Double Peak Cemetery

Location: Under Kinchant Dam, via North Eton, Queensland.

Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council

Access: Cemetery no longer in existence. Is apparently located under the waters of the Kinchant Dam built in the 1970's. 

History: The only burials took place between 1892 and 1894. Not known if any headstones existed. Double Peak was the early name for Mount Kinchant after which Kinchant Dam has taken its name.

Number of Burials:  possibly 6 as per Mackay Courthouse Burial Register

Known Burials:  

Surname First Names Death Date Age Notes
ANDERSON William Cook 23 September 1892 44 years Entry No. 6071
BARTLE Herbert 20 April 1892 7 mths. Entry No. 5981
BARTLE William Evan 11 April 1892 7 mths. Entry No. 5980
COOK Henrietta 13 August 1893 7 days Entry No. 6259. Daughter of William Service COOK and Henrietta  MUTCH.
LANLOO Andrew 19 July 1893 about 25 years Entry No. 6243
SMALLMAN Samuel Henry 26 August 1894 7 mths. Entry No. 6440


Mirani Shire Museum

Mackay Court House Death Register.

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