Sarina Cemetery


Location: Cemetery Road, Sarina.
Proceed down Sarina Beach Road off the Bruce Highway and Cemetery Road runs off towards the North.

Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council


Number of Burials:



Burial Records: Burial Records and Monumental Inscriptions for the Sarina Cemetery are held by:
  1. Mackay Family History Society

Contact the above organisations for any details regarding burials. A small charge may be requested for provision of any information.

25WILLIAMS, M.A.1856871769FMETH
80WRIGHT, G.W.1863771786MMETH
21HUGHES, P.1919761843MR.C.
20CLIFFORD, W.1922781844MC O E
24BREEN, P.1920751845MR.C.
1BENTLEY, R.1935871848MC O E
27CLIFFORD, M.1923741849FR.C.
 HUGHES, C.1926751851FR.C.
8HATFIELD, T.1912591853MC O E
 HATFIELD, M.1918651853FC O E
93BEAGRIE, J.1908541854MPRES
9BEAGRIE, J.A.C.1939851854FPRES
122WEEKS, T.1928711857MC O E
83BREWSTER, W.1945881857MC O E
59TANDY, J.1944861858MC O E
79GREETHAM, D.1945871858MC O E
 GREETHAM, L.1948901858FC O E
43NEVIN, A.W.1916551861MC O E
61SIDDLE, T.T.1916541862MC O E
44REDHEAD, M.R.A.1948861862FR.C.
91SINCLAIR, C.G.1927641863MPRES
6BLYTH, R.1938751863MPRES
55WRIGHT, J.1944811863MMETH
43REDHEAD, J.D.1958951863MR.C.
17PLUMB, A.1939751864MC O E
34MORRIS, C.1941771864MC O E
7BLYTH, J.1943781865FPRES
10CHING, A.1911451866FC O E
60TANDY, H.1958921866FC O E
70NICHOLSON, J.C.1960941866MC O E
17LITTLE, T.1941741867MMETH
54WRIGHT, M.J.1944771867FMETH
29MATTHEWS, R.1945781867MPRES
63JANSAN, I.C.1947801867MC O E
 COLE, S.E.1957901867FMETH
24WILLIAMS, W.R.1951831868MMETH
46HERON, C.1942731869MC O E
18LITTLE, E.E.1955861869FMETH
54PITCHER, D.1943731870MC O E
51COLE, W.G.1947771870MMETH
41PEARN, H.1948781870MPRES
160STRID, N.A.1960901870MC O E
71NICHOLSON, A.D.1945741871FC O E
119DOUGLAS, J.E.1954831871MC O E
72HERON, W.1943711872MC O E
33CLEMENTS, K.1944721872FPRES
110HIXON, G.S.1953811872MC O E
114RICHARDS, G.W.1960881872MC O E
11PARROTT, W.1938651873MC O E
15CAMPBELL, A.M.1939661873FC O E
18PLUMB, F.1954811873FC O E
57ATHERTON, A.E.1944701874MC O E
113RICHARDS, F.F.1953791874FC O E
11HOWARD, S.J.1939641875FMETH
23ATHERTON, P.H.1948731875MR.C.
47HERON, L.A.1958831875FC O E
35NELSON, B.A.1943671876FR.C.
1SICHTER, H.M.1956801876MOTHER
58ATHERTON, C.I.1957811876FC O E
161STRID, K.1960841876FC O E
85PHILLIPS, A.J.1960841876MR.C.
51GURNETT, T.B.1929521877MR.C.
3DAVIES, E.J.1935581877MC O E
69LANDELLS, H.A.1956791877FC O E
 PITCHER, A.L.1969921877FC O E
86PHILLIPS, C.B.1969921877FR.C.
64JANSEN, H.W.1944661878MC O E
22ATHERTON, J.E.1940611879FR.C.
55HATFIELD, T.J.1948691879MC O E
149CROSS, R.J.1959801879MC O E
146MONUMENT, J.W.1964851879MC O E
74GERMAN, W.H.1965861879M METH
242PANNELL, M.1967881879FC O E
241PANNELL, W.R.1971921879MC O E
42REY, D.1942621880MC O E
37KEIOSKIE, E.M.1943631880FR.C.
48HERON, J.1948681880MMETH
 PEARN, J.A.1951711880FPRES
57HELLWEGE, R.1954741880MR.C.
33MORRIS, O.D.1957771880FC O E
 MONUMENT, M.G.1964841880FC O E
290WENTZEL, M.A.E.1973931880FC O E
92BREEN, G.M.J.1929481881MR.C.
57HEATH, W.1959781881MPRES
38KEIOSKIE, J.1965841881MR.C.
116WEEKES, A.T.1972911881MMETH
47GRAHAM, J.1949671882MPRES
50GURNETT, E.T.1952701882FR.C.
31ROSS, W.L.1954721882MPRES
54BAILLIE, H.G.1954721882MPRES
59CAMPION, K.J.1954721882MR.C.
 MATTHEWS, C.P.1963811882FPRES
5CLARK, M.J.1938551883FPRES
118DOUGLAS, J.E.1955721883FC O E
63DEMPSEY, G.1956731883MR.C.
151PATCH, T.W.1959761883MC O E
107TURPIN, A.E.1964811883MPRES
2SICHTER, M.A.E.1971881883FOTHER
28CLIFFORD, W.1930461884MR.C.
97BUTLER, J.P.1951671884MC O E
93MACKENZIE, J.1961771884MR.C.
94MACKENZIE, A.1961771884FR.C.
184DENT, S.1962781884MC O E
165MITCHELL, W.1973891884FPRES
303KEATING, J.H.1974901884MC O E
172COLLINS, E.D.1974901884MR.C.
26THOMAS, W.A.1942571885MMETH
56HATFIELD, F.M.1943581885FC O E
32ROSS, H.L.1945601885FPRES
56BROOKS, F.E.1953681885FMETH
63DODDS, J.1955701885MPRES
249WEEKES, E.M.1968831885FC O E
 CAMPION, E.1968831885FR.C.
46GRAHAM, E.G.1972871885FPRES
307ASLETTE, G.1974891885MC O E
130PLACE, R.A.1978931885MR.C.
190GRAHAM, E.W.1961751886MC O E
12PARROTT, E.1970841886FC O E
21KEATING, E.S.1940531887MC O E
23SMYTH, H.S.1940531887MC O E
15HAMILTON, W.G.1941541887MPRES
46BOYLE, R.M.1949621887FR.C.
82STEINDL, E.E.1958711887MR.C.
85LAWRIE, J.1961741887MPRES
199McNALLY, J.1963761887MC O E
70BLAKELEY, R.E.1966791887FR.C.
137AHERN, W.1966791887MR.C.
149MURRAY, J.1970831887MPRES
301WHELAN, D.1974871887MC O E
39REDHEAD, J.D.1943551888MR.C.
65CLIFFORD, A.1956681888FR.C.
71BLAKELEY, J.1957691888MR.C.
79DAVIS, F.A.1960721888MPRES
150CROSS, M.1961731888FC O E
44WENTZEL, D.A.1968801888FPRES
141HANSEN, P.M.1975871888MMETH
247BAULCH, H.1976881888MC O E
 ANTONEY, J.E.1980921888MPRES
38ANDERSEN, G.1941521889MC O E
97BAKER, W.L.1962731889MR.C.
185DENT, A.1970811889FC O E
148GAW, D.1974851889MPRES
86LAWRIE, M.V.1978891889FPRES
15COOMBES, F.A.1958681890MMETH
84LINE, R.1963731890MMETH
 STEINDL, H.1974841890FR.C.
 WATTS, C.E.1976861890MC O E
210DODDS, E.M.1979891890FPRES
 HANSEN, I.J.1980901890FMETH
155FOAN, W.1959681891MC O E
90BILTOFT, A.1963721891MC O E
 HENNEGAN, S.1963721891MR.C.
127STEWART, J.B.C.1969781891FPRES
147GAW, H.1970791891FPRES
291ANDERSEN, J.1973821891MC O E
364WATTS, E.L.1976851891FC O E
171COLLINS, B.1976851891FR.C.
16JORGENSEN, M.E.1958661892FMETH
45CASEY, M.A.1958661892FR.C.
154FOAN, B.1967751892FC O E
66REED, T.1967751892MMETH
128STEWART, A.1970781892MPRES
 BOYLE, F.P.1971791892MR.C.
300KEATING, P.H.1974821892MC O E
351WOOD, W.H.1977851892MC O E
28ELLER, E.J.1944511893FPRES
153TANDY, T.A.1959661893MC O E
 ANDERSEN, R.M.1966731893FC O E
246BAULCH, A.H.1968751893FC O E
274WARE, A.1969761893MC O E
106TANDY, F.1970771893MMETH
 THOMAS, J.R.1973801893FMETH
385JONES, J.H.1979861893MC O E
165BRETT, M.B.1914201894FC O E
40REDHEAD, M.1946521894FR.C.
141RICHARDS, W.1953591894MC O E
108TURPIN, M.D.1966721894FPRES
129PLACE, T.M.1966721894FR.C.
153McCOWAN, C.1971771894MPRES
269VOICE, J.1971771894MC O E
111NIELSEN, P.1973791894MPRES
81WRIGHT, A.1975811894FMETH
282CAMPBELL, R.H.1976821894MC O E
19CAMERON, W.H.1976821894MMETH
355LANGDON, J.1977831894MC O E
89BILTOFT, J.T.1949541895FC O E
115WILSON, E.R.1953581895MC O E
65REED, I.M.1959641895FMETH
130HOLLOWAY, F.E.1965701895MC O E
126WALDON, W.H.1966711895MR.C.
238LANGDON, H.E.1967721895FC O E
154McCOWAN, C.W.1972771895FPRES
344CATLING, W.H.1980851895MC O E
 CHING, M.A.1911151896FC O E
14COOMBES, L.W.1940441896FMETH
22EVERITT, E.A.1942461896MMETH
21CAMERON, E.R.1955591896FMETH
 KEATING, M.E.1966701896FC O E
4CLARK, T.1969731896MPRES
150MURRAY, A.1971751896FPRES
293WHEELER, H.W.1973771896MC O E
205BREEN, H.1976801896MR.C.
55BAILLIE, M.E.1977811896FPRES
179BOURNE, A.J.1978821896MR.C.
121ATHERTON, F.A.1954571897MC O E
159TATT, F.A.1972751897MPRES
139COLE, N.H.1974771897MMETH
174BISHOP, G.H.1975781897MPRES
144BARNES, J.E.1968701898MC O E
181TANDY, R.1970721898MC O E
 MOUNTNEY, M.1974761898FMETH
203COMIN, F.1975771898MR.C.
190PATTERSON, C,1976781898MPRES
173BISHOP, E.1979811898FPRES
128DE BERG, C.C.1979811898MC O E
210HELY, E.S.1981831898MC O E
32BROWN, E.1956571899FMETH
206LANDELLS, L.J.1964651899MC O E
200McNALLY, M.E.1965661899FC O E
 RICHARDS, G.I.1969701899FC O E
111GILMORE, J.1970711899MMETH
281CAMPBELL, J.C.1972731899FC O E
133WOOD, J.C.1974751899MMETH
336DAVIS, S.S.1977781899MC O E
177SICHTER, W.F.1980811899MMETH
182CAMPBELL, B.W.1981821899FPRES
157RIENECKER, M.E.1981821899FMETH
2HENNEGAN, E.1936361900FR.C.
14COLE, A.1938381900MR.C.
34BLYTH, G.J.1954541900MPRES
227ANDERSON, J.J.1966661900MC O E
169BISHOP, W.R.1975751900MR.C.
131MOUNTNEY, F.1979791900MMETH
158RIENECKER, H.E.1980801900MMETH
253SYMONDS, A.1981811900FR.C.
145BARNES, L.A.1958571901FC O E
82WRIGHT, T.W.J.1962611901MMETH
271ATHERTON, B.F.1971701901MC O E
117WILLIAMS, W.H.R.1972711901MMETH
105TANDY, A.M.1976751901FMETH
223McDONALD, A.R.1980791901MR.C.
 CHING, E.F.191191902MC O E
129HOLLOWAY, J.M.1955531902FC O E
209HELY, A.M.1965631902FC O E
134NICHOLSON, C.M.1965631902FR.C.
277ROFF, A.L.1972701902MC O E
149SICHTER, H.M.F.1979771902MMETH
 KEATING, E.S.1981791902MC O E
420ROBERTSON, G.A.1981791902MC O E
175NIELSEN, G.H.1975721903MPRES
357McGUINN, J.1976731903MC O E
126JENKINS, J.1977741903MPRES
148NELSON, V.A.1978751903MMETH
221RANKIN, J.1979761903MPRES
360ELLIS, E.R.H.1980771903MC O E
 CHING, D.G.191171904FC O E
63RASMUSSEN, E.L.1958541904FMETH
76FOSTER, I.J.1959551904FPRES
196ZURVAS, J.T.1963591904MC O E
218CARLON, E.A.1964601904MC O E
139GURNETT, T.W.1965611904MR.C.
164CONDON, W.F.1969651904MR.C.
151GUINANE, J.V.1971671904MR.C.
232HUNTLEY, G.L.1973691904MC O E
179MATTHEWS, J.J.1975711904MPRES
145PLUMB, A.J.1975711904MMETH
278ROFF, G.M.1976721904FC O E
323PETERSEN, E.M.1976721904FC O E
164NICHOLSON, J.R.1979751904MMETH
14ROOTS, C.E.1934291905MC O E
61HILL, E.G.1955501905FR.C.
 TANDY, D.H.1961561905FC O E
229DOUGLAS, V.C.1966611905MC O E
160PENNY, H.A.1974691905MR.C.
330BAXTER, A.L.1975701905MC O E
174STEVENS, M.E.1977721905FMETH
158NEIL, W.E.1981761905FR.C.
228ANDERSON, G.J.1982771905FC O E
413GLASIRIN, M.N.1982771905MC O E
 CHING, R.H.191151906MC O E
8MILLER, C.F.1972661906MOTHER
35ROOTS, E.G.191691907MC O E
61JACKES, H.1954471907MPRES
34HILL, W.H.S.1955481907MMETH
125JENKINS, S.E.1968611907FPRES
115AHERN, F.1968611907MR.C.
116BUNN, J.C.1972651907MPRES
170KEIOSKIE, J.1974671907MPRES
379LOWTH, G.H.1979721907MC O E
204SCHATOWSKI, D.1982751907MMETH
 KEIOSKIE, E.E.1983761907FR.C.
71MILLER, M.E.1932241908FMETH
50SMITH, N.1943351908MC O E
99NEY, R.H.1962541908MR.C.
172POOLE, G.D.1974661908FPRES
222McDONALD, V.E.1977691908FR.C.
81McKIE, W.R.1980721908MR.C.
87MACDONALD, R.R.19134.51908.5MPRES
31JACOBSEN, M.I.1941321909FC O E
91COULTER, S.J.1949401909MC O E
58HELLWEGE, T.1956471909MR.C.
71BRIGGS, J.1958491909MPRES
 MATHESON, A.J.1964551909MPRES
346BATES, C.H.1980711909MC O E
 CHING, A.191111910FC O E
94McBRYDE, J.1966561910MMETH
260TAPPENDEN, C.H.1970601910FC O E
 CONDON, E.V. 1977671910MR.C.
 TAPPENDEN, A.G.1978681910MC O E
80McKIE, M.M.1965541911FR.C.
147PETERSEN, G.A.1972611911MR.C.
161FAULKNER, J.1973621911MPRES
349SCHAEFER, A.E.1977661911MC O E
138CLAY, J.H.1978671911MR.C.
219CARLON, L.B.1979681911FC O E
232GAVIN, J.J.1979681911MR.C.
247REILLY, G.T.1979681911MR.C.
239McCANNA, J.1980691911MR.C.
131DEVINE, D.M.1966541912FR.C.
248WEEKES, T.H.1968561912MC O E
132DEVINE, C.R.1969571912MR.C.
171McCLINTOCK, E.M.1979671912FMETH
106WARE, W.A.1952391913MC O E
 KEATING, R.E.P.1963501913FC O E
164SMITH, R.W.1974611913MC O E
337SCHAEFER, L.E.1978651913MC O E
116ALLISON, B.M.F.1978651913MR.C.
198HALL, F.P.1978651913MR.C.
229DONALD, O.M.1978651913FR.C.
98MARTIN, L.K.1963491914MPRES
114JAMES, H.G.1965511914MPRES
124LANG, M.A.1967531914FPRES
98COLE, R.1968541914MMETH
308WEEKES, D.R.1976621914MC O E
200HELLWEGE, J.1981671914MR.C.
192BELL, E.I.1962471915FC O E
112GILMORE, G.A.1971561915FMETH
159PENNY, I.M.1971561915FR.C.
123FORD, R.A.1973581915FMETH
 CROSS, A.R.1974591915MC O E
389OLSEN, L.A.1978631915FC O E
392CLARK, A1978631915FC O E
146MILLSOM, J.R.S.1978631915MMETH
40ROBERTSON, W.J.1950341916MMETH
52PORTER, A.L.1953371916MR.C.
58HEATH, W.1954381916MPRES
176MILES, L.C.1975591916MPRES
209MALEN, A.M.1982661916FPRES
9KEIOSKIE, V.192581917FR.C.
42CONDON, E.M.1948311917FR.C.
147TURNBULL, E.E.1958411917FC O E
163SMITH, D.H.J.1961441917FC O E
145CAMPION, I.A.1972551917FR.C.
172McCLINTOCK, L.F.1980631917MMETH
280BRADFORD, J.1972541918MC O E
152KUNKEL, J.B.1980621918MR.C.
55IVORY, K.192011919FR.C.
145McFADZEN, H.G.1970511919MPRES
155McCOWAN, C.M.1972531919MPRES
196O'CONNOR, W.P.1973541919MR.C.
117BUNN, J.1976571919FPRES
208WILSON, R.B.1977581919MR.C.
257KEATING, E.S.1978591919MC O E
30LAWS, W.1941211920MR.C.
61TANDY, H.1957371920MMETH
207FOX, E.C.1964441920MC O E
 PORTER, E.1973531920FR.C.
361EDWARDS, R.J.1976561920MC O E
353FRANKLIN, S.H.1977571920MC O E
342CRANSTON, F.E.1978581920FC O E
381THOMPSON, G.N.1979591920MC O E
16BENNINGTON, B.K.19210.81920.2FC O E
 FORDE, E.M.1956351921FC O E
163ROSS, J.1973521921FPRES
196PEARSON, W.K.1977561921MPRES
201KINNIBURCH, J.1978571921MPRES
241COOK, S.V.1980591921MR.C.
195DAY, J.1981601921MMETH
27CAMERON, W.S.1971491922MMETH
123BOYLE, P.K.1966431923FR.C.
168ZELENKA, M.E.1969461923FR.C.
189SMITH, D.W.1974511923MPRES
205WARE, D.J.1982591923FPRES
 COOK, M.V.1982591923FR.C.
260CROSS, J.E.1982591923MR.C.
207McGRATH, R.W.1950261924MR.C.
149DENTON, G.P.1972481924FR.C.
193NEW, S.F.1977531924FPRES
246KUNKEL, J.E.1980561924MR.C.
256SOTO, R.1970451925MC O E
28PAYNE, D.W.192811927MC O E
23ROYLE, D.H.1943161927MPRES
49COLE, P.D.1947201927FMETH
368HINTERDING, R.1981541927FC O E
211ISCHENKO, S.M.1964361928FC O E
167WARD, L.A.1974461928MPRES
56BAILLIE, G.D.1955261929FPRES
219POOLE, A.S.1979501929MPRES
23EVERITT, R.W.1949191930MMETH
28CAMERON, A.R.1972421930MMETH
224LIMMAGE, H.L.1975451930MR.C.
347SLEEMAN, N.1978481930FC O E
254BLACK, B.E.1981511930FC O E
25KAY, OLIVE193981931FC O E
244DAVIS, F.S.1980491931MR.C.
231JONES, G.R.1966341932MC O E
217CARLON, B.E.1973411932MC O E
262VELLA, J.1982501932MR.C.
143KEATING, R.E.1958251933MC O E
175WEDRAT, N.R.1980471933FMETH
44RASMUSSEN, F.V.194281934FC O E
205LANDELLS, D.H.1963291934MC O E
87SMITH, W.H.J.1948121936MC O E
3KEIOSKIE, W.H.R.19370.251936.75MPRES
365BARTLETT, T.S.1981441937MC O E
107CAMPION, G.S.1964261938MR.C.
78WHEELER, C.S.194561939FC O E
125ATHERTON, A.1955161939MC O E
27RICHARDS, S.E.19400.031939.97FC O E
220BELL, G.W.1964241940MC O E
335ASLETTE, B.J.1975351940MC O E
100NEY, R.R.1981411940MR.C.
24KEILY, L.R. 194431941FC O E
188NEW, K.M.1973321941FR.C.
214LAWLOR, J.E.1981401941MR.C.
88SMITH, D.H.J.1962201942MC O E
321MILLER, R.E.1975321943MC O E
225BRADFORD, W.E.1966211945MC O E
255SOTO, A.1969241945MC O E
67HARTE, C.A.1957111946FR.C.
393KEMP, C.M.1983371946FC O E
43MATHESON, L.P.19481.751946.25FPRES
216ENGEL, N.R.1965171948MC O E
102COLLINS, E.D.1970221948FR.C.
103NEILSEN, R.B.1963141949MPRES
253BLACK, B.A.1969181951MC O E
262SOLLI, J.M.1971201951MC O E
 HARTE, K.T.195741953FR.C.
251DICKSON, L.E.1969161953FC O E
139FAIRBAIRN, K.T.1970161954MPRES
113BATES, S.L.1971171954FMETH
133PAYNE, T.1972181954MPRES
190McCOWAN, S.W.1973191954MR.C.
217RATTER, J.H.1981271954MPRES
137SUMMERVILLE, B.W.19560.831955.17MC O E
101MOSS, B.G.196261956MR.C.
192GUINANE, A.S.1973171956MR.C.
319HOARE, R.W.1975181957MC O E
 ROSS, B.A.1976191957FPRES
218CASEY, W.J.1978211957MR.C.
140WEEDON, N.J.1976181958MMETH
339SPRATT, R.1978201958MC O E
226PATRONI, F.1978201958MR.C.
264LEARMONT, I.1982221960MR.C.
94O'ROURKE, T.J.19610.11960.9MPRES
160GERMAN, K.L.1980171963MMETH
266CURNETT, D.R.197131968MC O E
174GAUCI, J.P.197451969MR.C.
125SHAILER, R.J.19730.031972.97MMETH
213REED, A.J.19780.251977.75MR.C.
171LAMBERT, J.H.1921  MC O E
73NEWBERY, E.1922  MC O E
32JACOBSEN, H.R.1940  MC O E
40MALIN, M.E.1942  FC O E
74HERON, W.A.1943  MC O E
58JAMES, A.G.1943  MMETH
 MOONEY, P.1943  MR.C.
68LANDELLS, J.1944  M C O E
99HILL, W.H.1951  MC O E
98HILL. R.B.1952  FC O E
108WARD, H.1953  MC O E
127DE BERG, R.E.1955  FC O E
83RICHARDS, C.R.1960  MR.C.
33MOONEY, A.1963  FR.C.
103BENEDETTI, P.J.1963  MR.C.
105WENTZEL, D.1963  MR.C.
85SNEYD, R.1964  MMETH
198DOUGLAS, J.T.1965  MC O E
140KELLY, M.O.1965  FR.C.
245EDWARDS, A.1967  FC O E
132CLARKE, N.1969  MPRES
135WARD, R.J.1970  MPRES
118YOULES, W.C.E.1972  MR.C.
295PATTERSON, P.S.1974  FC O E
127CROUCH, T.S.1974  MMETH
129DIRBIN, G.A.1974  MMETH
176BENNETT, A.M.F.1974  MR.C.
177BOURNE, A.M.1974  FR.C.
180CROSS, R.1974  MR.C.
182LEAHY, O.K.1974  FR.C.
296PATTERSON, J.A.J.1975  MC O E
325EDWARDS, L.M.1975  FC O E
183LEAHY, W.P.1975  MR.C.
183LYNCH, R.1976  MPRES
 BARNES, F.M.1976  FC O E
252ATHERTON, V.J.1976  FC O E
311PETERSEN, E.M.1976  FC O E
316TIGHE, E.E.1976  MC O E
326EDWARDS, W.D.1976  MC O E
186McCANNA, M.1981  MPRES
312PETERSEN, W.A.1981  MC O E
411MAUDSLEY, M.A.1982  MC O E
415HARRIS, M.1982  MC O E
89BLYTH, A.G. 1.75 MPRES
187WIX, N. 56 MPRES
85McKIE, A.E. 66 FC O E
86McKIE, R.A. 92 MC O E
162LENNIC, J. 27 MC O E
73McKIE, S. 0.5 MR.C.

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