Eton Memorial Gates

Location: Langford Park, Peak Downs Highway, Eton (located opposite Eton Hotel).
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council.
Year Constructed: post 1945.
Type of Construction:   Red Brick Posts
War: 1939-1945
Names: 78 (4 Killed in Action, 4 died whilst Prisoner of War, 1 Accidentally killed, 2 Military Medals, 1 A.A.M.W.S, 1 Australian Army Nursing Service)
History:  not known.

Left Side

recorded as Identified as  
LOWTHER, W.A. LOWTHER, William Arthur , Stoker, B3905, HMAS Moreton, enlisted 20 July 1942, discharged 9 October 1946.  
BAGLEY, A.H. BAGLEY, Alexander Hugh , Private, QX18944, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 15 April 1946.  
BAKER, A. BAKER, Alexander Joseph, Corporal, QX18638, 2/31st Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 17 April 1941, Discharged 9 March 1944. Served in Egypt and New Guinea twice, Born 15 July 1915 in Babinda, QLD., Married 24 April 1940 to Valda Gladys SWINDELLS.
BAKER, E. BAKER, Elwyn Francis , Private, QX13230, 13 APSC (STAFF), enlisted 10 July 1940, discharged 10 November 1944.
CABEN, G. CABAN, Clive, Corporal, QX18707, 2/12th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 15 May 1941, discharged 13 December 1945.
CALLENDER, J. CALLANDER, Raymond John, Private, Q215264, 15th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps QLD, enlisted 24 April 1942, discharged 21 October 1945.  
CHAINEY, A. CHAINEY, Arthur Henry, Private, QX20291, 2/4th Australian General Hospital, enlisted 1 May 1941, discharged 21 January 1944.  
CLARK, T.A. (M.M.) CLARK, Thomas Alexander  (M.M.), Lance Corporal, QX8291, 2/9th Battalion, enlisted 10 June 1940, discharged 30 November 1943.  
DECOSTA, G. (D.P.O.W.) DE-COSTA, Gordon Francis , Private, QX13139, 2/26th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 28 June 1940, Died of Illness whilst P.O.W., 4 June 1945, Sandakan, Borneo. 
EWERS, C. (D.P.O.W.) EWERS, Colin Edward , Lance Corporal, QX18800, 8th Divisional Postal Unit, enlisted 14 August 1941, Died of Illness whilst a Prisoner of War, 17 May 1945, Sandakan, Borneo.
GLADWOOD, H. GLADWOOD, Herbert James, Private, QX18619, 2/31st Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 1 April 1941, discharged 18 March 1946, died 18 May 1974, aged 56 years, buried Walkerston Cemetery.  
HANSEN, S.M. HANSEN, Sydney Maurice, Private, Q129143, 1 AASC T D, enlisted 2 February 1942, discharged 24 August 1943.  
HAWKINS, H.J. HAWKINS, Hugh John, Lance Corporal, QX53950, 2/1st Pioneer Battalion, enlisted 4 August 1943, discharged 9 October 1946.   
IRONSIDE, G. IRONSIDE, George Anton, Driver, QX11333, AHQ 27th Brigade Company Australian Army Service Corps, enlisted 12 July 1940, discharged 10 January 1946, died 17 June 1963, aged 60 years, buried Mount Bassett Cemetery, Mackay.  
JACKSON, A.C. JACKSON, Alan Charles , Gunner, QX11876, 2/3rd Austrlain A/A Regiment (COMP), enlisted 27 November 1941, discharged 3 January 1946.  
JONES, J. (Not positively identified)  
KEEN, M.R. KEEN, Malcolm Royal, Private, QX13165, AQ AIF (ME), enlisted 28 June 1940, discharged 16 November 1943.  
KENNEDY, S.G. (K.I.A.) KENNEDY, Sydney Glossop , Corporal, QX18647, 2/12th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 17 April 1941, Killed in Action, 1 January 1943, Buna, Papua New Guinea.
KINNON, J. KINNON, John Douglas, Signalman, QX18785, SIGS 1 Aust Corps, enlisted 24 July 1941, discharged 18 January 1946.  
KINNON, V. (D.P.O.W.) KINNON,Verdun Richard,  Private, QX18786, 8th Divisional Postal Unit, enlisted 24 July 1941, Died of Illness whilst Prisoner of War, 7 June 1945, Sandakan, Borneo.
KRIEGER, H. KRIEGER, Harold Douglas , Private, QX13233, A/TK TNG DEPOT AIF, enlisted 10 July 1940, discharged 23 January 1941.

KRIEGER, Harold Douglas, Private, QX23124, 109 ARMD CON DEPOT, enlisted 23 October 1941, discharged 17 December 1945. 

KRIEGER, L. (D.P.O.W.) KRIEGER, Leslie Clark , Corporal, NX29065, 2/10th Field Regiment, enlisted 12 June 1941, Died of Ilnness whilst Prisoner of War, 24 February 1945, Sandakan, Borneo.
LARSEN, E. LARSEN, Eric Charles, Corporal, QX18764, 2/5th Field Company, enlisted 26 Jun 1941, discharged 4 January 1946.  
LOWTHER, C.B. (K.I.A.) LOWTHER, Clive Beverley, Lance Corporal, QX8438, 2/1st Independant Company, enlisted 17 June 1940, Killed in Action, 2 February 1942, New Britain.
LOWTHER, G. (Not positively identified)  
LUM WAN, W. LUM WAN, Alfred Thomas , Corporal, QX18969, 2/15th Battalion, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 14 November 1950.  
MACDONALD, F. (Not positively identified)  
McBRIDE, J.O. McBRIDE, James Owen, Lance Corporal, QX42156 (Q114629), 2/1st Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 13 November 1941, discharged 3 June 1946.  
McDONALD, A.R. McDONALD, Alexander Roderick , Craftsman, QX30625, 2/119 Australian Brigade Workshop, enlisted 18 March 1942, discharged 16 November 1945.  
McKAY, W.R. McKAY, William Robert, Craftsman, QX18720, 2/2nd Australian Base Workshops, enlisted 29 May 1941, discharged 2 November 1945. Died 14 February 1966. Buried Walkerston Cemetery.  
NIELSEN, J. NIELSEN, John , Gunner, QX18592, 2/3rd Tank Attack Regiment, enlisted 25 March 1941, discharged 10 October 1945.
NIELSEN, L. NIELSEN, Lawrence Henry, Private, QX8166, 3rd Infantry Training Battalion AIF, enlisted 2 June 1940, discharged 17 November 1940.  
NIELSEN, W. NIELSEN, William , Private, QX31937, 47th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 29 April 1942, discharged 2 July 1946.  
PATTERSON, J.A.J. PATTERSON, John Alexander James , Staff Sergeant, QX30623, 2/4th Australian ARM Regiment workshop, enlisted 18 March 1942, discharged 18 March 1946.  
PEARSON, A.E. PEARSON, Arthur Edwin , Private, QX13257, 2/26th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 12 July 1940, discharged 4 January 1946.
PEARSON, N.S. PEARSON, Norman Stevens , Private, QX18980, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 4 January 1946.  
RAINES, E. RAINES, Ernest Douglas, Gunner, QX8168, 2/2nd Tank ATT Regiment, enlisted 2 June 1940, discharged 12 October 1945.  
RENTON, W. RENTON, William James , Private, QX18985, 2/25th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 26 November 1945.  
ROBB, H. ROBB, Harry Andrew , Gunner, QX53557, 1st Tank Attack Regiment, enlisted 3 June 1943, discharged 4 December 1945.  


Right Side

recorded as Identified as
(A.I.F. continued)  
ROSS, D.C. ROSS, Douglas Craigie, Corporal, QX15126, 1 MOB R + D UNIT, enlisted 13 July 1940, discharged 15 September 1945. 
RYAN, N.S. RYAN, Norman Sydney, Staff Sergeant, QX18766, 2/91st Light Aid Detachment, enlisted 26 June 1941, discharged 31 August 1945.  
ROLLESTON, F.J. ROLLESTON, Francis Joseph, Corporal, QX18563, 18th Infantry Brigade (7th Reinforcements), enlisted 25 February 1941, discharged 11 June 1945. 
ROSE, H. (M.M.) ROSE, Harold Arthur  (M.M.), Sergeant, QX17891, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 20 January 1941, discharged 21 December 1945. 
ROSE, S. ROSE, Samuel Leslie , Private, QX18867, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 20 November 1941, discharged 14 January 1946.
SCHMIDT, W.L.C. SCHMIDT, William Llewellyn Charles , Private, QX13241, 2/14th Australian General Hospital, enlisted 10 July 1940, discharged 19 January 1944, died 21 August 1974, aged 72 years, buried Mount Bassett Cemetery, Mackay. 
SLEEMAN, H. SLEEMAN, Henry John, Private, Q213537, 13th Battalion VDC (Q) PTD, enlisted 29 May 1942, discharged 21 October 1945.
SLEEMAN, W. SLEEMAN, Walter Frederick, Staff Sergeant, QX20282, 2/9th Battalion Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 29 April 1941, discharged 12 February 1947.
STEVENSON, H.W. (Not positively identified)
TRIEVIE, S. TRIEVE, Walter, Private, Q268692, 39 Works Company, enlisted 10 June 1942, discharged 27 September 1946.
WADE, W. (Not positively identified)
BELDAN, J.A. BELDAN, John Ainsley , Corporal, QX58672 (Q114713)   (was not in R.A.A.F.)7 Vehicle Park workshop, enlisted 13 March 1944, discharged 12 May 1945. Born 2 October 1920, Died 15 December 1951, Louisa Creek.

MACKAY, December 16.
John Ainsley Beldan, millworker of Marian, was killed instantly when lightning struck a holiday camp at Louisa Creek on Saturday.
His brother, Thoms Edward Beldan, 33, labourer, of North Eton, and Henry Andrew Oberin, 41, millworker, of  Marian, were knocked unconscious and suffered from shock.
Grace Huddlestone Beldan, wife of John Beldan, and her three children, William (8), Heather (5 1/2) and Edmund (4), were stunned and suffered shock.  Oberin and Mrs Beldan were allowed to leave hospital this afternoon.  The three children were not admitted.
Oberin said that Beldan was sitting on the end of a stretcher at the entrance to their tent fixing a toy boat for the children.  Mrs. Beldan was standing in front of him, with the three children on a stretcher opposite them, when the flash hit.
Oberin and Thomas Beldan who were outside the tent, were thrown about 12 ft. and knocked unconscious.  They did not see the lightning strike.
Oberin said that when he regained consciousness about five minutes later he thought he heard the children screaming.  He went into the tent and found John Beldan dead.  He staggered into the half light to seek help.  About a quarter of a mile away he could see a fisherman's house which he could see plainly in light from blinding flashes of lightning which, he said, seemed to be striking all round him. The fisherman phoned the Alligator Creek post office to call Sarina ambulance.
Police said they could see no signs where the lightning had struck the tent or the surrounding trees.  Oberin said that Beldan had been sitting on the end of the stretcher with his bare feet in wet sand.  The other three were all wearing sandshoes.

Source: Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Monday 17 December 1951.

BELDAN, T.E.E. BELDAN, Thomas Edmund Eli , Leading Aircraftman, 25169 (RAAF), 3 Aircraft Depot, enlisted 28 February 1941, discharged 1 November 1945.
COWEN, M. COWEN, Michael John , Flight Sergeant, O157 (RAAF), 3 Aircraft Depot, enlisted 28 November 1940, discharged 14 June 1963.
COWEN, V.G. COWEN, Vincent Gilchrist , Flight Lieutenant, 434448 (RAAF), 9 Aircrew Holding Unit, enlisted 4 December 1942, discharged 9 January 1946.
CREBER, R.J. CREBER, Ronald John , Leading Aircraftman, 75091 (RAAF), 6 Aircraft Depot, enlisted 8 April 1942, discharged 29 December 1944.
DREW, D. (K.I.A.) DREWE, Arthur Douglas, Flight Sergeant, 414474 (RAAF), 150 Squadron R.A.F., enlisted 11 October 1941, Killed in Action (Flying Battle), 26 August 1943, Meditteranean Sea.
GRACE, F.G.D. (Not positively identified)
HANSEN, R.P.R. HANSEN, Ronald Percival Richard , Flight Sergeant, 414134 (RAAF), Signals School, Point Cook, enlisted 16 August 1941, discharged 24 July 1944.
HOLM, L.J.T. HOLM, Leslie Theodore James , Flying Officer, 425011 (RAAF), 1674 Heavy Conversion Unit R.A.F., enlisted 7 December 1941, discharged 18 September 1945.
HOWES, A. HOWES, Alan Michael John, Leading Aircraftman, 123815 (RAAF), 3 Aircraft Depot, enlisted 25 February 1943, discharged 10 January 1946.
JACKSON, R.H. JACKSON, Reginald Henry, Corporal, 34296 (RAAF), 3 Aircraft Depot, enlisted 16 October 1940, discharged 29 November 1945.
LOWTHER, E.C. LOWTHER, Eric Charles, Corporal, 44603 (RAAF), 6 Transport and Movement Office, enlisted 26 February 1942, discharged 10 May 1946. 
LEACH, L.W. LEACH, Leslie Wilton, Private, QX18966, Australian Imperial Force, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 15 January 1942.

LEACH, Leslie Wilton, Corporal, 75397 (RAAF), 5 Airfield Construction Squadron, enlisted 28 April 1942, discharged 6 December 1945.

LUCK, W. LUCK, William Henry, Leading Aircraftman, 25234 (RAAF), 6 Aircraft Depot, enlisted 13 March 1941, discharged 29 October 1945. 
McANDREW, T. McANDREW, Thomas , Corporal, 23833 (RAAF), RAAF Command Headquarters, enlisted 28 November 1940, discharged 10 November 1945.
McDOWELL, L. McDOWALL, Leslie Raymond, Leading Aircraftman, 124812 (RAAF), 1 AIR O SCH, enlisted 9 June 1943, discharged 5 April 1945.
OLLETT, D. OLLETT, Douglas Haig , Warrant Officer, 414951 (RAAF), Brisbane Medical Unit, enlisted 6 December 1941, discharged 16 August 1945.
PORTER, S.F. PORTER, Simon Fahey , Leading Aircraftman, 124763 (RAAF), 43 Squadron, enlisted 3 June 1943, discharged 6 March 1946.
ROSS W. ROSS, William Seymour, Sergeant, 25407 (RAAF), 3 Personnel Depot, enlisted 27 March 1941, discharged 22 January 1946.
SCHMIDT, C. (K.I.A.) SCHMIDT, Cleveland Julian, Flight Sergeant, 425061 (RAAF), 622 Squadron R.A.F., enlisted 7 December 1941, Killed in Action (Flying Battle), 31 March 1944, Belgium.
WALES, E. (ACCID.K.) WALES, Eric George, Leading Aircraftman, 25159 (RAAF), 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot, Bowen, enlisted 28 February 1941, Killed in Ground Accident, 11 November 1944, Mackay, Queensland, buried Mackay Cemetery.
WOOD, P. WOOD, Percy Gerald, Leading Aircraftman, 75664 (RAAF), 9 Local Air Supply Unit, enlisted 11 May 1942, discharged 11 February 1946.
MELLOR, V. (A.A.M.W.S.) MELLOR, Valda Kelaine , Private, QF271049, Australian Army Medical Womens Service, enlisted 12 May 1943, discharged 28 November 1945.
STEVENSON, H. (A.A.N.S.) STEVENSON, Heather Lillian, Sister, QFX61754 (QX61754), 116 Australian General Hospital, enlisted 2 August 1942, Died of Illness, 25 November 1945, Queensland, Australia. Buried Cairns Cemetery, Queensland.
BULGARELLI, E. BULGARELLI, Ezio , Sapper, Q114832, 9 Labour Company, enlisted 13 June 1941, discharged 8 May 1945.
BULGARELLI, S. BULGARELLI, Silvio , Private, Q130709, 1st Garrison Battalion, enlisted 13 June 1941, discharged 23 November 1944.
CREAR, C.A. CREAR, Cecil Arthur , Sapper, Q114834, 11th Australian Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers, enlisted 13 June 1941, discharged 21 January 1946.
ROSS, J.G. ROSS, John Gordon, Private, Q114689, 19th Field Ambulance, enlisted 14 June 1941, discharged 3 June 1942. 


Alan Wilfred Baker was the first and youngest of the 3 Baker boys to join up from Eton.
QX2704,  2/31 Infantry Battalion, AIF New Guinea and
Korea Regimental No: 1967 CPL Returned 7 Feb 1953 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR)

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