(St Peter's Churchyard) Cemetery 

The New Sign correcting a historic mistake in the naming of the locality. (Chris Vaughan 2014)

Mandarana Cemetery (the old sign with incorrect spelling).. (taken June 2003, Glen Hall Collection)

Historic Hand forged wrought Iron gate installed to entry of Cemetery. May 2014 (Chris Vaughan)

Location: Balnagowan-Mandarana Road, via Mackay, Queensland.
The Cemetery is located just a couple of hundred metres down on the left hand side of Mandarana road just off the Bruce Highway. There is a sign naming the "Mandurana [sic] Cemetery".

Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council


The land was donated in 1882 by Mrs. Elizabeth Martin. The church was part of the Church of England Pioneer Parish and was opened on 13th April 1884 by the Revd. T. Worthington of the Christ Church, Walkerston. The area was also referred to in the early days as Bonson's Scrub.

Mrs Martin was earlier responsible for opening a Mission earlier for the South Sea Islanders (Kanakas) who were engaged to work on the various sugar plantations around Mackay. Mrs. Martin helped raised funds for the building of the church and one of her helpers was a young Nellie Mitchell who was the daughter of Mr. David Mitchell who built the first Marian Mill in 1882. Nellie later married a Mr. Charles Armstrong but the marriage was not to last and she moved back to Melbourne after 18 months. Nellie Mitchell sang in various benefit concerts held in Mackay to help raise funds. She later become "Dame Nellie Melba" of worldwide fame.

The Church was wrecked in 1898 by the effects of Cyclone "Eline". It was also badly damaged in the 1918 Cyclone. On both occasions Madame Melba responded generously towards the restoration.

St Peter's Church at Mandarana built 1884. Courtesy Daily Mercury archives.

The church held its golden jubilee in 1934.

The church faced with falling attendances closed in 1962. The land was repurchased by Mr. K.M. Martin in 1967.

A fire took hold in the disused church on August 6, 1968 which totally destroyed the building.

One of the known burials in the cemetery is of Robert (Bob) Martin who settled in the area near Mirani then known as Hamilton in 1863. In 1878 Bob Martin moved to the Mandarana area. He died in 1898 of heart failure brought on by pneumonia he contracted during cyclone "Eline".  In accordance with his wishes he was buried under a blue gum near the edge of the cemetery.



Number of Burials: 49 burials in 34 graves. Only 4 of the 5 headstones remain that can be identified. Those headstones are identified on the list below by the underlined Surname. Click to view photographs.

Burials:   Only 36 listed on Mackay Courthouse Deaths Register

Surname First Names Death Date Age Notes
ANDREWS Robert 16 February 1908 64 years Mandarana
BARRY Eugena Patrick 24 December 1897 7 mths. Mandarana.
BOSSE Christian 6 August 1913 79 yrs. Mandarana Cemetery
BROOKS Sarah Elizabeth 29 November 1890 28 yrs. nee Mills, Mandarana.
BROOKS William George 15 July 1895 10 wks. Mandarana. Entry No. 6615.
CHRISTIANSEN Louisa 28 December 1908 2 yrs. 2 mths. 6 days Mandarana.
COX Thomas 29 October 1897 11 days Mandarana. Entry No. 7045.
EDMONDS Arnold Redvers 26 January 1903 2 yrs. 11 mths. 30 days. Mandarana. Entry No. 7891.
EVETTS Eliza 24 April 1898 43 yrs. Nee Aubrey, Mandarana. Entry No. 7123.
GIBSON William Douglas Henry 14 September 1905 10 mths. 14 days. Mandarana. Entry No. 8225.
HEBBARD Edith 6 July 1906 6 mths. Mandarana.
HOWE Joseph 22 January 1909 54 yrs. English Churchyard, Bonson's Scrub near Farleigh (Mandarana).
HUNTER Charles 29 September 1903 58 yrs. 8 mths. 4 days. Mandarana. Entry No. 7981.
JORDAN Edward 20 November 1897 2 mths. Mandarana. Entry No. 7055.
KARLSEN Henrick Peter 6 September 1884 59 yrs. Mandarana. Entry No. 3527.
son of Karl Friedrich KARLSEN and Bertha Begitta (nee BETLOFT).
MAKULA Emily 20 June 1903 33 yrs. Mandarana. Entry No. 7949.
MARTIN Robert 25 March 1898 58 yrs. Mandarana. Entry No. 7114.
MASON John Henry 3 August 1889 2 yrs. 10 mths. Mandarana. 
son of Lucy MASON.
b. 1 Oct. 1886.
birth registered as John Henry Mordaunt MASON.
MURRAY Dorothy Abigail 7 April 1900 2 mths. 23 days. Mandarana. Entry No. 7453.
NATOKA Elizabeth 7 September 1919 52 yrs. Nee Motey, Mandarana.
PASS Bertha Mary 12 May 1889 2 yrs. Mandarana. Entry No. 5280.
daughter of Albert PASS and Annie (nee FLEMMING).
b. 2 Jun. 1886.
PATTERSON Adam 10 December 1886 8 mths. Mandarana. Entry No. 4679.
PEACH Thomas 10 September 1891 11 mths. Mandarana. Entry No. 5818.
RAYMOND Edward Richard 29 October 1898 9 mths. Mandarana.
RAYMOND Emily 26 September 1898 9 yrs. Mandarana. Entry No. 7215.
RULE Edith May 4 September 1898 4 yrs. Mandarana.
SIPPIE Dora 16 August 1919 60 yrs. Mandarana.
STAWELL Jonas William Foster 1 October 1903 64 yrs. Mandarana. Entry No. 7983.
STEWART William 10 November 1897 1 yr. Mandarana. Entry No. 7056.
TRELOAR Kate 10 December 1873 33 yrs. Nee Collins, Mandarana. Entry No. 6327.
TURNER Mildred Mary 4 April 1885 16 yrs. Mandarana. Entry No. 4081.
daughter of George Richard TURNER and Emily Murray (nee EDWARDS).
WALDON Elizabeth Ann. 27 May 1890 25 yrs. Nee Jeffery, Mandarana. Entry No. 5507.
WRIGHT Unnamed Male 6 August 1898 4 wks. Mandarana. Entry No. 7173.
WYATT Charles 24 October 1926 41 yrs, 7 mths. 18 days. Mandarana.
WYATT George About 13 September 1895 51 yrs. Buried Raymonds Flat. Entry No. 6637
WYATT Mary Ann 6 April 1907 64 yrs. Nee Boyett, Mandarana Cemetery.

George Wyatt was born in Weston in Gordano, Portsbury, Somerset England on 17 Dec 1843, son of James and Maria (Twait). His wife Mary Ann was born in Itchington, Thornbury, Gloucester, England on 21 May 1843, daughter of William Boyett and Helen (Jones).  George and  his wife and three children ( Albert b. 1865, Emily Jane b. 1868 & Louis b. 1870) came to Australia on the ship Suffolk in 1874. Their four-year daughter Louisa died on the voyage. The ship also encountered a gale that destroyed all the masts, flooded the cabins and they lost everything on the deck. The Immigrants spent two months in Mauritius before the repairs were completed. Their son Charles, listed on the headstone, was born in Australia. He was the last of seven children for the Wyatts.

(Courtesy Sherry Harris via Email 15 May 2015)

View of north eastern corner of cemetery where most of the headstones are located (taken June 2003, Glen Hall Collection.)

An unidentified grave with wrought iron fencing near the southern boundary An unidentified headstone located in the north eastern section.


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