South Sea Islander Honour Roll

Location: South Sea Islanders Hall, The Lagoons, Nebo Road, West Mackay.
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council.
Year Constructed: unveiled in ceremony on 25 August 1996
Type of Construction:   Brass Plaque attached to Granite Boulder.
War: 1914-1918, 1939-1945, Malaya, Vietnam
Names: Total 22 ; WW1 (1), WW2 (14), Malaya (1), Vietnam (6)
Information Sources:  
Mackay South Sea Islander Community Honour Roll, September 2006. (Glen Hall Collection)



recorded as Identified as  
GORMAN, W. GORMAN, William, Private, 53351, Queensland Reinforcement 3 / 9th Battalion, enlisted 19 March 1918, Returned to Australia 15 September 1919.  


recorded as Identified as  
BOBONGIE, Pte E. BOBONGIE, Edward Andrew, Private, QX47265 (Q114589), 2nd Australian Pack Transport Company, enlisted 14 July 1941, discharged 20 January 1945.
COAKLEY, Pte H.C. COAKLEY, Harry Chambers , Corporal, QX21706, 2/1 Australian Salvage Unit, enlisted 24 June 1941, discharged 14 May 1946.  
COAKLEY, Cpl J.J. COAKLEY, James Joseph , Corporal, QX18952, 2/2 Australian INF TPS Workshop, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 12 January 1949.  
DESHONG, Pte R.D. DESHONG, Roland Douglas, Private, Q130053, 51st Battalion, enlisted 29 January 1942, discharged 19 September 1942.

DESHONG, Roland Douglas, Private, QX52933 (Q269159), 2/16th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 17 April 1943, discharged 27 September 1946.

DESHONG, Pte W.H. DESHONG, William Henry, Private, QX18840, 2/18th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 13 October 1941, discharged 16 January 1946.
GORMAN, Pte E.H. (POW) (Not positively identified)  
GORMAN, Pte J.A (KIA) GORMAN, John Arthur, Private, QX18663, 2/26th Battalion, enlisted 28 April 1941, Died at Sea in SW Pacific Area whilst POW,  12 September 1944.   
MOONEY, Pte A. MOONEY, Alexander, Private, QX18672, 2/26th Battalion, enlisted 28 April 1941, discharged 23 October 1941.  
MOONEY, Pte P.H. MOONEY, Percy Harry, Private, QX56367 (Q114592), 2nd Pack Transport Company, enlisted 10 August 1943, discharged 22 August 1946.  
MOONEY, Pte R.R. MOONEY, Reginald Ronald, Private, QX56368 (Q114598), General Details Depot, enlisted 10 August 1943, discharged 22 March 1945.  
MOONEY, Cpl S.J. MOONEY, Sidney James, Private, 13303 (QX11706), 2/12th Battalion 13th Reinforcements AIF, enlisted 22 April 1941, discharged 18 May 1953.  
TONGA, Spr C. TONGA, Charles , Sapper, QX45209, 11th Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers, enlisted 9 May 1941, discharged 17 February 1947.  
TRIEVE, Pte W. TRIEVE, Walter, Private, Q268692, 39th Works Company, enlisted 10 June 1942, discharged 27 September 1946.  
YATTA, A.S. Spr YATTA, Alfred Sydney, Sapper, QX59711 (Q114813), 11th Field Company, enlisted 31 December 1943, discharged 18 April 1946.  


recorded as Identified as  
POWELL, V.C.J Sgt POWELL, Vivian Chambers, 29654, 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.  


recorded as Identified as  
ARROW, E.W. Spr ARROW, Earl Wayne, 1735784, 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.  
BOBONGIE, J.W.A. Pte BOBONGIE, John William, 19976, 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.  
CHOPPY, L.J. Pte CHOPPY, Lenol James, 1736392, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.  
FEWQUANDIE, F.J. Pte FEWQUANDIE, Francis John, 1411181, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. Killed in Action,  4 December 1967, Phuoc Tuy province, South Vietnam.   
HOLMES, D.A. Pte (not positively identified)  
POWELL, V.C.J. Sgt POWELL, Vivian Chambers, 29654, 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.  

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Glen Hall

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