Pinnacle Cemetery

An overlay of an old parish map on Google Earth showing location of old cemetery.


Location:  Area is now covered by Sugar Cane. Area located on the southern side of the Tram line at the bottom of the North end of Dalrymple Street. 

Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council

Access:  unknown

History:  The Original Cemetery is shown on an early survey map near the top end of the gully, bordered on one side by the railway line and on the other by Dalrymple Street.

Three adults were buried there and it is believed two children were buried there also.

An old resident of Pinnacle, Mrs Claudia Vaughan, stated that "I know of a baby of Schubert's is buried there, the baby was only a few weeks old. Mr Schubert worked for a butcher in Finch Hatton.  There used to be a grave over the railway line, behind the old Catholic Church.  It had a pink rose growing on it.  I am sure it was shifted to the new Cemetery."

Council Maps showed a Cemetery Reserve on the eastern side of Mr Matt O'Neill's house.  The Palm Tree Creek is it's eastern boundary.  Mrs O'Neill is aware of two graves being there, but there is no known record of the graves.

In the early years people often had to bury their dead on their own land, as floods or other natural disasters prevented them from being taken to Mackay.

A memorial to a Mr Bourke was erected on the banks of Palm Tree Creek.  He had drowned in the creek and his body was never recovered.  This memorial was washed away in the 1930's.

Source: From the Pinnacle, compiled by Helen McEwen and Kath Comerford.

Number of Burials:  unknown. 3 listed as per Mackay Death Register.

Burials listed as Pinnacle Cemetery:

Surname First Names Death Date Burial date Age Notes
BRYANT Charles 14 January 1920   about 50 yrs. Pinnacle Cemetery
EVANS William 3 July 1921   71 yrs. 2 mths. Pinnacle Cemetery
SCHUBERT William Roy 3 November 1922   3 mths. 11 days. Pinnacle Cemetery

Burials listed but uncertain if buried in Cemetery

Surname First Names Death Date Burial date Age Notes
BENTLEY Charles Frederick 22 February 1918   4 mths. 21 days Pinnacle
DAVIS Samuel 22 November 1911   57 yrs. Pinnacle
D'ERLON Valentine 20 July 1904   about 75 yrs. Cattle Creek, Pinnacle
HYNES Patrick 9 January 1914   45 yrs Pinnacle
McLEAN James Gillespie 30 July 1898   8 yrs. The Pinnacle
MENKENS Albert Valentine 16 August 1907   15 yrs. 6 mths. 1 day Portion 73V, Pinnacle
QUIRK Margaret 14 June 1922   2 days. Pinnacle
THOMPSON Frank 14 April 1905   44 yrs. Pinnacle


Mackay Courthouse Death Register

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