Advance Australia! (detail from cover)

Advance Australia!

An Account of

Eight Years Work, Wandering, and Amusement, in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria


The Hon. Harold Finch-Hatton

Advance Australia! was published in 1885, with a second edition in 1886. The first edition is a physically larger book than the second, and the 1st edition has a green cover while the 2nd has a red cover. The text in the two editions appears to be identical, but the 2nd edition uses a smaller font with smaller page margins and less line spacing and hence has fewer pages than the 1st edition. Both editions contain 15 line drawings by unidentified artists, and the 1st edition also contains a fold-out map of Australia. (For some strange reason, a Norwegian edition was also published; the National Library of Australia has a copy.)

Original copies of the book are naturally fairly rare and quite expensive. However Google has digitised the book and made it available for download in a number of electronic formats. And, as it is now in the public domain, a number of companies also sell cheap reprints of it in paperback format.

The following excerpts were all taken from my copy of the 2nd edition.