in Retrospect, by Patricia C. Phillips, published 1988, Sarina Bi-Centennial Committee.

Other Publications

  • (ASYB) The Australian Sugar Year Book, (1963), edited by Lawton Taylor, published by The Strand Press Pty. Ltd., 
  • (HRKD) Historical Review of Koumala and District 1859-1974, (1974), compiled by Koumala Presbyterian Women's Guild .
  • (HRSS) Historical Review of the Sarina Shire, (1959), edited by N. Macpherson and D. Patch, published by Sarina Shire Queensland Centenary Celebrations Committee.
  • (MBIR) Mackay - Blair Athol Illustrated Record, (1946), Edited by John M. Mulherin, published by the Mackay-Blair Athol Railway League, Mackay.
  • (PPR) Platypus Press, Monthly Newsletter published by Pioneer Valley Tourism and Development Association.
  • (QCL) Queensland Country Life, Special Issue "Mackay Illustrated", (December 1907).
  • (SSIR) Sarina Shire in Retrospect, (1988), by Patricia C. Phillips, published by Sarina Bi-centennial Committee.

Emails from Contributors

  • (LF) Mr. Lyall Ford, (Author of "Below These Mountains"), 21/2/2004.
  • (ML) Mr. Mel Lowth


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