Byron Street Burial Ground

Byron Street Burial from 1907 Map

Location: on block bordered by East Gordon Street, Goldsmith Street, Park Street and Byron Street in Mackay.

Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council

History: Most likely Mackay's first Cemetery after first settlement in 1862. It was located on the outer edge of the Township at the time.

Number of Burials: unknown.

Notes:  A Mr. Charles Griffin recalled Mackay's early days in a report in the Daily Mercury in July 1934. At that time he was aged in his 80's and had lived in Mackay for 60 years. He was quoted as stating "There was also a cemetery in Byron Street and many years later workmen employed on building and street works in the vicinity sometimes came across traces of old graves." (D.M. 15 Sep. 2001)

There are houses located on Byron Street and Park Street frontages but there is a vacant block on the corner of East Gordon and Goldsmith Streets. 


"Mackay Illustrated 1907", Special Issue "Queensland Country Life", December 1907.

"Daily Mercury", Saturday, September 15, 2001.

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