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ALBION HOTEL see O'Sheas Hotel


North side of Railway Station opposite location of Walkerston Railway Station, Walkerston.
Built 1869.

1869-1875 Robert Spencer Poyntz Brown  (QHPI p.8), (QGG)   
1875-1877 John Casshion  (QHPI p.8)   
1877-1879 Robert Spencer Poyntz BROWN  (QHPI p.8)   
1879-1882 John PEARD  (QHPI p.345)   

AMBASSADOR HOTEL, formerly Tattersalls Hotel

2 Sydney Street, Mackay.  Located on the western side of Sydney Street, between River and Victoria Streets, Mackay.
The original two storey timber structure was destroyed by fire on Sunday, 30 August 1936.
The Current building built in 1937, was closed as a hotel in the mid 1990's and was known as the Spotted Dick Bar. It continues to operate as a bar and grill.

(as Tattersalls)
1874-1879 William. S.C. ADRIAN (QHPI)
1879-1883    Vass WALLACE (QHPI)
1883-1885   John MURTAGH (QHPI)
1885-1889   William LOBIE (QGG), (QHPI)
1889-1896 John KEEFFE (QGG), (QHPI)
1896-1900 William ENGLISH (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD), (SLQA), (QSA1)
1900  Norah O'ROURKE (QHPI)
1900-1910  William ENGLISH (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD), (SLQA), (QSA1)
1910-1911 James Henry MANUEL (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1916 Thomas ROCHE (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916 David TIERNEY (QSA2)
1916-1917 Mary Bowman ANGUS (QSA2), (QSA3)
1917-1919 Bertha HARVISON (QSA3)
1919-1921 Thomas Francis REYNOLDS (QSA3), (QSA4)
1921 Fanny BANNAN (QSA4)
1921-1924 Edward George DOUGHERTY (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Catherine SIES (QSA6)
1927-1933 John Patrick LONERGAN (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1933-1936 Joseph Edward JACKSON (QPOD), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
(As Ambassador)
1938 Esme P. AZAR (QPOD)
1939-1941 Mrs Mary Azar (QPOD)
1942-1946 J.H. THOMPSON (QPOD)
1947 Lionel E. LIST (QPOD)


64 Andergrove Road, Andergrove.
Built on site of old Grove Drive-In Theatre.

AUSTRAL HOTEL, formerly Stacey's, Defiance, Gympie (1), 

Located on the South-eastern corner of Peel and Victoria Streets on the site occupied by the present "Austral Hotel."

(as Gympie)
1883-1884 Thomas WHITE  (QHPI)
1884-1885 John FLYNN  (QHPI)
1885-1889 Anthony GRANAGHAN  (QGG), (QHPI)
1888-1895 William FARRELLY  (QGG), (QHPI)
1895-1914 Mary BARRON (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD)(QSA1), (QSA2), (SLQA)
1914 Patrick GOGGAN (QSA2)
(as Defiance)   name changed 1/4/1914 (QSA2)
1914-1915 Patrick GOGGAN (QSA2)
1916 Catherine LEWIS nominee for Q.N. Bank Lt. Mackay(QSA2)
1917-1921 Catherine Mary LEWIS (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922 Marguerite Mary GOGGIN (QSA4)
1922 - 1923 Samuel BUTTERWORTH (QSA4)

(as Austral)

changed name to "Austral" on 19 Feb. 1923. (QSA4)
1923-1924  Samuel BUTTERWORTH (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925  Simon Patrick BEHAN (QSA6)
1925  Hanry Arthur KELLY (QSA6)
1927-1935  Violet Evelyn STACEY (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1941  Violet E. O'BRIEN (QPOD)
1942-1946 P.L. O'BRIEN (QPOD)
1947-1949 Les D. WARE (QPOD)

AUSTRALIAN HOTEL, formerly Hodgson's, Digger Bills, Conway's

South-western corner of Victoria Street and Wood Street.
Original hotel was built by a Mr. Heem of Charters Towers.
Current building was built in 1940 by the Conway Family Estate.

(as Australian)
1881-1884 George DIMMOCK  (QHPI)   
1884-1885 Hans Peter THOMSEN  (QHPI)   
1885-1891  Andrew DIEHM  (QHPI), (QGG)   

(as North Australian)

name changed in 1891  (QHPI)   
1891-1894 Andrew DIEHM (QGG), (QHPI) 
(as Australian)
1894 Andrew DIEHM (QGG), (QHPI) 
1894-1897 Mrs. M.A. WESLEY  (QGG), (QHPI)  
1897-1900 John LEE (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD)   
1900 Gottfried WAGNER  (QHPI)   
1900-1903 Niels Christian NEILSON  (QHPI), (SLQA), (QGG)
1904-1906 Sophia AVENELL (QGG)
1904-1905 H. AVENELL (SLQA)
1907-1912 Thomas LOUGHNANE (QSA1), (SLQA), (QGG)
1912 Patrick MULLEN (QSA1)
1912-1914 Thomas COONEY (QSA1), (QSA2), (QGG)
1915-1917 Edwin James RYAN (QSA2), (QSA3)
1917-1920 Mary Ellen RYAN (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1925 Frederick Charles REGAN (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Bridget Mary REGAN (executrix of estate of F.L. Regan) , (QSA6)
1927-1933 Michael Joseph CONWAY (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1933-1935 Amelia Caroline CONWAY (QSA10), (QSA11)
1935 Amelia Caroline HODGSON (QSA11)
1937-1949 Mrs. Amelia C. HODGSON (QPOD), (QSA12), (MBIR p.85)
1963 K.J. (Silver) CONWAY (ASYB)

BAKERS CREEK TAVERN previously Greyhound Hotel

Broadsound Road (Bruce Highway), Bakers Creek. 
The original Hotel appears to have been built around 1883 but was destroyed by fire on Monday, February 12, 1906. The replacement two storey hotel was demolished in early 1980's to be replaced by current modern building.

(as Greyhound)
1884-1892 William LEAPER  (QGG), (QHPI p.8)   
1892-1895 Edward LENNON  (QGG), (QHPI p.8)   
1895-1897 John KENNY  (QGG), (QHPI p.8)   
1897-1899 Rose KENNY  (QGG), (QHPI p.8)   
1899-1900 J.F. BURKE  (QGG), (QHPI p.8)   
1901-1903 Francis John BURKE  (QGG)   
1904-1905 Patrick J. WARD  (QGG)   
1906 Peter Clausen SMITH  (QGG)   
1907-1908 Hans C. PETERSEN (QGG), (SLQA)
1909 Fritz VOLKMAN (QGG)
1910 Thomas McGUIRE (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1911 John Wesley RODGERS (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1912 Kate WARD (QGG), (QSA1)
1912 Patrick Joseph WARD (QSA1)
1912-1913 John Thomas MILLARD (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1914 Margaret PARRY (QSA1), (QSA2)
1915 Mrs. PARRY
1915-1918 Gordon HARRIS (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1922 Carl Gustave LOFGREN (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1923 John Clive LAURENT (QSA4)
1923 Gustav SCHMIDTKE (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1924 George KEES (trustee of Gustav Julius SCHMIDTKE in liquidation) (QSA5)
1924 Matilda AASKOV (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Thomas Walter FARRELLY (QSA6)
1925 Terence? Carmen BOYLE (QSA6)
1927 John Robinson CUNNINGHAM (QSA7)
1927 Philip HAGARTY (QSA7)
1927-1929 George Orban NEILSON (QSA7), (QSA8)
1929-1949 Edward James COOK (QPOD), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
7/1981 - 10/1982 Terry O'LEARY
10/1982 - ?  John SADD & Pat THRUPP
1986 - ? Don & Kay MILLER
(as Bakers Creek Tavern) Name changed to Bakers Creek Tavern in 2003.

BAMBRICK'S HOTEL See Crown and Anchor Hotel (2)

BARNES' HOTEL See Cremorne Hotel

BARRY'S HOTEL See Biddle's Hotel

BELMORE HOTEL See McGuire's Hotel


BIDDLE'S HOTEL, formerly Wharfie's, Barry's, Healy's, Crown and Anchor (1), Moffatt's, Cambridge Club

Eastern Victoria Street between Tennyson Street and Burns Street beside the old railway line where Jackson's Mowers are presently located (2004).

The first licence for the hotel was issued in 1894.(DM 26/2/2000)

Mrs Biddle took over the licence in 1922 and held it continuously until her death in December 1965. The lease was then held by her daughter Mrs. T. McMahon until 1967. The License was then held by Mick Biddle until 1970 when the Biddle family sold their interests.

The hotel has a claim to fame after an impromptu  visit was made there by Australian Prime Minister, Mr Gough Whitlam in 1974.

The top storey of the hotel was gutted by fire on Sunday, February 7, 1976. The licensee Mr. Warren Lane, his wife and two children lost all their possessions. (DM 26/2/2000)

(as Crown and Anchor)
1884-1887 Martin GIBSON  (QGG), (QHPI)
1887-1888  J.J. LALOR  (QGG), (QHPI)
1888 M. GIBSON
1889 Joseph HART
(as Cambridge Club)
1888-1891  Joseph HART  (QGG), (QHPI)
1891 J.P. KEMP  (QHPI)
1891-1893 John LONG  (QGG), (QHPI)
(as Moffatt's)
1901-1908 Jeannie/Janet WILLIAMSON (QGG), (SLQA)
1910 Catherine BARRY (QSA1)
(as Barry's)
1909-1922 Catherine BARRY (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4), (QGG)
1922-1923 Richard HEALY (QSA4)
1923-1924 William BIDDLE and William George PORTER Executors of the estate of Richard HEALY deceased (QSA5)
1925 Johanna BIDDLE (QSA6)
(as Healy's)
1924 Executors of the will of Richard Healy (QSA6)
1924 Johanna BIDDLE (QSA6)
(as Barry's)
1927-1949 Johanna BIDDLE (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)(QPOD)
(as Biddle's)
? - 1965 Johanna BIDDLE
1965 - 1967 Brenda BIDDLE
1967 - 1970 Mick BIDDLE
? - 1976 Warren LANE

BOBBIE BURNS HOTEL see Palace Hotel (1)

BOOMERANG HOTEL, formerly Caledonian, Railway(1) 

Eastern side Nebo Road near City Gates opposite the Lagoons.
The current building was built in the early 1960's by Basil and Bill Wright, Hugh Reilly and Fred Storey.
On site of previous Caledonian Hotel. The  Railway Hotel was allegedly on this site as well. (DM 29/7/2000)
Name was changed to Boomerang Motor Hotel on March 20, 1961. It was the first hotel in Mackay to offer motel type accommodation.

(as Railway)
1883-1884 John GORDON (QHPI) 
1884-1885 William LAND (deceased), (QHPI) 
1885  Chas. ZIEGLER (agent), (QHPI) 
1885  W.J. BYRNE (trustee), (QHPI) 
1885  Sam LAMBERT (QHPI) 
(as Caledonian )
1887-1888 T.P. SHEPHERD (QGG), (QHPI) 
1888-1890 Andrew CASHIN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1890-1893 John GALVIN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1893-1895 Jeremiah SULLIVAN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1894-1895 M. O'SULLIVAN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1895-1896 W.J. BRUCE (QHPI) 
1896-1898 Andrew CASHIN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1898-1900 Henry PALMER (QGG), (QHPI) 
1900-1903  Sydney Walter PEARSON (QGG), (QHPI), (SLQA)
1904 Patrick MULLEN (QGG), (SLQA)
1905 David H. WALKER (QGG)
1906-1907 Martin LYNCH (QGG)
1908-1911 Emma Elizabeth PALMER (QGG), (SLQA), (QSA1)
1911-1913 Bridget CLEMENTS (QSA1), (QSA2), (QGG)
1914 William James CORRIE (QSA2)
1914 Bernard James McGUIRE and Edwards James KENNEDY as exucutors in the will of William James CORRIE decd. (QSA2)
1914 Thomas JEFFERS (agent) (QSA2)
1914 Mary SULLIVAN (QSA2)
1914-1917 Edward George DOUGHERTY (QSA2), (QSA3)
1915 H. CORRIE
1917-1920 Florence Maud WARREN (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1935 Alexander McINROY (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1949 Henrietta ADAMS (QPOD)



1890-1892 Charles GIBBARD (QGG)


Located up river from Foulden Crossing at Enmore on southern banks of Pioneer River near the site of the present homestead "Fryerne".  This site was upstream from the present Hospital Bridge. The ford across the river was much in use before the first bridge was built in the 1870's.

1873 - 1874 John RYAN
1874 Alb. MILLARD

CALEDONIAN HOTEL (1) See Union Hotel

CALEDONIAN HOTEL (2)  See Boomerang Hotel

CALEN HOTEL previously Hotel Calen

McIntyre Street, Calen.

In the early 1930's, Mr. Tom Orchard came to Calen and took over the town's boarding house, then owned by Mr. and Mrs Pedersen.  When the Licensing Commission called for applications for a liquor license for Calen, they, together with three other interested parties, applied.  Subsequently, Mr. Tom Orchard obtained finance to erect a two-storey structure  adjoining his low building to provide more accomodation and to enhance his chances of obtaining the licence.  He eventually obtained his licence on January 11, 1937, together with a temporary bar permit to allow time to erect a suitable building.  This was accomplished by adding a section of similar size to the existing two-story structure.  He then moved into the still-standing hotel in 1938.

1938-1939 Thomas W. ORCHARD (QPOD)
1940 Marie McGREGOR (QPOD)
1941-1942 Annie Bridget BAILEY (QPOD), (QSA12)
1942-1945 Thomas Walter ORCHARD (QPOD), (QSA12)
1946 Arthur A. BAGLEY (QPOD) 
1947-1949 Mrs. Monica M. FLEMING (QPOD)
1971-? Fred and Beth DAVEY (owners and licensees) (DM)

CAMBRIDGE CLUB HOTEL   see Biddles Hotel

CARLON'S HOTEL   previously General French


as General French
1915 Robert HAGUE (QSA2)
1915-1924 Charlotte Elsie SIDDLE (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Edith Frances BOLTON (QSA6)
1925 William HART (QSA6)
1925 Andrew JORGENSEN (QSA6)
1925 Timothy HARRIS (QSA6)
1927-1937 Allan QUINN (QPOD), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1938-1940 Marie A. RYAN (QPOD)
1942-1945 J. R. MCLANACHAN (QPOD)
1946 John B. KING (QPOD)
1947 Arthur McRAE (QPOD)
1949 Mrs. I. A. EVERETT (QPOD)

CARRIERS' REST HOTEL    previously Travellers' Rest Hotel

Sandy Creek on Nebo Road. Eton. (QHPI p. 122)

as Travellers' Rest
1864 John McILWRATH  (QHPI p. 122)
as Carriers' Rest name changed in 1864
1864 - 1865  John McILWRATH  (QHPI p. 122)

CATTLE CREEK HOTEL   see Royal Hotel (3)



The Application for a Victuallers license for the Cedar Hotel was first granted on 5 July 1911 to George Warburton (QSA1). The hotel was dismantled and rebuilt opposite old Mackay Railway Station in Boddington Street as a boarding house in 1940 (PPR. Feb 1993), which stood until demolished circa 1970's. 

1911-1916 George WARBURTON (QGG), (QSA2), (QSA4)
1916-1918 Wm. Jas. Hopson NEILL (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1922 Amelia Jane KENNY (QSA3), (QSA4)
1923-1928 Amelia Jane SINNOTT (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7)
1928-1932 Frederick John SHAW (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1932-1935 James CLAUSEN (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1935-1937 Geoffrey Prendergast KEATING (QPOD), (QSA11)
1938-1940 Ernest L. POMEROY (QPOD)

CENTRAL HOTEL   see Grand Central



Was located near the Current Police station on Eungella Road.
Destroyed by fire on Wednesday, May 3, 1922.(QSA4)

1885-1886 E. McKenzie SCOTT (QHPI) 
1886-1888 Henry FIELD (QGG), (QHPI) 
1888 Thos. FIELD (QHPI) 
1888-1891 William F. ORCHARD (QGG), (QHPI) 
1891 Michael READY (QHPI) 
1891-1896 Edwin BLANN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1896-1897 Edward ANDERSON (QGG), (QHPI) 
1898-1903 Edward HANNAN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1904-1907 John ANDERSON (QGG)
1908-1912 Henry CARR (QGG), (QSA1), (SLQA)
1912-1918 Margaret Elizabeth CARR (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1919 James NEILSEN (QSA3)
1919 F.W. HALL (QSA3)
1919 James NEILSEN (QSA3)
1920 R.G. JOHNSON (trusttees of F.W. HALL in liquidation) (QSA3)
1920-1921 Herman Henry John JAENKE (QSA3), (QSA4)
1921 James NEILSEN (QSA4)
1921-1922 Samuel BUTTERWORTH (QSA4)
1922 Charles Louis A. BROWN (QSA4)


Thankfull Percy Willmett later moved north to the Cape River diggings and then on to Townsville where he established himself in the printing business and was one time Mayor of Townsville.

1867 - 1868  T.P. WILLMETT

COMMERCIAL HOTEL (2)   prev. London Tavern


(as London Tavern)
1864 - 1869 Dan. NOLAN (QGG)
1869 - 1870 J. JONES (QGG)
1870 D. NOLAN
(as Commercial) name changed in 1870
1870 - 1871 Thomas WHITE
(as London Tavern)
1873 - 1874 Dan. NOLAN


Sydney Street, Mackay. exact location unknown.

1871-1874  P.J. PAYNE  (QHPI)
1874-1875 Pat FORBES  (QHPI)
1875 License cancelled  (QHPI)


Mount Britton

1881 - 1882 Michael BROLLY (QHPI) 


South-eastern corner of Shakespeare Street and Nebo Road.
Site presently occupied by Mackay Toyota Caryards.

The Hotel was built in 1884 by Evan Davies a Welshman who established himself as a building contractor. He also built the adjoining home Ballybrac, later the residence of Charles Frederick Bagley and his family. Ballybrac was acquired by the Grail, a catholic organisation for women and became a hostel for working girls. (DM 29/7/2000).  The Grail was recently the home of Centacare and was removed from the site in 2001.

The Commercial Hotel was demolished c. 1978 to make way for International Motors (now Mackay Toyota). The international Motors motor vehicle showroom and service facility were opened on Thursday, March 20, 1980. (DM 26/2/2000)

1884-1893 Evan DAVIES (QGG), (QHPI) 
1893-1898 William Thomas KEMP (QGG), (QHPI) 
1898-1904 C.W. HOUSTON (QGG), (QHPI), (SLQA)
1905-1906 M. FARRINGTON (QGG), (SLQA)
1907-1911 John Beenleigh PHILLIPS (QGG), (QSA1), (SLQA)
1911-1914 Philip HAGARTY (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1919 Wallis Bowdick SWAYNE (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1925 Thomas Lewis HOEY (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1927-1928 James CLAUSEN (QSA7)
1928-1929 Thomas HOEY (QSA7)
1929-1935 Edward Joseph HYDE (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1935 Sydney Horace WILKINSON (QSA11)
1937-1945 Michael J. RYAN (QPOD)
1946-1947 Francis E. KENNEDY (QPOD)
1949 M. J. RYAN (QPOD)
1963 G. & M. GORRIE (ASYB)
? - 1978 Moreley Properties

COMMERCIAL HOTEL (6) see Tandara Hotel

COMMONWEALTH HOTEL   see Glenella Hotel

COOK'S HOTEL See Wills' Hotel



On Corner of Albert/Alfred Street? and Tennyson Street, Mackay.
Changed location in 1884.

1884  Jas. READY  (QHPI)

COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  (2)  See Molloy's Hotel

COUNTRY CLUB HOTEL See Leichhardt Hotel (3)

CREMORNE (GARDENS) HOTEL, see Cremorne Hotel

CREMORNE HOTEL, formerly Barnes, Rigby's

Eastern side of Barnes Creek Road, Cremorne, next to site presently occupied by a car yard on corner of Palm Street.
Original Hotel destroyed in 1918 Cyclone.
Another Hotel was rebuilt but later destroyed in flood of 1958.
Licence transferred to Kooyong Hotel.

(as Cremorne Gardens)
1884-1887 John MEADE  (QGG), (QHPI)
1886  J.G. BARNES  (QHPI)
(as Barnes's
1887-1889 J.G. BARNES   (QGG), (QHPI)
(as Cremorne
1889-1890 Andrew DRAPER  (QGG),(QHPI)
1890-1892 Thomas HOUSTON  (QGG), (QHPI)
1892-1898 William KELLER  (QGG), (QHPI), (SLQA)
1899-1909 Annie KELLER  (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD), (SLQA)
1900  William. B. PARVIN  (QHPI), (QPOD)
1910 Alexander McDONALD (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1912 William Edmund BLUNT (QGG),(QSA1)
1911 Christopher Henry HARFORD (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1912 Frederick STIBBARDS (QSA1)
1912-1913 Charles James MORGAN (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1913-1916 Burton RIGBYE (QSA2)
1916-1918 Francis (Frank)  MANUEL (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1920 Thomas William HASTINGS (QSA3)
1920 Hannah Hill HASTINGS (QSA3)
1920 George WINTON (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1921 Mary Ann HOLMES (QSA4)
1921 Elizabeth WHITE (QSA4)
1921-1925 John Patrick LONERGAN (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1927-1929 Abraham JACKLIN (QSA7), (QSA8)
1929-1945 Agnes KENNEDY (QPOD), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1946 Arthur W. CHEETHAM (QPOD)
1947-1949 John V. BREEN (QPOD)

CRITERION HOTEL (1)   See Union Hotel

CRITERION HOTEL (2) formerly Queen's(1), Rickett's, Shiel's

On South-eastern corner of Victoria and Sydney Streets, Mackay.
On current site of ANZ Bank. 
Original Hotel burnt down on September 29, 1872.  A new building built by a Mr. McKenzie of Bowen and renamed the "Criterion Hotel."  The building was sold and became the "Union Bank of Australia".

(as Queens)
1867-1868 James MUGGLETON (QHPI) 
1868-1869 Alex SHIELS (QHPI) 
1869-1871 James ROBB (QHPI) 
1872  George SPICER (QHPI) 
(as Criterion)
1874-1876 Michael Joseph FAY  (QHPI)
1876-1882 George RICKETTS  (QHPI)


Finch Hatton.        

Still currently trading as the Criterion Hotel.

1906 - 1910 James Sydney BAGLEY (QGG), (QSA1)
1910 - 1912 Thomas McGUIRE (QGG), (QSA1)
1912 - 1916 Annie COYNE (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916 - 1925 James Sydney BAGLEY (QSA2),(QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5)
1925-1926 Alfred George ROGERS (QSA6)
1926-1928 Ruby Margaret BOYLE (QSA6), (QSA7)
1928-1932 Hubert Charles ROBERTSON (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1932 - 6/9/1936 Annie O'BRIEN (QPOD), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
7/9/1936 - 20/1/1937 James BAGLEY (ML)
21/1/1937 - 18/10/1937 Alfred J. MacDONALD (ML), (QPOD)
19/10/1937 - 9/1/1940 Henry BROOME (ML), (QPOD)
10/1/1940 - 19/6/1940 Edward O'SULLIVAN (ML)
20/6/1940 - 22/4/1942 Ernest POMEROY (ML), (QPOD)
23/4/1942 - 25/4/1945 Mrs. Albina T. POMEROY (ML), (QPOD)
26/4/1945 - 3/10/1951 Mrs. Margaret M. HOY (ML), (QPOD)
4/10/1951 - 2/1/1957 John BARKLAY (ML)
3/1/1957 - 14/2/1960 Jessie ROGER (ML)
15/2/1960 - 11/12/1963 Fred SHAW (ML)
12/12/1963 - 26/7/1966 Byron PRIMROSE (ML)
27/7/1966 - 26/10/1968 Mervyn FISHER (ML)
27/10/1968 - 26/9/1969 Molly FISHER (ML)
27/9/1969 - 27/12/1970 Anthony CUNIAL (ML)
28/12/1970 - 25/7/1971 Samuel TOOMEY (ML)
26/7/1971 - 25/10/1973 Kevin PRIMROSE (ML)
26/10/1973 - 25/5/1975 Robert LIMPUS (ML)
26/5/1975 - 19/1/1976 Joseph SMITH (ML)
20/1/1976 - 1/11/1976 Kathleen SMITH (ML)
2/11/1976 - 1/2/1977 Gerade CONWAY (ML)
2/2/1977 - 3/1/1978 Reginald McINTYRE (ML)
4/1/1978 - 1/9/1982 Gregory ELLUL (ML)
2/9/1982 - 28/8/1988 Raymond CROSS (ML)
29/8/1988 - 27/1/1991 Gregory ELLUL (ML)
28/1/1991 - 30/1/1994 Wayne WOOTON (ML)
31/1/1994 - 17/3/1996 Gregory ELLUL (ML)
18/3/1996 - 2003 Paul MAGOFFIN (ML)
2003-? Carmel BLANN 

CRONIN'S HOTEL See Mirani Hotel

CROWN HOTEL See Crown and Anchor Hotel (2)

CROWN and ANCHOR HOTEL (1) see Biddle's Hotel 

CROWN and ANCHOR HOTEL (2), formerly Crown, Bambrick's, Crown and Anchor, Crown, Naval Brigade, Glass' Family, Chidgey's, Excelsior.

27 River Street between Brisbane Street and Carlyle Street.  The original hotel was built by Grose Henry Chidgey and adjoined his butchery business.  The original hotel was destroyed by fire on Tuesday, May 3, 1932.  The current building was built shortly after.  The Crown and Anchor Hotel ceased trading on Saturday, August 28, 2004 and is due to be be demolished by the end of 2004 to make way for high rise units.  This hotel was the last of the River Street Hotels to cease trading and so closed a chapter in Mackay History.

(as Excelsior)
1884-1886 Grose Henry CHIDGEY  (QGG), (QHPI)
1886-1887 William KELLY  (QHPI)
1887 George GLASS  (QHPI)
(as Glass' Family) changed name to Glass' Family in 1887  (QHPI)
1887-1893 George GLASS  (QGG), (QHPI)
1893-1899 Arch. McINTYRE  (QGG), (QHPI)
1899-1900 John Richard COLENSO  (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD)
(as Naval Brigade)
1903 - 1905 Catherine BARRY (QGG), (SLQA)
1906 Mary GOGGAN (QGG) 
(as Crown)
1907-1908 Lawrence HANNAN (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1910 James Henry MANUEL (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1912 Thomas COONEY (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1913 Rosina FROGGATT (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1914 William Augustus MARTIN (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1915 Julia Theresa NOONAN (QSA2)
1915 May NOONAN (QSA2)
1915-1918 Kathleen May NOONAN (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1922 James Augustine NOONAN (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1923 Timothy HARRIS (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1924 Valentine BAMBRICK (QSA5)
1924 Charles FROGGATT (QSA5)
1925-1929 Daisy Ethel BAMBRICK (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8)
1929-1930 George William EBBAGE (QSA8)
1930-1938 Augusta Wilhelmina Louisa SCHWARTZ (QPOD), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1939 Sidney H. WILKINSON (QPOD)
1940-1941 Augusta W. L. SCWARTZ (QPOD)
1942-1944 M. J. O'LOUGHLIN (QPOD)
1945 Mrs. Augusta W. L. SCHWARTZ (QPOD)
1946 Michael LINSKEY (QPOD)
1947 William F. SCHWARTZ (QPOD)

DEFIANCE HOTEL    See Austral Hotel


Stevenson Street, Mount Britton (LF 21/2/2004)

1881-1884 Dan NOLAN (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI) 
1884-1888 Mary Anne NOLAN  (LF 21/2/2004), (QGG), (QHPI) 
1888-1889 Charles GIBBARD (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI) 

DUKE HOTEL See Duke of Edinburgh Hotel

DUKE OF EDINBURGH, also known as the Duke

3 Dutton Street, Walkerston.
Built 1882.  The hotel was extensively refurbished in 1950's?. 
Owned by the family of Norman Hiram Smith from 1941-1981. (JB)

1882-1894 John PEARD  (QGG), (QHPI p.345)   
1894-1908 John Francis BURKE  (QGG), (QHPI p.345), (SLQA)   
1908-1910 Henry W. BAKER (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1911 James Joseph GALVIN (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1913 Hugh O'Malley McLAUGHLIN (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1914 Mary Ellen BURKE (daughter of John Francis BURKE) (QSA1), (QSA2)
1915-1921 Mary Ellen HOCKING (nee BURKE, married George HOCKING) (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1921-1925 Annie T. BARWISE (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Matilda AASKOV (QSA6)
1926-1927 Frederick J. REID (QSA7)
1927 Edmond Dominic CLIFFORD (QSA7)
1927 William Joseph RYAN (QSA7)
1927-1928 Annie KEOGH (QSA7)
1928 William COOK
1928-1940 William INNES (QPOD), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1940-1941 Robert W. BENNINGTON (QPOD)
1941-1944 Norman Hiram SMITH (QPOD)
1944-1945 Alexander R. McDONALD (QPOD)
1946 Benjamin C. LANDSDOWNE (QPOD)
1947 Alfred J. ANGUS (QPOD)
1947 Alfred BIRD
1951 Edward REGAN
1953 William BURLEY
1954 Ronald ROESLER
1957 Joyce BEIKOFF
1969 Mario ROVELLI
1970-1974 Joyce BEIKOFF
1974 Patrick DALEY
1976 Allan JONES
1977 Russell McLAY
1981- current John MULHERIN

EIMEO HOTEL    See Pacific Hotel


Lake Elphinstone.    (QHPI p. 191)

1864 - 1869 James GREIG    (QGG), (QHPI p. 191)
1868 - 1871 G. GREIG    (QHPI p. 191)
1871 - 1877 James GREIG    (QHPI p. 191)
1878 - 1879 James SAWYERS    (QHPI p. 191)

EMPRESS of INDIA HOTEL See Taylor's Hotel


Eton. Exact location unknown

1883-1884 Charles William McGOWAN (QHPI p. 122)
1884 Esther POGSON (QHPI p. 122)
1884-1885 Thomas SUTTON (QHPI p. 122)
1885 Robert FULTON (QHPI p. 122)
1885-1886 Thomas M. DICKSON/DIXON (QHPI p. 122)
1886-1887 Patrick STENSEN (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)

ETON HOTEL (2) prev. Hotel Eton, Great Northern Hotel, Northern Hotel

Peak Downs Highway, Eton.
Original hotel built by William Bagley on the banks of Sandy Creek.
Owned by Elizabeth Howells from 1932-1947. (JB)

(as Northern)
1866-1870 William BAGLEY (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
(as Great Northern)
1873-1883 William BAGLEY (QHPI p. 122)
1883-1887 Edmond DIMMOCK (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1886 William DIMMOCK (QHPI p. 122)
1886-1889 Esther POGSON (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1889-1892 James SHACKLETON (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1892-1893 Samuel M. LOWTHER (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1893-1895 Edward ANDERSON (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1896-1899 Edward LENNON (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1899-1901 Mary LENNON (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1902-1906 Mary COWAN (QGG)
1907 William HAMPTON (QGG), (SLQA)
1908 Alfred R. JOHNSTONE (QGG) 
1909-1910 Albert Thomas ROGER (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1914 Allan THORN (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1916 Edward/Edmond/Edmund Ignatius  O'RYAN (QSA2)
1916-1920 William Gladstone NEY (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1921 Emily Huddlestone NEY (QSA4)
1921-1925 Philip HAGARTY/HEGARTY (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925-1927 Lavinia WALTERS (QSA6), (QSA7)
1927-1933 Edward/Edmond Dominic CLIFFORD (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1933 Norman Hiram SMITH (QSA9)
(as Hotel Eton) name changed on 1 February 1933
1933-1939 Norman Hiram SMITH (JB), (QPOD), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11), 
1940-1942 Henry J. RYAN (QPOD)
1941 Edward John RYAN (QSA12)
1943-1947 E. J. RYAN (QPOD)
1949 A. R. McDONALD (QPOD)



1892  -1893 Michael READY (QGG)


Built in 1932 by Max Owens and Joe Gralow for Dr. Chenoweth as a health Resort.  Later converted to a licensed hotel and is still operating.



1882 - 1883 Robert Gray MOFFATT

EXCELSIOR HOTEL (2) See Crown and Anchor Hotel (2)


Eungella Road, Netherdale (Eungella Range).

Built in 1911. It was a popular site for a hotel as the Railway line to Netherdale was completed a few months earlier on 31 July 1911.  A Soft Drink factory was run in conjunction with the hotel.  The licensees son Billy Eyles was killed there in an explosion.  A small butchery and grocery store were attached to the hotel and run in conjunction with the hotel. (PPR May 1989). The hotel was destroyed by fire on Tuesday, July 31, 1962 along with the neighbouring shop and dance hall.  The fire started about 1.10pm in either the shop or the dance hall and was carried across the 15 foot passageway between the buildings by a strong draught.  It caught on the weatherboard outside wall of the hotel and quickly spread to the roof.  The entire roof was soon ablaze and the top storey was burnt out by 2.15pm.  By 3pm, the buildings were completely burnt to the ground.  All the stock and furniture from the buildings was saved by volunteers. (PPR July 2002)

1912-1914 William Thomas EYLES (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1918 Agnes Mitchell THORNING (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1922 Peter Edward NEILSEN (QSA4)
1922-1923 Matilda AASKOV (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1925 Anthony James COYNE (QSA5), (QSA6)
1927 Alfred E. McEWEN (QSA7)
1927-1932 John Robinson CUNNINGHAM (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1932-1933 Walter Bernard COLBY (QSA9)
1933-1935 Arthur Alexander BAGLEY (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937 Anthony James COYNE (QPOD)
1938-1944 Nell LOVI (QPOD)
1945-1946 Alfred W. HANSEN (QPOD)
1947-1949 Henry G. GEORGE (QPOD)
1962 Mrs. M. HEILBRONN (PPR July 2002)



1891-1894 Martin GIBSON (QGG)

FAMILY (GLASS') HOTEL see Crown and Anchor Hotel (2)


Original hotel was located on Bruce Highway, Farleigh on a site occupied now by a fertiliser depot. This hotel was severely damaged in the 1918 Mackay Cyclone.  The hotel was quite severely damaged by the cyclone, losing it's roof and many doors and windows. (DM 24/2/1981).
The hotel was rebuilt on a site in Armstrong Street  adjacent to the Farleigh Mill. 
The Farleigh hotel was demolished in the early 1980's and the licence was transferred by the Refalo family to the Farview Tavern.

1911 William Henry BLETCHER (QSA1)
1911 Michael FARLEY (QSA1)
1911-1912 John Thomas MILLARD (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1913 Michael FARLEY (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1922 Hans Christian PETERSEN (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1924 James Alexander LOVE (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Edwin Christie CARLSEN (QSA6)
1925-1935 Charles MILTON (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1935-1938 William Carl VAN VEEN (QPOD), (QSA11)
1939-1946 Norah B. VAN VEEN (QPOD)
1947 K. S. MASON (QPOD)
1949 Mrs. N. B. VAN VEEN


Opened on 21 February 1981. The license was transferred from the "Farleigh Hotel".

1981 - ? Refalo Family

FAY'S HOTEL See Metropolitan Hotel

FEDERAL HOTEL See Hotel Mackay(3)

FELTON'S HOTEL See Mirani Hotel


Rocky Waterholes / Nebo Road, Bakers Creek. (this may have been located just past Walkerston on the road to Nebo)  (QHPI p.8)   

1881-1882 Andrew FLORENCE  (QHPI p.8)   


GARGETT HOTEL     formerly Pioneer Valley, Coronation  

Gargett Street, Gargett.
Built in 1910 the same year as the coronation of King George V.
Was originally a two storey timber hotel. The second floor was demolished during renovations to the hotel in 1987.  The top floor included eight bedrooms, bathrooms, a large lounge area and a wide verandah.

(as Coronation)
1910-1912 Christopher JOHNSON (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1913 Henry PLATH (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1913-1915 James Henry MANUEL (QSA2)
1915-1917 Henry WEBSTER (QSA2), (QSA3)
1917-1921 Herbert William Thomas PEACOCK (QSA3), (QSA4)
1921-1922 Ruby Margaret BOYLE (QSA4)
1922-1924 Edith Frances BOLTON (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924 Thomas Joseph WILSON (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Victor O'NEILL (QSA6)
1925-1928 Amelia BOX (QSA6), (QSA7)
1928 Amelia CRONIN (QSA7)
1928-1931 George Bertie HUGHES (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1931-1932 John Fairfax GOTT (QSA9)
1932-1933 Rosa Ethel COLEMAN (QSA9)
1933-1939 Annie May JOHNSON (QPOD), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1940 Audrey BRADSHAW (QPOD)
1941-1945 Leslie Dunbar WARE (QPOD), (QSA12)
1946-1949 James E. MOULE (QPOD)
1987 Jenny NELLIGAN
1991 Noel RAFFIN



Homebush-Rosella Road, Homebush.
Built 1886 possibly by Charles Porter.  It was originally a one storey building and was rumoured to have been built from timber off a loaded bullock wagon which became bogged down along the road between Rosella and Eton. The Hotel was named after the British General Charles George Gordon (1833-1885). Gordon was known as "Gordon of Khartoum" after defending the city in Sudan against troops led by Muslim leader Muhammad Ahmad. Gordon held the city for 317 days, but was killed two days before a British relief column came within sight of the city.  The hotel was rebuilt after damage sustained from the 1918 cyclone and a second storey was added.  During the Second World War, the hotel was a popular spot with American servicemen on leave in Mackay.

1886-1887 Charles William WHITE (QGG), (QHPI) 
1887-1888 R.F. TAYLOR (QGG), (QHPI) 
1888-1889 Albert MILLARD (QGG), (QHPI) 
1889-1891 Frederick D. MATHIESON (QGG), (QHPI) 
1891-1893 Jeremiah SULLIVAN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1893-1897 Francis McNEIL (QGG), (QHPI) 
1897-1898 Mary McNEILL (QGG), (QHPI) 
1898-1905 Thomas Tate SIDDLE (QGG), (QHPI) 
1906 Francis John BURKE (QGG)
1907-1908 Patrick WARD (QGG), (SLQA)
1909 R.J. ANGUS (QGG)
1910 William SCOTT (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1912 Charles James MORGAN (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1913 Margaret CAVEN (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1914 Janet B. MORGAN (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1919 Laurence HANNAN (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1927 Frederick Oswald Tate SIDDLE (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7)
1927-1929 Florence Josephine BRUMPTON (QSA7), (QSA8)
1929-1931 Teresa Josephine McKENZIE (QSA8)
1931 Frederick Thomas LANGFORD (QSA8)
1931-1932 William Samuel SAUNDERS (QSA8), (QSA9)
1932-1933 Terese/Teresa TIDEMAN (QSA9), (QSA10)
1933-1935 Ethel May PINKSTONE (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1949 Frederick O. T. SIDDLE (QPOD)+
1964 - 1978 Cec & Jean ATKINS
1985 - May 1987 Andy & June GRAY and Tony & Vicki DUNBAR
May 1987 - ? Bruce & Margaret McLENNAN
1993 - Aug 1996 Alan & Gwen GREEN
Aug 1996 -? Gary & Bess BOYLE

GEORGE HOTEL See Glenella Hotel

GLASS'S FAMILY HOTEL See Crown and Anchor Hotel (2)

GLENELLA HOTEL, formerly George, Romano's, Jackson's, Commonwealth, Separation, Hamilton, Hill End Arms

Located at Hill End (Glenella). 

Located on Corner of Davey Street and Hill End Road, now a vacant block.  It was named the Separation Hotel in support of the North Queensland Separation League which was strong locally at the time.  The hotel  was allegedly rebuilt in 1919 after being largely destroyed in the 1918 Cyclone.  It was allegedly originally located about 100 metres north up the road. The Glenella hall was built on the eastern side of the hotel in 1938 and still exists to this day. (DM 13/1/1993) The Glenella  hotel was demolished c. 1980 and the License was transferred to Mount Pleasant Tavern.

(as Hill End Arms)
1880-1881 Alex HAMILTON, (QHPI) 
(as Hamilton) name changed to Hamilton Hotel 1881. (QHPI) 
1881-1882 Alex HAMILTON (QHPI) 
1882-1884 William HENDY (QHPI) 
1884-1888 James HOGAN (QGG), (QHPI) 
(as Separation)
1888-1890 James HOGAN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1890-1891 Mary LYONS (QGG), (QHPI) 
1891-1898 George FRANCIS (QGG), (QHPI) 
1898-1900 Niels C NEILSEN (QGG), (QHPI) 
1900-1901 Charles BROADHEAD (QGG), (QHPI) 
1902 Thomas GAYLARD (QGG)
(as Commonwealth)
1903-1906 Thomas GAYLARD (QGG)
1907-1908 Henry Arthur AVENELL (QGG)
1909-1910 John William FRANKLIN (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1913 Henry William BAKER (QGG), (QSA1)
1915 W. SWAYNE
(as George) renewal lodged in name of "GEORGE" hotel for 1912
1912-1916 Henry William BAKER (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916-1918 Burton RIGBYE (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1920 Jane Elizabeth WASSELL (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1922 John BOESE (QSA4)
1922-1923 Marjorie Emma KEENAN (QSA4)
1923-1924 Janet Watson MACRAE (QSA4)
1923-? W.H. PAXTON & Co. registered as owners. (QSA4)
1925 Bridget HUNTER (QSA6)
1925 Susan Montgomery McCULLOCH? (QSA6)
1927-1929 Mary GENNINGES (QSA7), (QSA8)
1930-1938 Annie Theresa BARWISE (QPOD), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1939-1941 Joseph E. JACKSON (QPOD)
(as Jackson's) listed on 1941 QPOD as Jackson's Hotel
1942-1944 Joseph E. JACKSON (QPOD)
1945 Edwin F. TRONE (QPOD)
1946-1949 Edward J. MITCHELL (QPOD)
(as Romano's)
1950's Mr Ted Mitchell (owner) (DM)
(as Glenella)
1964- Moreley Properties Pty Ltd. (owners) (DM)
c. 1980 Mr. E.T. MOONEY (DM)

GOLDEN FLEECE HOTEL See Post Office (1) 

GOLDEN GECKO HOTEL prev. Ryan's Tavern, Ryan's Hotel, Pearson's Hotel

Eastern side of Sydney Street between Alfred and Shakespeare Streets.

The original building was built around 1908 apparently for Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ryan.  The Ryan's owned the pub until their retirement after 40 years in the hotel business.  Ross and Catherine Ryan bought the hotel in 1962 and continued the business until the old building was demolished in 1977. The modern building was built on site in 1979. (DM 22/3/1990)

(as Pearson's)
1909-1910 John McDONALD (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1912 John William FRANKLIN (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1913 Lawrence HANNAN (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1916 Katie HANRAHAN (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916-1919 Louise Henrietta KLINGNER (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1923 Mary McLean HANWRIGHT/ HAWRIGHT (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1925 Thomas Leo SMITH (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Charles Robert POWELL (QSA6)
1925-1933 Margaret Mary POWELL (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10)
1933-1938 Ernest POOLE (QPOD), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1939 Mrs. Charlotte E. HENDERSON (QPOD)
1940-1945 Maria A. RYAN (QPOD)
1946-1947 Mrs. Mary PHILLIPS (QPOD)
(as Golden Gecko Hotel) name changed to Golden Gecko Hotel in 2003.


North-eastern corner of Brisbane Street and Victoria Street, site is where Corporate Express Stationary is located (2004).

Built in 1907 it was described as one of the finest hotels in North Queensland.  It was built under the supervision of Richard Neill a resident of Mackay for 40 years at the time and described as an experienced hotel-keeper.  The building consisted of 25 bedrooms measuring in size from 12 ft. by 12 ft. and 10ft. by 12 ft. It also had four comfortable sitting and writing rooms, a fine dining room of 30 ft by 30 ft.  The 30 ft. by 16ft. lounge room was at street level. Ladies' and gentlemen's lavatories and bathrooms of first class type are on the bedroom floors and also on the ground floor.  The bar was located away from the residential portion of the hotel as was the well-fitted billiard room.  A staircase lead to the great parapetted roof which with its level surface 30 feet wide by 210 feet long overlooked the town and district and gave splendid views taking in the whole countryside from Flat Top Island to Mount Dalrymple. (QCL p. 20)

Immediately after the 1918 cyclone a 16 year old Jack Vidulich signalled the lighthouse keeper on Flat Top Island with the first communications from a destroyed township from the rooftop of the Grand.  

It was used and became well known by American servicemen during the Second World War as an American Red Cross Service Club for about two years. 

The hotel was destroyed by fire on October 16, 1950. The fire began on the ground floor shortly after 2.00 am.  The fire was fanned by a strong south-easterly wind and the fire soon engulfed the building.  The severity of the fire was such that neighbouring business within 200 metres of the fire had to hose down their buildings to prevent the fire spreading.   The fire was one of the largest ever seen in Mackay  and a crowd of about 2000 witnessed the fire that could be seen as far away as Walkerston.  (DM 1/4/1996).

A temporary bar known as the "cow shed" allegedly operated on the site for a short while afterwards.  The site was then vacant for a number of years until a service station was built on the site and in recent years a stationery business was established on the site.

1907-1908 John G. NEILL (QGG), (SLQA).
1909-1910 George Herbert Henry ALEXANDER (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1911 Abraham EMANUEL (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1913 Roland Walter GARRAWAY (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1913-1914 Elizabeth Jane NEILL (QSA2)
1914 Percy Richard LUGG (QSA2)
1914-1919 Mary Catherine McINTYRE (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1920 Isabella Douglas McINTYRE (QSA3),(QSA4)
1920-1922 Mary Catherine McINTYRE (QSA4)
1922 Charles FROGGATT (QSA4)
1922-1924 Alfred MORGAN (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1928 James Archibald ROBINSON (QSA6), (QSA7)
1928-1929 Charles FROGGATT (QSA7), (QSA8)
1929-1930 Ernest James GALTAN/GALTON (QSA8)
1931-1935 Rosina FROGGATT (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1945 William. H. CAMERON (QPOD), (QSA12)
1946-1947 Clarice BROOKS (QPOD)
1946 C. & R.E. BROOKS (owners) (MBIR p. 95)
1949 Mrs. J. C. McALLISTER (QPOD)
1950 R.D. McALLISTER (DM 1/4/1996)


Central Street, Sarina.

This hotel was located on Broad Street.  It was destroyed by fire on Sunday, May 27, 1934.  It was rebuilt.

1896-1899 Charles H. OSBORNE (QGG)
1899-1903 William T. KEMP (QGG)
1904-1905 Thomas McGUIRE (QGG)
1906 W.S. WALLIS (QGG)
1907-1908 Balfour H. SALSBURY (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1910 Russel James McPHERSON (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1915 Margaret O'GRADY (QGG), QSA1), (QSA2)
1915-1916 James HUNTER (QSA2)
1916-1919 Maurice Joseph LANE (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1921 John TANDY (QSA3), (QSA5) 
1921-1922 Frederick George WINZAR (QSA4)
1922 James Cowie B. BEAGRIE (QSA4)
1922-1924 Walter Boyce DOWLING (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924 Bernard Paul O'NEILL (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Matilda AASKOV (QSA6)
1925 Amelia BOX (QSA6)
1925-1927 Agnes KENNEDY (QSA6), (QSA7)
1927 W.A.R. HARRIS (QSA7)
1927-1928 Peter Francis BRENNAN (QSA7)
1928-1939 Edward SMITH (QPOD), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1940-1942 Robert W. BENNINGTON (QPOD)
1943-1945 T. DAVIES (QPOD)
1946-1947 Mrs. Sarina M. AZAR (QPOD)
1949 Mrs. E. J. HASTINGS (QPOD)
1963 A.C. McCOWAN (ASYB)


GREYHOUND HOTEL See Bakers Creek Tavern

GYMPIE HOTEL (1) See Austral Hotel


Mount Britton (LF 21/2/2004)

1883-1884 T. WHITE (LF 21/2/2004)

HAMILTON HOTEL See Glenella Hotel


HEALY'S HOTEL See Biddle's Hotel


This Hotel was allegedly located adjacent to the old Caledonian Hotel on Nebo Road, where the Boomerang Hotel now stands. (DM 15/1/1947)

(as Hibernian)
1870-1875 Thomas HOEY (QHPI)
1875-1878 William HOEY (QHPI) 
1879-1882 John William BELL (QHPI) 
1882-1883 Edmund CARR (QHPI) 

HILL END ARMS HOTEL See Glenella Hotel

HODGSON'S HOTEL  See Australian Hotel


Was most likely located on corner of Cowleys Road and Peak Downs Highway, Racecourse opposite Selwyn House(2002).

1869-1876 Michael McCLUSKEY (QGG), (QHPI) 
1876  Executor for estate of Michael McCLUSKEY (QHPI) 
1876  Cornelius KELLY (QHPI) 
1876-1878 John William HODGE (QHPI) 
1878-1882 John PORTER (QHPI) 
1882-1883 John Fred PHAFF (QHPI) 
1883-1889 John GORMAN (QGG), (QHPI) 

HOTEL MACKAY, formerly Federal Hotel

179 Victoria Street on the corner of Wellington Street.

The original license was granted to Mary Sharpley on 5 July 1911(QSA5). The hotel was destroyed by fire on Wednesday, September 28, 1938 and was rebuilt by Curley and Florence Poole as the Hotel Mackay. In 1942 the Americans took it over as an Officer's Mess and Quarters and the Pooles had a temporary bar a few doors down Victoria Street.

After the Second World War the Pooles again took over. The hotel was then leased by their daughter and son-in-law, Bill and Iris Knobel. In 1966, Tom and Dulcie Knobel leased the hotel and from 1968 to 1976 it was leased by their daughter and son-in-law Gib and Marie Shanks. When the Shanks' lease expired , Mrs Iris Knobel once again took over the hotel. However she passed away in Easter that year. The lease was later taken over by the Merrick family.

(as Federal)
1911-1915 Mary SHARPLEY (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1915-1918 Isabella Jane GLOVER (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1923 Mary SHARPLEY (QSA3), (QSA4)
1923 Francis (Frank) MANUEL (QSA4)
(as Hotel Mackay) name changed on 19 February 1923(QSA4)
1923-1924 Francis (Frank) MANUEL (QSA5)
1924-1925 Margaret HEARN (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Charlotte Ethel HENDERSON (QSA6)
1927-1929 Margaret HEARN (QSA7)
1929-1933 Edward George DOUGHERTY (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10)
1933-1934 Teresa TIDEMAN (QSA10)
1934-1935 Frederick LEHFELDT (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1939 Alfred Alexander PATTERSON (QPOD)
1940-1946 Ernest POOLE (QPOD)
1946-1949 Frederick STOREY (MBIR p.93), (QPOD)

HOTEL MANUEL  see Post Office (1)

HOUSTON'S HOTEL see Palace Hotel(1)


Southern side of Victoria Street between Sydney and Wood Streets. Now known as Mackay Townhouse. Original timber hotel was replaced by current building in the late 1930's. Building was also known as the "Commercial Travellers of Australia House"
Daniel Craine originally had a bakery on this site in the late 1800's. 
Building purchased by Mackay Permanent Building Society and interior demolished in 2004. Facade being kept for new building.

1884  Dan CRAINE (QHPI) 
1884-1888 Vass WALLACE (QGG), (QHPI) 
1888-1889 F.L. GLADSTONE (QGG), (QHPI) 
1889-1904 Richard NEILL (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD), (SLQA)
1905-1907 Andrew C. WRIGHT (QGG), (SLQA)
1907-1913 Sarah Catherine JOHNSON (QGG), (QSA1), (SLQA)
1913-1922 John Joseph NOONAN (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1924 Elizabeth Hannah McDONALD (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924 Morris Percival ANDERSEN/ANDERSON (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1928 Mary Ann BENNETT? (QSA6), (QSA7)
1928-1941 James Alexander LOVE (QPOD), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1942-1949 H.V. SMITH (MBIR p.113), (QPOD)

JACKSON'S HOTEL  See Glenella Hotel

JENSEN'S HOTEL See Prince of Wales Hotel


Located on the Peak Downs Highway between Eton and Walkerston. About 1 km on the Walkerston side of Sawn Creek on property currently owned by a Mrs. Neilsen.
The hotel was built for William Northey and was built to cater for the thirst of meat-workers from the "Savannah Meat Works" which was located on the old Victoria Sugar Mill site on Victoria Plains - currently Ray Blackburn's cane farm.
Apparently demolished c. 1910 and two houses were built from the timbers, one large house still used at Mason's farm at Aberdeen (on Hanna's Road, North Eton)  and a smaller house built at North Eton.

1881 - 1882 William NORTHEY  (QHPI p. 122)
1882 -1883 Thomas RAWLINGS/ROWLING (QHPI p. 122)
1884 - 1889 William NORTHEY (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1889 Licence Cancelled (QHPI p. 122)
1896 - 1899 William NORTHEY (QHPI p. 122)
1899 - 1902 Maria NORTHEY  (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)

KOOYONG HOTEL & MOTOR INN   also known as Kooyong Motor Hotel.

Corner of Harbour Road and Evans Avenue, North Mackay.
Built before 1962. Original licence held by Cremorne Hotel.   

1963 C.M. O'BRIEN (ASYB)


Bruce Highway, Koumala.

The Koumala Hotel was under construction when the Second World War broke out in 1939. It was thought to have been completed around 1940. The hotel was operated by Mr. & Mrs. P. Sands for quite a few years and was taken over by Mr. & Mrs. M. Sutton. (HRKD p. 26)

1944-1945 William H. BLOUNT (QPOD)
1946 Robert LOGDON (QPOD)

KUTTABUL HOTEL  formerly Ossa Hotel

Bruce Highway, Hampden (Kuttabul).

Still trading as the Kuttabul Hotel.

(as Ossa)
1899 Hy. ALMAN (QHPI) 
1910-1913 Harry TRELOAR (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1914 Michael FARLEY (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914 May FARLEY (QSA2)
1915 Michael Garrigan FARLEY (QSA2)
1915 May COYNE (QSA2)
1915-1916 Thomas SYMONDS (QSA2)
1916-1919 Hannah Hill HASTINGS (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1922 Daniel Robert HOWELL (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922 Hannah HASTINGS (QSA4)
1922-1925 David HUNTER (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1929 changed name to Kuttabul Hotel (QSA8)
(as Kuttabul)
1927-1930 John Phillip GENNINGES (QSA7), (QSA8)
1930-1933 Albert James DUNCAN (QSA8), (QSA9)
1933-1937 Harriett CARTER (QPOD), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1938-1949 Margaret E. TOWNSEND (QPOD)


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