LANGFORD'S HOTEL, formerly Railway, Noble's Railway.

North-western corner of Tennyson and Alfred Streets.

Built in 1908 for Robert Henderson Noble. It was located directly over the road from the old Mackay Railway Station until the station was moved to Boddington Street in 1924.  It however remained popular with many railway workers who worked at the nearby workshops and goods yard.  Early publicans included Terry Boyle, Harry Broom and Darkie Ryan. Traded as Railway Hotel until February 5, 1951 when purchased by Albert Langford Snr and renamed Langford's. The stainless steel coldroom was installed in 1955 and the bottle shop was added in 1972. (PN 7/2/1991)

(as Railway)
1912-1922 Robert Henderson NOBLE (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922 M.L. POWELL (QSA4)
1922-1924 Joseph COATES (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Robert Henderson NOBLE (QSA6)
1927-1937 Terence Canon BOYLE (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1938-1940 George J. CARROLL (QPOD)
1941-1942 Mrs. M. McGREGOR (QPOD)
1943 Mrs. E. P. FOSTER (QPOD)
1944 Mrs. Annie A. JACKLIN (QPOD)
1945-1946 James E. RYAN (QPOD)
1947 Henry BROOME (QPOD)
1949 Mrs. J. JACKSON (QPOD)
(as Langfords) name changed in 1951
1951 Albert LANGFORD Snr.
1990's Albert LANGFORD Jnr

LEAP HOTEL see The Leap 


Lake Elphinstone.
Built in 1866 by Mr. Clarke who was killed shortly after when he fell from a horse. The hotel was then purchased by Mrs. Ronalds, who had been Mrs  Ben Reynolds before his death in Nebo in 1867.  The township collapsed in 1868 and the hotel was dismantled and moved to Mackay and the timbers used in its re-erection on the site of the present Green-Gables boarding house on the corner of River and Nelson Streets.

1866 - 1867 Ben David CLARKE    (QHPI p. 191)
1867 - 1868 Mrs. R. CLARKE    (QHPI p. 191)


Corner of River Street and Nelson Street, Mackay.
Near the site presently occupied by Green Gables Boarding House(2002).
Was originally built at Lake Elphinstone in 1866 and then moved to Mackay. (see Leichhardt (1)).

(as Leichhardt)
1872 - 1873 William RONALD
1873 - 1874 Thomas HILL
1874 - 1876 Charles PERRY
1876  John PETERSON
(as Scandinavian) name changed in 1876
1876 John PETERSON

LEICHHARDT HOTEL(3), formerly Country Club, River View 

At the corner of River (North) Street and Brisbane Street, on the site of the present Leichhardt.
Original River View Hotel may have been the North Star which was located on the northern banks of the Pioneer River. Hugh Clarkin transferred the licence in 1873 to the site on the corner of River and Brisbane Streets.
Present building was built allegedly circa 1881 for Michael Ready.
Original owners were Mr and Mrs John and Mary Taylor.
Albert (Snow) and May Phillips purchased the hotel in 1949 and changed the name from Country Club to Leichhardt after the historic Leichhardt Tree standing on the banks of the Pioneer River nearby.

The Leichhardt has finally met its demise due to progress and was demolished in February 2004 to make way for a modern hotel/accommodation development.

(as River View
1873-1874 Hugh CLARKIN (QHPI)
1874-1875 Fred. CRISP (QHPI)
1880-1881 Michael READY (QHPI)
1881-1884 Patrick Maurice HYNES (QHPI)
1884-1889 James O'BRIEN (QGG), (QHPI)
1889-1892 William NORTHEY (QGG), (QHPI)
1892-1893 Charles H. OSBORNE (QGG), (QHPI)
1893-1898 George R. SMITH (QGG), (QHPI)
1898-1904 Alexander BARCLAY (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD), (SLQA)
1905-1906 James W. RAE (QGG)
1908 John TAYLOR (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1914 Patrick O'BRIEN (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914 John GOGGIN (QSA2)
1915 Mary GOGGIN (QSA2)
1915 Thomas McGUIRE (QSA2)
1917 William Albert WRIGHT and Hans Christian PETERSEN (trustees of estate of Thomas McGUIRE) (QSA3)
1917-1923 Elizabeth Ann MUGGLETON (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1925 Elizabeth Ann MAY (QSA5), (QSA6)
1927-1929 Konstandenas? VILBAS (QSA7), (QSA8)
1929-1933 James Charles FOX (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10)
1933-1942 John Joseph MAY (QPOD), (QSA10), (QSA11)
(as Country Club) name changed circa 1942/3 (QPOD 1943)
1943-1947 Mrs. L. C. THOMPSON (QPOD)


Mount Britton. (LF 21/2/2004)

1881-1882 Charles FERRIS (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI)

LEYFELDT'S HOTEL See Palace Hotel (1)


On Corner of Moore and Victoria Streets, Mackay.

1884 Michael READY (QHPI)


Lindeman Island.

1938-1946 Elizabeth NICOLSON (QPOD)
1947-1949 Donald A. NICOLSON (QPOD)



1873 - 1874 John TORKINGTON


Northern corner of Creek and Dane Streets, Walkerston.
Built around 1876. The house probably the oldest existing building in Walkerston was demolished 2001. The land was subdivided into 2 house lots in 2003. (The author presently has two of the original Red Cedar sash windows incorporated into a house at Pleystowe).

1884 James HUNTER  (QHPI p.345)   
1884 - 1885 James HURLEY  (QHPI p.345)   
1885 - 1886 James HUXLEY  (QHPI p.345)   

LOGES HOTEL See Taylor's Hotel


Mount Spencer.    (QHPI p. 238)

1886 - 1887 John HARRINGTON    (QHPI p. 238)
1887 Thomas SIMPSON    (QHPI p. 238)
1887 Licence Cancelled    (QHPI p. 238)

LONDON TAVERN see Commercial Hotel(2)

LoUghnane's HOTEL see Mount Flora Hotel

MACKAY HOTEL (1) see Wills' Hotel


Mount Britton, located south of township. (LF 21/2/2004)

1881 - 1883 William LANDELLS (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI)
1882 - 1883 James O'TOOLE (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI)
1883 J. O'BRIEN (LF 21/2/2004)
1882 - 1888 James O'TOOLE (LF 21/2/2004), (QGG), (QHPI)

MACKAY HOTEL (3) see Hotel Mackay

MACKAY CENTRAL HOTEL see Oriental Hotel(2)

MANUEL'S HOTEL see Post Office Hotel (1)



1872-1873 Nathaniel PERRY


Anzac Avenue, Marian.
Built on the site of Daly's Service Station for Ned Hannan.
Destroyed by fire on Sunday, January 23, 1955.

1906-1908 Edward HANNAN (QGG), (SLQA)
1908-1910 John MEZGER (QGG)
1911-1912 Anne C. COYNE (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1916 James Sydney BAGLEY (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916-1919 George Edward HARVISON (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1920 Alan Ingran McHARDIE (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1922 Terence BELL (QSA4)
1922-1923 Herbert William Thornton PEACOCK (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1924 Maurice Percival ANDERSON/ANDERSEN (QSA5)
1924-1925 Timothy QUINN (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 John Louis MEZGER (QSA6)
1927 David HUNTER (QSA7)
1928 Ann Jane HUNTER as executor of the will of David HUNTER deceased (QSA7)
1928-1938 Peter Francis BRENNAN (QPOD), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1939 Sarah A. BENTLEY (QPOD)
1942 J. B. NEY (QPOD)
1943-1945 Mrs. W. M. WINTON (QPOD)
1946 Vincent J. McGINLEY (QPOD)
1947 Adolf H. LENKEIT (QPOD)

McGARRY'S HOTEL, formerly Queens(2)

North-western corner of Wood and Victoria Streets.
Site occupied by Westpac Bank.  It appears the original hotel was replaced in the mid 1930's.

Tariffs in 1907 were 4/- per day or 1 per week.

(as Queen's)
1881-1889  Patrick McCLUSKEY (QGG), (QHPI)
1889-1892  George WOOD (QGG), (QHPI)
1892-1896  William ENGLISH (QGG), (QHPI)
1896-1897  W.J. BRUCE (QGG), (QHPI)
1897-1898 W.R. BRUCE (QGG), (QHPI)
1898-1899  K.M. BRUCE (QGG), (QHPI)
1898-1900 George J. CHAVASSE( QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD)
1900-1904  John LEE (QGG), (QHPI), (SLQA)
1905  James McERLANE (QGG)
1906  James HUNTER (QGG)
1907 - 1908 Wallis B. SWAYNE (QGG), (SLQA)
1910 Robert Gregg ANGUS (QSA1)
1909-1910 Martin HASSETT (QGG), (QSA1)
1911 George Herbert Henry ALEXANDER (QSA1)
1911-1913 Robert Gregg ANGUS (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1914 John Thomas MILLARD (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1919 John McDONALD (QSA2), (QSA3)
1920-1922 Albert STACEY (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922 Peter VALMADRE (QSA4)
1923 Mary CAMERON (QSA4)
1923-1935 Frederick McGARRY (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
(as McGarry's)
1937  Rose McGARRY (QPOD)
1938-1939  Henry A. MOORE (QPOD)
1940-1947  James ALLEN (QPOD)
1949 D. A. FLORE (QPOD)

McGUIRE'S HOTEL, formerly Belmore Arms, McGuire's Belmore Arms

Eastern side of Wood Street between River and Victoria Streets.
Original Hotel built in 1882 by Barney McGuire.
Barney McGuire Jnr. Inherited hotel in 1925.
Original building demolished in 1938 to make way for present McGuire's Hotel.
Was well known site for Barney McGuire's private zoo and museum. The zoo and museum apparently run from about 1903 to 1950.
(DM 7/12/1984)

(as Belmore Arms)
1882 - 1889 Bernard McGUIRE (QGG), (QHPI)
1889 - 1890 Elizabeth M. McGUIRE (QGG), (QHPI)
1890 - 1894 Patrick O'ROURKE (QGG), (QHPI)
1894 - 1895 Michael WALSH (QGG), (QHPI)
1895 - 1896 Elizabeth M. McGUIRE (QHPI)
1896 - 1902 Michael KENEALLY (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD)
1903 - 1922 Elizabeth Mary KENEALLY (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4), (SLQA), (QGG)
1922 Bernard James McGUIRE and Francis McGUIRE Executors of the will of Elizabeth Mary Keneally deceased (QSA4)
1922-1949 Bernard James McGUIRE (QPOD), (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11), (QSA12)
(as McGuires)
? - 1953 Barnie McGUIRE Jnr
1953 - ? Mrs W. McGUIRE
? - ? Mrs J. ROGER
? Fred STOREY and Hugh REILLY
1984 Moreley Properties Pty Ltd.


METROPOLITAN HOTEL formerly Driscoll's, Fay's

South-eastern corner of Gordon and Carlisle Streets.
On present site of modern Metropolitan Hotel. Originally a two storey wooden building. Another Hotel was built in the late 1930's.
The hotel stayed in the Fay Family until it was sold for 14,100 in September 1949.
The Present hotel on the site was built in 1978 by the Driscoll Family.

1882-1895 Michael Joseph FAY  (QGG), (QHPI)
1895-1898 Morris H. HARRIS (QGG), (QHPI)
1898-1900 Sarah MOFFATT (QHPI)
1899-1900 W.R. MOFFATT (QGG)
1901-1904 Michael J. FAY (QGG), (SLQA)
1904-1922 Annie Bedelia FAY (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4), (SLQA)
1922-1923 Edmund William TUCK (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1928 Arthur Francis WILLIAMS (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7)
1928-1932 Frederick HAYWARD (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1932-1936 George Bergen FAY (QPOD),(QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1943 Mrs Eva N. FAY (QPOD)
1944-1945 Mrs Teresa TIDEMAN (QPOD)
1946-1949 Mrs Eileen W. NOBLE (QPOD)
1936-September 1949 Mrs. E. N. FAY (owner)
Sept. 1949 - ? Mrs. L DRISCOLL



1889-1891 Robert THORPE  (QGG), (QHPI p. 144)
1891-1892 James CARTER  (QGG), (QHPI p. 144)
1892-1894 Neils Christian NEILSON  (QGG), (QHPI p. 144)

MIRANI HOTEL, formerly Cronin's, Felton's, Pioneer (3)

Still trading as Mirani Hotel.

Mirani Hotel was built as a boarding house around 1882 by Henry Wesche and was known as "Wesche's Boarding House".  Originally built as a single storey hotel. (DM 7/10/1972) 11In 1952 renovations were carried out with the lattice at the front being replaced by a solid wall to accommodate a small lounge. Frank Cronin purchased the Mirani hotel for the equivalent of $16,000 in 1953.  Further renovations were carried out in 1972 with the addition of a beer garden and extension of the lounge at the front. (PPR, Sept. 2003)

(as Pioneer)
1890-1900 Henry WESCHE (QGG), (QHPI)
1900-1901 John SHARPLEY (QGG), (QHPI)
1902-1903 John ANDERSON (QGG)
1904 Catherine SMITH (QGG)
1905-1906 Thomas COWAN (QGG)
1907-1908 Michael READY (SLQA)
1909-1911 Josephine HANNAN (QSA1)
1910-1911 Arthur Francis WILLIAMS (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1923 Martin Edward McMAHON (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (0QSA4), (QSA5)
  Norma HARRIS
8/6/1923 - 1/7/1925 Timothy HARRIS (QSA5), (QSA6)
1/7/1925 - 5/3/1930 Louisa FELTHAM (QSA6), (QSA7)
(as Mirani) named changed to Mirani on 5/3/1930
5/3/1930 - 1/8/1936 Louisa FELTHAM (QPOD), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1/8/1936 - 30/9/1943 Arthur BAGLEY (QPOD)
4/9/1942 - 7/9/1972 Francis Melody (Frank) CRONIN (DM 4/9/1992), (QPOD)
7/9/1972 - 1974 Brian CRONIN (DM 4/9/1992)
1974 - 1980 Glen & Barbara BRAITHWAITE (DM 4/9/1992)
1980 - 1988 Colin & Enid CONTOR (DM 4/9/1992)
1988 - 1992 Lance & Kathleen CAMERON (DM 4/9/1992)

MOFFAT'S HOTEL See Biddle's Hotel

MOLLOY'S HOTEL, formerly Cosmopolitan(2), Ready's

Western side of Sydney Street between Gordon and Victoria Streets. On site presently occupied by S.R. Wallace and Wallace Solicitors (2003).
The original building on the site was erected in 1874 as an Oddfellows Hall. It was converted into a hotel during the 1880's and became a meeting place for Irish Settlers thereafter. (DM 25/2/1974).
The hotel was badly damaged by fire on Sunday,February 24, 1974.

(as Cosmopolitan)
1884-1885 James READY  (QHPI)
1885-1895 Patrick Maurice HYNES  (QGG), (QHPI)
1895-1899 Charles Patrick READY  (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD)
1899-1903 Mary McNEILL  (QHPI), (SLQA)
1901 F. MacNEILL (SLQA)
1904-1905 James HUNTER (QGG), (SLQA)
1906-1908 Mary Francis READY (QGG), (SLQA)
(as Ready's)
1909-1910 William Thomas KEMP (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1911 Michael READY (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1912 Hans Christian PETERSEN (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1916 Frederick REBETZKE (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916-1923 Mary Ann REBETZKE (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1923-1925 Katherine/Kathleen STEEN (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 George Thomas PENWARN (QSA6)
1927 William Athol MOLLOY (QSA7)
(as Molloy's) name changed on 6 April 1927
1928-1934 William Athol MOLLOY (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10)
1934-1944 Johanna MOLLOY (QPOD), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1945-1949 Mrs. Margaret E. BRATCHFORD (QPOD)
? - 1974 Moreley Properties Pty Ltd. (owners)



1891-1900 Fred D. MATHIESON  (QGG), (QHPI p. 144)
1900-1906   Johanna M. MATHIESON  (QGG), (QHPI p. 144)


Mount Britton. (LF 21/2/2004).
New building erected in Mid 1889. Closed in 1902 and moved to Nebo. (LF 21/2/2004)

1888-1890 Charles GIBBARD (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI)
1890-1893 William H. NOLAN (QGG), (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI)
1899-1900 Mary Ann GIBBARD (nee NOLAN) (LF 21/2/2004), (QGG), (QHPI)
1900-1902 John Frederick FERRIS (QGG), (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI)
1902 James PERRY (LF 21/2/2004) 


Stevenson Street, Mount Britton. (LF 21/2/2004)

1881-1882 Alex. Louis SMITH (LF 21/2/2004), (QHPI)

MOUNT FLORA HOTEL also known as Loughnane's

Mount Flora.

(as Mount Flora)
1873-1874 William C ADRIAN    (QHPI p. 232)
1910 George William MAGUIRE (QSA1)
(as Loughnane's)
1909-1911 Patrick LOUGHNANE (QGG), (QSA1)
1910 G.W. McGUIRE (QGG)
1911-1912 William MARSH (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1913 William John WALES (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1913-1914 William MARSH (QSA2)
(as Mount Flora)
1912 William MARSH (QSA1)


Malcomson Street, North Mackay.
Built 1980. License was transferred from the Glenella Hotel.


Mount Spencer.

1877-1879 William SMITH  (QHPI p.238)

NATIONAL HOTEL  See Sarina Hotel

NAVAL BRIGADE HOTEL See Crown and Anchor Hotel (2)

NEBO HOTEL formerly Fort Cooper Hotel

Reynolds Street, Nebo.

The original Fort Cooper Hotel was a slab structure built by Mr. Ben Reynolds in 1862 at the top of Nebo Creek crossing.  The present hotel was built in 1886 by Mr. Jack Davis.  Mr Davis sold the hotel to Mr. Jim Perry in 1906 and it was later sold to a Mr. Marshall.

About 1918 the hotel was bought by a German who could not attract patrons because of his nationality.  It was believed that the hotel was sold for about 300 pounds to Mr. J. Phillips.  Mr A.W. (bill) Maclean bought the hotel in 1920.  Many of his 13 children were born when he owned the hotel over the next 19 years.

Mr. Maclean sold the hotel to Tom Wright and Herb Davidson - partners in Kemmis Creek in September 1939.  Jack Ney, whose father owned Broadmeadows Station, George Stevens and Charlie Knobel were all previous licensees.

It was in October 1948, during Jack Ney's occupancy, that the name was changed from Fort Cooper Hotel to Nebo Hotel.

Jim Maclean bought the hotel in 1964 and he owned the freehold for 27 years until his death in 1991.

Mrs. Grace Regan, of Mackay, sister of Jim Maclean, was born when her father owned the hotel.  "There used to be stock yards and stables on the block when we were young," she said.  "The dance hall was very popular and locals often organised a dance there."

The hotel grounds extend the length of Water Street facing Nebo Creek.

Up until the end of World War 1 there was only one building.  Mr Marshall had a billiards room, now the dining room, constructed as a tribute to the Nebo men who fought in that war.  The late Mr. Alf Woods was games controller.

Private quarters were built over the billiards room in 1932.

Extra downstairs bedrooms, a dance hall, dining room, cordial making room and two storerooms were additions  to the original two-storey building.

Present owner Kay Gorman worked at the hotel during much of her father's occupancy and has been licensee since his death.  "The hotel has had a lot of boom periods with construction in the mining industry in the area," she said.  "During the Parkinson murder investigation at Lillianvale we were hosts to a big contingent of police and detectives," Mrs. Gorman said. (DM April 1994)

(as Fort Cooper Hotel)
1863 - 1867 William REYNOLDS
1867 - 1869 M.L. REYNOLDS (QGG)
1868 - 1869 James W. ANDERSON
1869 - 1870 Marie L. REYNOLDS
1870 - 1872 William RONALD
1872 - 1874 John Casshin
1874 -1875 August Wagner
1875 -1876 William RONALD
1876 - 1878 Marie L. RONALD
1879 - 1884 John Stuart CAMERON
1884 - 1889 Thomas HILL
1889 - 1892 James W. JONES (QGG)
1892 - 1896 William HAMPTON (QGG)
1896 - 1899 F.J.C. KABLE (QGG)
1899 - 1907 John J. DAVIS (QGG)
1908 Russell J. McPHERSON (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1910 William John BRUCE (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1916 Henry Richard MARSHALL (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916 Richard NEILL (QSA2)
1916-1917 William John BRUCE (QSA2), (QSA3)
1917 Henry PLATH (QSA3)
1917-1920 Mabel Harriett PHILLIPS (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1941 Alexander William MacLEAN (QPOD), (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1941-1944 George STEVENS (QPOD), (QSA12)
1945-1946 Charles KNOBEL (QPOD)
1947 John B. NEY (QPOD)
(as Nebo Hotel) name changed in 1948
1949 John B. NEY (QPOD)

NOBLE'S RAILWAY HOTEL see Langford's Hotel



(at Keeley's landing on North Side) Barnes Creek Road, Cremorne.
Keeley's Landing was located upstream from present Cremorne going towards Rockleigh.
This hotel may have been used to build the River View Hotel on the site of the present Leichhardt (2) as the licence was transferred to that hotel in 1873.

1872-1873 Henry Joseph BUNHILL (QHPI)
1873-1874 Hugh CLARKIN (QHPI)

NORTHERN STAR HOTEL  see North Star Hotel 

NORTHERN HOTEL  see Eton Hotel (2)



1890-1897 James O'TOOLE (QGG)
1897-1900 Agnes O'TOOLE (QGG)
1900-1905 Kate WEBBERLEY

ORIENTAL HOTEL (1) See Post Office Hotel (1)

ORIENTAL HOTEL (2), formerly Mackay Central, Oriental, School of Arts. 

Western side of Wood Street between Gordon and Victoria Streets. The original School of Arts Hotel was so named as the School of Arts was located opposite the Hotel in Wood Street.
The original School of Arts Hotel was destroyed by fire on Sunday, October 29, 1905. It was replaced by another timber structure until this was replaced by brick structure in the 1930's.
The Oriental Hotel as well as the neighbouring Batros store was destroyed by fire on Sunday, February 18, 2001. The land has been left vacant pending construction of a new multi-storey hotel (2004).

(as School of Arts)
1883  John GORDON (QHPI)
1883-1885 Wm. LONG (QHPI)
1885-1886 Sam LAMBERT (QHPI)
1886  W.J. BELL (QHPI)
1886 William. KISSACK (QGG), (QHPI)
1886-1887 Alb. CARPENTER  (QHPI)
1887-1888 A.V. ROBINSON (QGG), (QHPI)
1888-1889 Solomon J. WATSON (QGG), (QHPI)
1888-1892 Michael SCANLAN (QGG), (QHPI)
1891-1892 Michael READY (QGG), (QHPI)
1892-1897 William. R. MOFFATT (QGG), (QHPI)
1897-1902 John KEEFFE (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD), (SLQA)
1903 -1904 Simon CAMERON (QGG), (SLQA)
1905 Rose Mary CAMERON (QGG)
1906 Henry PALMER (QGG)
1907-1910 Bridget CLEMENTS (QGG), (SLQA)
1913-1914 Edwin James RYAN (QGG), (QSA2)
1914-1915 Patrick O'BRIEN (QSA2)
1915-1918 Mary Kathleen QUILLINAN (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1919 Francis (Frank) MANUEL (QSA3)
(as Oriental)
1920-1922 Francis (Frank) MANUEL (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1933 Catherine BARRY (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1933-1949 Nita Bletcher ROBINSON (QPOD), (QSA10), (QSA11)

O'SHEAS HOTEL, formerly Albion

1 Bold Street Walkerston. Located on Northern bank of Bakers Creek at intersection of Bold and Dutton Streets.

The Albion Hotel was built in 1872. Norman Hiram Smith owned the Albion Hotel from 1947-1958. (JB)
The hotel was destroyed by fire on Wednesday, April 15, 1964. The eight people in the hotel, including three children escaped only minutes before it became a blazing inferno (DM. 26/2/2000). The present O'Sheas Hotel-Motel was built on site in 1964 by former Pioneer Shire Chairman John Young.

(as Albion)
1872-1873 Archibald McDONALD  (QHPI p.8)   
1873-1879 Barbara McDONALD     (QHPI p.8),(QHPI p.345), (QGG)   
1880-1882 William LOBIE     (QHPI) (QHPI p.285)   
1883-1901 Barbara McDONALD     (QHPI p.8),(QHPI p.345), (QGG)   
1901-1908 James PASCOE (QGG)
1909-1910 Frode Ludwig Sigmund JORGENSEN (QSA1), (QGG)
1910-1912 James Matthew PASCOE (QSA1), (QGG)
1912 Thomas DYMOND (QSA1)
1912-1914 Mrs W.H. (Annie) DEE (QSA1), (QSA2), (QGG)
1914-1915 Thomas SYMONDS (QSA2)
1915-1921 James PASCOE (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1921-1922 Herbert T.W. PEACOCK (QSA4)
1922-1925 Diana Frances SHEPHERD (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 John Ernest WHITE (QSA6)
1927-1930 George E. ADAMS (QSA7), (QSA8)
1930-1935 Archibald Maltravers BRIDGER (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1944 Talbot W. BOLGER (QPOD)
1945 Robert J. STONEHAM (QPOD)
1946 Harold K. EDDINGTON (QPOD)
1947-1949 Oswald J. PITMAN (QPOD)
1954-1958 Norman Hiram SMITH (JB)
1957-1964 Darcy O'SHEA
(as O'Shea's)
1964-1987 Darcy O'SHEA
1987-1993 Danny O'SHEA
1993- Patrick DALY

OSSA HOTEL see Kuttabul Hotel



Was located on the corner of Oxford and Reynold Streets.  The hotel closed and the licence was surrendered on 6 September 1937.  The site was later occupied by the Catholic church and is now the Centenary Park. (BN)  

1904-1908 Janey FERRIS (QGG)
1909-1910 Henry Richard MARSHALL (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1916 David WILSON (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916-1919  Thomas SYMONDS (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1920 Nellie Eliza McFADZEN (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920 Alex. William MacLEAN (QSA4)
1921-1922 Annie WRIGHT (QSA4)
1922-1924 Hannah Alice Maud PETERSEN (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924-1925 Edith Ellen BROWNE (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 William J. B. BRUCE (QSA6)
1927 James Joseph SCHABE (QSA7)
1927-1928 Catherine Cecilia BIRCHLEY (QSA7)
1929-1931 Edmund Edward RIGHETTI (QSA8), (QSA9)
1931 Theresa TIDEMAN (QSA9)
1931-1933 William John Blair BRUCE (QSA9)
1933-1937 Elvera Margaret CLEARY (QPOD), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)

OXFORD (ARMS) HOTEL See Palace Hotel (1)

PACIFIC HOTEL  formerly Eimeo Hotel, The Beach Hotel.

Mango Avenue, Eimeo.

(as Eimeo)
1889- 1890 Jeremiah D. ARMYTAGE (QGG), (QHPI)
1910 Elizabeth HASSETT (QSA1)
1910-1916 Louise Henrietta KLINGNER (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916-1919 William Thomas EYLES (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1922 Charles Louis Albert BROWN (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1925 Arthur James W. MOWLAM (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 MICHELMORE & Co. attorneys and mortgagees of A. J. W. MOWLAM  (QSA6)
1925-1927 James AMSTEAD (QSA6), (QSA7)
1928-1931 James Norquay DEARNESS (QSA7), (QSA8)
1931-1945 Lavinia WALTERS (QPOD),(QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1946 Mrs. Violet L. JOHNSON (QPOD)
1947 William B. KINDNESS (QPOD)
1949 Mrs. L. DRISCOLL (QPOD)

PALACE HOTEL (1), formerly Leyfeldt's, Penwarn's, Oxford, Houston's, Robert Burns, Bobbie Burns

North-western corner of Victoria Street and Sydney Street, on the present site of the Palace Hotel.

The first building erected on the site was a "kanaka shop" and then Mr. David Murray added a top storey and opened the hotel, which was called the Bobbie Burns Hotel. (DM 18/10/1939)

Current building was built about 1937 and it was believed the three storey concrete hotel was the first commercial building to have a cantilevered balcony in Mackay.

(as Robert Burns/Bobbie Burns)
1884 - 1885 David MURRAY (QHPI)
1885 Jos. HART (QHPI)
(as Oxford (Arms) named changed in 1885 (QHPI)
1885-1888 Joseph HART (QGG), (QHPI)
1888-1900 Mrs. Bridget HOLDEN (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD)
1900-1902 Rose KENNY (QGG), (QHPI), (SLQA)
1903 - 1904 Patrick GOGGIN  (QGG), (SLQA)
(as Palace)
1905-1922 Mary Sarah HOUSTON (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4), (SLQA)
1922-1925 James Augustine NOONAN (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Michael Joseph CONWAY (QSA6)
1927 Anthony J. COYNE (QSA7)
1927-1931 George Thomas PENWARN (QSA7), (QSA8)
1932 Annie PENWARN as executrix of the estate of George Thomas PENWARN deceased. (QSA9)
1932-1934 Annie PENWARN  (QSA9), (QSA10)
1934-1935 William MURPHY (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1949 Ria LEHFELDT (QPOD)
1946 Fred. LEHFELDT (MBIR p. 90)

"C.W. Houston, a town alderman and a noted sporting personality, died unexpectedly in Toowoomba on Friday, July 1, 1904. He was the licensee of the Palace Hotel. The owner of several good racehorses, he was a member of the Mackay Turf Club Committee and also of the Mackay Rugby Union. He had married a daughter of Evan Davies and they had one son." (D.M. 26/2/2000 Our Century Supplement)



This hotel was destroyed by fire on Wednesday, June 20, 1923 and the license to renew was refused in 1924. (QSA5)

1907-1908 Philip HEGARTY (QGG)
1907 Thomas SYMONDS
1909-1910 Thomas COONEY (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1912 George Eton BAGLEY (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1915 John Edward MGRATH (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1915-1919 George Edward FANNING (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1922 Myrtle Mary CUFFE (QSA3), (QSA4)
1923-1924 Maud MANUEL (QSA5)

PEARSON'S HOTEL See Golden Gecko Hotel

PENWARN'S HOTEL See Palace Hotel (1)

PINNACLE HOTEL  formerly Terminus Hotel, Railway Terminus Hotel.

Eungella Road, Pinnacle.

The original hotel was built around the turn of the century  for the Carroll Family.
The hotel was originally located close to the Pinnacle Railway Station but was moved to the present location around 1911-1912.  The original hotel was destroyed by fire on Friday, September 2, 1932. It was rebuilt in its present location and still continues to trade. 

(as Railway Terminus)
1903 Martin GIBSON (QGG)
(as Terminus)
1904-1906 Martin GIBSON (QGG)
1907-1908 Peter C. SMITH (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1912 Henry MANN (QGG), (QSA1)
(as Pinnacle) moved to present site between 11/1911 and 1/1912 (QSA1)
1912-1913 Harry MANN (QGG)
1914 Harry MANN (QSA2)
1914-1922 Thomas VAUGHAN (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1923 Herbert Alfred BRADSHAW (QSA4)
1923-1924 Victor O'NEILL (QSA4), (QSA5)
1925 James ROBERTSON (QSA6)
1925 Joseph George WILKINSON (QSA6)
1925 Alan QUINN (QSA6)
1927-1930 William John SYMONDS (QSA7), (QSA8)
1930-1933 James Patrick COLEMAN (QSA8), (QSA9)
1933-1934 Marie Louise BARBER (QSA9), (QSA10)
1934-1935 Percival (Percy) Norman BRADSHAW (QSA10)
1935 George STEVENS (QSA10), (QSA11)
1935-1937 Audrey BRADSHAW (QPOD), (QSA11)
1938 William CAVANAGH (QPOD)
1939 Mrs. Elizabeth C. WOODLEY (QPOD)
1940-1941 Victor V. PIERPOINT(QPOD)
1942-1945 C. W. WELLS(QPOD)
1946 John ENGLISH (QPOD)
1947 Albert W. ROGER (QPOD)
? - 1950 Tom VAUGHAN
1985 - 1987 Frank SEYMOUR - SMITH


Sydney Street, Mackay.

1863 - 1864 John Francis Higgins (QHPI)
1864 - 1865 Robert Neels (QHPI)

PIONEER HOTEL (2) See Wilkinson's Hotel

PIONEER HOTEL(3) See Mirani Hotel



Cliftonville via Sarina.

1885 - 1889 David MURRAY  (QGG), (QHPI p.246)
1908 T. McGUIRE (SLQA)

POST OFFICE HOTEL (1), formerly Golden Fleece, Spring's, Oriental, Thorning's, Manuel's

On Western corner of River (North) and Wood Streets where Riverside House is located (2002).
The original Golden Fleece was the first Recognised Hotel in Mackay. It was originally single storey.  The second hotel was apparently built by George Wood in about 1884.
The Post Office hotel ceased trading in 1965 and was used for storage until it was demolished in the 1970's to make way for the present "Riverside House" building.

(as Golden Fleece)

1864-1867 Charles KEELEY  (QGG), (QHPI)
1867-1868 Ben. David CLARK  (QHPI)
1868-1870 Charles KEELEY  (QHPI)
(as Spring's)
1870-1871 Henry SPRING  (QGG), (QHPI)
1871-1871 W.O.D. CONDELL
(as Golden Fleece) name changed back in 1871.
1871-1872 Charles KEELEY  (QHPI)
1872-1874 Ion. Deacon MARTIN  (QHPI)
1874-1875 John PETERSON  (QHPI)
1875-1876 James Walker CRAN  (QHPI)
(as Oriental)
1877-1878 I. MacLEAN (QHPI)
1878-1883 William NORTHEY (QHPI)
1883-1884 George WOOD (QHPI)
1883-1888 William NORTHEY
(as Post Office)
1884-1889 George WOOD (QGG), (QHPI)
1889-1906 Patrick O'BRIEN (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD), (SLQA)
1907-1908 Jane THORNING (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1911 Charles William ERICKSSON (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1914 Louis MEZGER (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1919 Timothy MORIARITY (QSA2), (QSA3)
1919-1923 Joseph SIES (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924 Catherine SIES (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1926 Mary MEZGER (QSA6)
1926 Bernard Paul O'NEILL (QSA6)
1927 Mary Eliza ARMSTRONG (QSA7)
1927-1928 William DUNCAN (QSA7)
1928 Francis (Frank) MANUEL (QSA7)
(as Manuel's)
1929-1939 Francis (Frank) MANUEL (QPOD), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1940-1945 James E. WHITE (QPOD)
1946-1949 Arthur S. CHEETHAM (QPOD)
(as Post Office)
1958 - 1965 Mr T.A. NOBLE and Mrs E.W. NOBLE
1965 - ? J. Michelmore and Co. Pty. Ltd.


Location unknown

1886-1887 James HODGES  (QGG), (QHPI)
1887-1888 William KELLER  (QGG), (QHPI)

PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL, formerly Jensen's, Rebetzke's

At the corner of River (North) Street and Sydney Street, on the site of the present Maggies Leagues Club.
The original timber structure was destroyed by fire on Tuesday, September 6, 1938. The present building was built in 1939 by W. Guthrie.  The hotel closed business in 1996 and survived as the Maggies Leagues Club until the business ceased trading about 2002 and the building was left vacant.  The building is due to be demolished in late 2004 to make way for a new $38 million Convention Centre.

1881-1884 John. MURTAGH (QHPI)
1883-1885 Wm. Hugh McPHERSON (QHPI)
1885-1887 Fred. T. DEAN (QGG), (QHPI)
1886-1888 Martin GIBSON (QGG), (QHPI)
1888-1889 W.S.C. ADRIAN (QGG), (QHPI)
1889-1891 Charles PERRY (QGG), (QHPI)
1891-1897 Joseph HART (QGG), (QHPI)
1897-1900 John WELLS (QGG), (QHPI), (QPOD)
1901 M.B. O'NEILL (QGG), (SLQA)
1902-1908 Margaret PHILLIPS (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1911 James HUNTER (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1913 John GOGGIN (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1913-1915 Thomas McGUIRE (QSA2)
1915-1917 Albert Edward KEUNE (QSA2)
1917 William Henry NOLAN (QSA2), (QSA3)
1917-1918 James Augustine NOONAN (QSA3)
1918-1920 Kathleen May NOONAN (QSA3), (QSA4)
1921 Kathleen May HOWLEY (QSA4)
1921-1923 Reginald Vivian GRALOW (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1933 Mary Ann REBETZKE (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1933-1943 Mary Elizabeth JENSEN (QPOD), (QSA10), (QSA11), (QSA12)
1944 Ezmes J. READY (QPOD)
1945-1946 James J. READY (QPOD)
1946-1947 Mrs. M.  READY (MBIR p.114), (QPOD)
1949 R. WARD (QPOD)

QUEENS HOTEL(1) See Criterion Hotel (2)

QUEENS HOTEL(2) see McGarry's Hotel


Southern side of Creek Street in Walkerston. On the northern bank of Bakers Creek opposite to present Newsagency (2002).
Built 1881. Two storey timber building. Owned by Norman Hiram Smith 1942-1943. (JB). It was destroyed by fire on Friday, June 4, 1943.

1881-1883 Charles William WHITE  (QHPI p.345)   
1883-1886 John Frederick PHAFF  (QHPI p.345)   
1886-1888 Michael HANRAHAN  (QGG), (QHPI p.345)   
1889-1892 William ENGLISH  (QGG), (QHPI p.345)   
1892-1894 Alexander BARCLAY  (QGG), (QHPI p.345)   
1894 Alice BARCLAY  (QHPI p.345)   
1894-1896 Niels Christian NEILSEN (QGG), (QHPI p.345)   
1896-1898 Alexander BARCLAY  (QGG), (QHPI p.345)   
1897-1902 Roderick KENNEDY  (QGG), (QHPI p.345)   
1903-1907 Rose KENNEY (QGG)
1908 Martin BECK (QGG)
1908 Mrs. M. BECK (SLQA)
1908-1909 G. WOODS (QGG)
1909-1911 William VELONG (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1916 Francis Shannon (Frank) REIDY (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1916-1918 Margarete Emma Magdeline PETERS (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1920 Olive Marie BECK (QSA3)
1920-1921 Daniel Bernard COSTIGAN (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1925 Daniel J. COSTIGAN
1921-1925 Olive Marie CORLEY (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Martin BECK? (QSA6)
1927-1929 Ernest POOLE (QSA7)
1929-1932 Mary Kathleen WHALAN (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1932-1940 Olive Marie CORLEY (QPOD), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1941 V. L. GORDON (QPOD)
1942-1943 Mrs. O. M. CORLEY (QPOD)


RAILWAY HOTEL (1) See Boomerang Hotel

RAILWAY HOTEL (2) See Langford's Hotel


Allegedly moved to the site from Newbury Junction by P. McDermott. May have been the old Swan Hotel.

1907-1919 Mary COWAN (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (SLQA)
1919-1924 William George GABRIEL (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924-1925 William Athol MOLLOY (QSA5), (QSA6)
1927 Alan DUNN (QSA7)
1927-1928 Andrew James O'BRIEN (QSA7)
1928-1947 Amelia CRONIN (MBIR p.98), (QPOD), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1949 M. J. HUGHES (QPOD)

RAILWAY TERMINUS HOTEL (1)  also known as Railway.

Hill Street, Eton. 

Known by locals as the "top pub".
It was destroyed by fire on Sunday, October 30, 1932. (DM 28/4/2001)

1885-1890 Andrew DRAPER  (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1889-1892 William HAMPTON  (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1892-1896 David O. HOWELLS  (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1896 Elizabeth HOWELLS  (QHPI p. 122)
1896-1898 H.E. ROBERTSON  (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1897 -1901 William HAMPTON  (QGG), (QHPI p. 122)
1902-1904 Barbara ROBERTSON (QGG)
1905-1908 George BAGLEY (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1918 William John McBRIDE (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1919 Henry William BAKER (QSA3)
1919-1925 James SMITH (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1927-1928 Rasmus Marius ANDERSEN/ANDERSON (QSA7)
1928-1933 Norman Hiram SMITH (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1933 Elizabeth HOWELLS (QSA9)
1918 - 1932 E. HOWELLS (owner)

RAILWAY TERMINUS HOTEL (2)  see Pinnacle Hotel



Destroyed by fire on Saturday, May 17, 1952.

1937-1944 William Frederick GARNHAM (QPOD)
1945 Norman W. PRESTON (QPOD)
1946 Richard A. WHITTINGTON (QPOD)
1947 Frederick J. SHAW (QPOD)
1949 A. B. CLARKE (QPOD)

RANGE HOTEL , prev Travellers' Rest


Was situated on southern bank of Black Waterhole Creek in the gazetted town of Hazledean.  Built in 1864 by James Ready on the main road between Nebo and Mackay.  It was destroyed by fire on Friday, March 2, 1990.

(as Travellers' Rest)
1864-1872 James READY  (QGG), (QHPI p. 158)
1872-1881 George WOOD  (QHPI p. 158)
1881-1890 Charles PERRY  (QGG), (QHPI p. 158)
1889-1892 E.J. BAKER  (QGG), (QHPI p. 158)
1892 Charles WELDON  (QHPI p. 158)
1892-1893 Charles PERRY  (QGG), (QHPI p. 158)
1893-1895 John TRENAMAN/TRENEMAN (QGG), (QHPI p. 158)
1895-1896 Charles PERRY  (QHPI p. 158)
1896-1900 John Henry SINGLE  (QGG), (QHPI p. 158)
1900-1902 Martha SUTTON  (QGG), (QHPI p. 158)
1903 James WRIGHT (QGG)
1904 John McDONALD (QGG)
(as Range)
1905-1908 John MCDONALD (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1910 Patrick Joseph WARD (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1920 Alexander William MacLEAN (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1924 Florence Tiadora SYMONDS (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924-1925 Alexander John MacLEAN (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Peter William PETERSEN (QSA6)
1927 Florence J. BRUMPTON (QSA7)
1927 Andrew J. O'BRIEN (QSA7)
1927-1929 Alexander John McLEAN (QSA7)
1929-1931 Catherine Cecilia BIRCHLEY (QSA7), (QSA8)
1931-1934 Thomas Charles SYMONDS (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10)
1934-1935 Amelia GARDNER (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937 Henry BROOME (QPOD)
1938-1940 Amelia GARDNER  (QPOD)
1941-1942 Keith MARSHALL (QPOD), (QSA12)
1943 Mrs. F. T. SYMONDS (QPOD)
1944 Arthur A. GRAY (QPOD)
1945-1947 Donld J. McDONALD (QPOD)

READY'S HOTEL See Molloy's Hotel


REBETZKE'S HOTEL see Prince of Wales Hotel


Mount Spencer (Epsom).
Located on the western bank of Denison creek in the gazetted town of Epsom.
Owned by Norman Hiram Smith 1948-1955. (JB)

1866-1867 Charles HEINEMANN  (QHPI p.238) 
1867-1883 Richard HILL  (QGG), (QHPI p.238)
1883-1884 Thomas HILL  (QHPI p.238)
1884-1886 Edmund HILL  (QHPI p.238)
1886-1887 John McDONALD  (QHPI p.238)
1887-1897 Thomas SIMPSON  (QGG), (QHPI p.238)
1897-1905 James PERRY  (QGG), (QHPI p.238)
1906-1907 Samuel J. THORNING Junr. (QGG), (SLQA)
1908 Florence WALTERS (QGG)
1909-1910 Lillie THORN (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1913 Blanche Annie COPP (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1922 Peter William PETERSEN (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1924 Annie WRIGHT (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924-1925 Sarah Ann Elizabeth BROWNE (QSA5), (QSA6)
1927 Philip HAGARTY (QSA7)
1927-1933 Hannah Alice Maud PETERSEN (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1934 Peter William PETERSEN (QSA10)
1935 Hannah Alice Maud PETERSEN (QSA11)
1937-1939 Alexander John KELLY (QPOD)
1940 Ella SCOTT (QPOD)
1941-1945 G. H. WILSON (QPOD)
1946-1947 Alfred SINGLE (QPOD)
1954-1955 Joyce Elizabeth BEIKOFF (JB)

RICKETT'S HOTEL see Criterion Hotel(2)

RIGBY'S HOTEL see Cremorne Hotel

RIVER VIEW HOTEL see Leichhardt Hotel(3)

ROBERT BURNS HOTEL see  Palace Hotel (1)

ROMANO'S HOTEL see Glenella Hotel


Near Lagoons, West Mackay.

1873 - 1874 Thos SOLNAY/SOLWAY (QHPI)

ROYAL HOTEL (1) See Wills' Hotel


Located on Sydney Street eastern side between Victoria and River streets.
Mrs Cook's original Royal hotel was built on the corner of Sydney and Victoria Streets on the site of the present Kumara House. When she disposed of the Hotel to Korah Wills she opened another Royal Hotel in Sydney street a short distance away towards the Pioneer River end.

1871-1873 Jane COOK (QHPI)
1873  James COOK (QHPI)
1873-1880 Jane COOK (QHPI)
1880  Mrs C.B. FINLAY (married R.R. GRIMSTONE. (DM 29/7/2000)), (QHPI)
1880-1883 Robert Riches GRIMSTONE (QHPI)
1883-1886 James HODGES (QHPI)
1886-1888 William Thomas KEMP (QGG), (QHPI) 
1888 James HODGES (QHPI)
1888-1893  Edmund DIMMOCK (QGG), (QHPI)
1893-1894 Charles. H. OSBORNE (QGG), (QHPI)

ROYAL HOTEL (3) prev. Hotel Royal, Shaw's, Cattle Creek, Water's


Built in 1904 by Dave Waters.  The hotel was damged by severe flooding in Finch Hatton in 1958. It was eventually destroyed by fire on Thursday, October 25, 1962.

(as Cattle Creek)
1905-1906 Helen WATERS (QGG)
1907 Alexander BARCLAY (QGG)
1908 Francis John BURKE (QGG)
1909-1913 Margaret BURKE (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
(as Hotel Royal)
1913-1915 Margaret BURKE (QSA2)
1915-1916 Albert Henry LANGDALE (QSA2)
1916-1920 Margaret BURKE (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1922 Thomas LOUGHNANE (QSA4)
1922 Frank WELLER (QSA4)
1922-1923 Ruby Margaret BOYLE (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1925 Francis Patrick BOYLE (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Emma ? (QSA6)
1927-1932 Mary Ann PARKINSON (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1932 Thomas LOUGHNANE (QSA9)
1932-1945 Frederick John SHAW (QPOD), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1946 Mrs. Nellie C. AHERN (QPOD)
1947 Ronald J. CREAGHE (QPOD)
1949 F. G. McGRATH (QPOD)



1864 - 1865  J. O'REILLY (QHPI)


Stevenson Street, Mount Britton. (LF 21/2/2004)

1881 - 1884  Henry STEINMAN (LF 21/2/2004)

RYAN'S HOTEL, see Golden Gecko Hotel

RYAN'S TAVERN, see Golden Gecko Hotel


Located on Sandringham Creek on Broadsound Road.

1892-1901 Peter WENTZELL (QGG), (QHPI p.300)

SARINA HOTEL previously Hotel Sarina, National Hotel


The Sarina Hotel was destroyed by fire on Sunday 3 March 1940.

(as National Hotel)
1906-1908 Thomas McGUIRE (QGG)
1909-1911 Alexander WALTERS (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1913 Florence WALTERS (QGG),(QSA1)
1913-1914 George Eton BAGLEY (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1916 Alexander John McLEAN (QSA2)
1916-1920 Johanna Mary MATHIESON (QSA2), (QSA3)
1920-1921 David MOGFORD (QSA3), (QSA4)
1921-1922 Rasmus ANDERSEN (QSA4)
1922-1924 Lucinda McGRATH (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Andrew JORGENSEN (QSA6)
1925 Bernard Paul O'NEILL (QSA6)
1925 Frank WELLER (QSA6)
1925 James BOSE? (QSA6)
1927 Allan Havigist? BICKLE (QSA7)
1927-1928 John ELLIS (QSA7)
1928 Thomas Garrett WILLIAMS (QSA7)
(as Hotel Sarina) named changed on 7 November 1928
1928-1935 Thomas Garrett WILLIAMS (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1935 Francis Edward KENNEDY (QSA11)
1937-1939 Reginald Henry DOWSE (QPOD)
1940-1945 Elizabeth C. WOODLEY (QPOD)
1946 Mrs. Ivy L. CUNNINGHAM (QPOD)
1947-1949 John ENGLISH (QPOD)




Pacific Esplanade, Lamberts Beach.
Opened in Easter 1987.


Located near Kohuna Beach Resort.
Old bottles were found in a well on the site of Kohuna Resort during construction in 1987.

1887-1894 William George KEMP (QGG), (QHPI)
1894-1895 E.R. KEMP (QGG), (QHPI)
1895-1896 W.J. CLEMMENTS (QHPI)

SEPARATION HOTEL see Glenella Hotel


Victoria Street, Mackay.
1882 moved to Queens (2) Hotel.

1881 - 1882 Pat McCLUSKEY (QHPI)


Eastern side of Nebo Road, West Mackay on the site of the present "Shamrock Hotel".
The Shamrock was rebuilt in 1914. The present hotel building on site was built in 1956.

1882-1890  Thomas HOEY (QGG), (QHPI)
1890-1895 Ann/Annie HOEY (QGG), (QHPI)
1895-1896 G. Jas. COOK (QHPI)
1896-1899 Ann HOEY (QGG), (QHPI)
1899-1900 Michael WHELAN (QGG),  (QHPI), (QPOD)
1900-1901 Catherine Agnes HYNES  (QGG),  (QHPI), (SLQA)
1902-1903 Annie HOEY (QGG), (SLQA)
1904-1905 Martin LYNCH (QGG), (SLQA)
1906 James McERLANE (QGG)
1907-1909 John KEEFFE (QGG)
1910-1911 Otto Christian Jacob UNGERER (QGG), (QSA1)
1911 William Smith MILLER (QSA1)
1911-1912 Robert McDowall SNEYD (QGG), (QSA1)
1912-1913 Charles Howard BOLAND (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1913-1918 Thomas Lewis HOEY (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1919 George Ernest WHITE (QSA3)
1920 Elizabeth WHITE, Executrix of will of George Ernest WHITE (QSA3), (QSA4)
1920-1921 Elizabeth WHITE (QSA4)
1921 Francis Frederick Thomas ROGER (QSA4)
1921-1922 John L. DALTON (QSA4)
1922 Rasmus Marinus ANDERSON (QSA4)
1922-1925 Albert STACEY (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Violet Evelyn STACEY (QSA6)
1927-1934 Margaret L. SMITH (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10)
1934-1938 Daisy BOLAND (QPOD), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1939-1949 Hugh CRAWFORD (QPOD)

SHAW'S HOTEL See Royal Hotel (3)

SHIELL'S HOTEL See Criterion Hotel (2)


Located on Sydney Street, Mackay.
William Landells opened another hotel on the Mount Britton goldfields in the early 1880's.

1872-1875 William LANDELLS (QHPI)
1875 Francis QUINN (QHPI)
1875-1877 William LANDELLS (QHPI)
1877 William FOOKS (QHPI)
1877-1879 William LANDELLS (QHPI)


Sydney Street, Mackay.

1867 - 1867 Philip ILOTT (QHPI)
1867 - 1868 Dan CRAINE (QHPI)

SPRING'S HOTEL see Post Office Hotel (1)

STANDARD HOTEL see Wills' Hotel


Pugsley Street, Walkerston
Built 1881. This hotel was never licensed and operated as a grog shanty.


Duffers Point, Mount Britton. (LF 21/2/2004)

1883-1884 George R. ABSOLON (LF 21/2/2004)
1884 John W. COCKING (LF 21/2/2004)
1885 Henry FINCH-HATTON (LF 21/2/2004)
1886-1890 James O'TOOLE (LF 21/2/2004)

STACEY'S HOTEL   see Austral Hotel


Located in River (North) Street, Mackay. Site presently occupied by the A.B.C. Tropical North Radio studios.

The hotel was a popular rendezvous for the punt men who manned the punts which brought the sugar down the Pioneer River to the Mackay Wharf from beyond the Mackay Hospital. Its was said that one day the licensee said that he was going across to the wharf to see how his "working bullocks" were getting on. The punt men were told of his remarks, were highly offended and took their very good custom elsewhere. (DM 29/7/2000)

1873-1874 Michael READY (QHPI)
1874-1877 James PARKER (QHPI)
1877-1879 Michael READY (QHPI)
1879-1880 R.H. TALBOT (QHPI)
1880-1881 Grose Henry CHIDGEY (QHPI)
1881-1882 Michael READY (QHPI)


Suttor Creek.

1867 W.H. Smith (QHPI p.311)
1867-1868 William COLLINSON (QHPI p.311)


Newbury Junction.
Built at the junction of the railway .

1884-1886 John SWAN  (QHPI p.246)
1886-1891 Mary SWAN (QGG), (QHPI p.246)
1891-1896 James J. KELLY  (QGG), (QHPI p.246)
1896-1898 William HAMPTON  (QGG), (QHPI p.246)
1898-1901 Peter WINTON  (QGG), (QHPI p.246)
1903 Mary Ann GIBBARD (QGG)
1904-1905 Francis John BURKE (QGG)
1906 Sampson H. PERRY (QGG)

TANDARA HOTEL   formerley Commercial Hotel (6)


The Original Commercial Hotel was Destroyed by fire on Sunday, October 26, 1924. (HRSS p.13)

as Commercial
1908 W.H. NOLAN (SLQA)
1910 Charlotte Elsie SIDDLE (QSA1)
1910-1913 William Henry NOLAN (QSA1), (QSA2)
1913-1914 Wallis Bowdick SWAYNE (QSA2)
1914-1915 Michael Joseph HUGHES (QSA2)
1915-1917 John Kerr CAMERON (QSA2), (QSA3)
1918-1922 Mary CAMERON (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1925 Roy O'NEILL (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925-1927 Edith Frances BOLTON (QSA6), (QSA7)
1927 Alice Ann RETCHLESS (QSA7)
1927-1933 Timothy HARRIS (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9)
1934-1940 Rosa Ethel COLEMAN (QPOD), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1941 A. G. QUINN (QPOD)
1942-1946 H. BROOME (QPOD)
1947 Francis G. McGRATH (QPOD)

TATTERSALL'S HOTEL See Ambassador Hotel

TAYLORS HOTEL, formerly Queensland, Empress of India, Loges

North-western corner of Wood and Alfred Streets, Mackay.
Original Hotel was built in 1883 by Charles Porter.
Demolished in 1936 for new Taylor's Hotel.

(as Empress of India)
1884  Charles PORTER  (QHPI)
1884  William LOGUE  (QHPI)
1884-1887 Thomas WHITE  (QHPI)
( as Queensland)
1885-1892 William. R. MOFFATT (QGG), (QHPI)
1892   R.H. MOFFATT (QHPI)
1892-1895 G. Jas. COOK (QGG), (QHPI)
1895-1900 John TRENAMAN (QGG), (QHPI)
1900-1905  Henry PALMER (QGG),  (QHPI), (SLQA)
1906  Sarah Ann SOLWAY (QGG)
1907-1910 Amelia Susan KINGWELL (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1915 John TAYLOR (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1915-1936 Mary TAYLOR (QPOD), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
(as Taylors)
1938-1939 Allan J. QUINN (QPOD)
1940-1941 Reginald. H. Whittley DOWSE (QPOD)
1942-1946 Eric R. SMITH (MBIR p.97), (QPOD)
1947 Albert L. LONGFORD (QPOD)
1949 E. R. SMITH (QPOD)

TERMINUS HOTEL see Pinnacle Hotel

THE BEACH HOTEL  see Pacific Hotel

THE LEAP HOTEL also known as Leap Hotel

Bruce Highway, Yakapari.

1881-1887 Francis George FOOKS  (QGG), (QHPI p.318) 
1887-1890 Robert KIPPEN  (QGG), (QHPI p.318) 
1890-1891 George FRANCIS  (QGG), (QHPI p.318) 
1891-1903 Charles HUNTER  (QGG), (QHPI p.318) 
1904-1908 Amelia B. HUNTER (QGG), (SLQA)
1909-1934 Arthur Edwin HUNTER (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10)
1934 Mary HUNTER Executrix of will of Arthur HUNTER(QSA10)
1935-1942 Mary HUNTER (QPOD), (QSA11)
1943-1949 Miss E. M. KENNY (QPOD)
? - 1986 Carlton & United Breweries
1986 - 1989 Harry "Happy" & Jan SCOTT


Broadsound Road, via Sarina

1883 David MURRAY  (QHPI p. 300)

THORNING'S HOTEL See Post Office Hotel (1)


Sydney Street, Mackay.

1875  John Joseph RILEY (QHPI)
1875 - 1876 Pat KENNEDY (QHPI)
1876 - 1879 Thomas HOEY (QHPI)

TRAVELLERS' REST HOTEL (1) See Carriers' Rest Hotel



Located near where Nebo Road passed Lagoons, West Mackay.

1864   Richard Thomas JEFFERS (QHPI)
1864-1865 Eliza JEFFERS (QHPI)

UNION HOTEL formerly Caledonian (1), Criterion (1)

Wood Street, Mackay. This Hotel appears to have been located between the present day McGuire's Hotel and the Pioneer Shire Council offices. The building was apparently blown down during Cyclone Eline in 1898.  Reminisces of an old resident in 1932 stated that the licensee by the name of MCDonald was killed in the hotel through the exploding of fumes in a nearly empty brandy cask which he was investigating with a measuring stick with the aid of a lighted candle.(DM 26/11/1932).

(as Criterion)
1867-1868 George VOYSEY  (QHPI)
1868-1869 John O'DONNELL  (QGG), (QHPI)
(as Caledonian)
1869-1872 Arch. McDONALD (QGG)
1872 Charles LALOR
(as Union)
1873-1875 James Joseph LALOR (QHPI)
1875-1878 John PORTER (QHPI)
1878-1882 William LOBIE (QHPI)


Sydney Street, Mackay.

1865 - 1866 Philip ILOTT (QHPI)

VICTORIA HOTEL (2) see Whitsunday Hotel

VULCAN HOTEL  see Whitsunday Hotel

WATERS' HOTEL see Royal Hotel(3)

WHARFIES HOTEL see Biddle's Hotel

WHITE'S HOTEL see Post Office Hotel(1)


Near the Leap Hotel , Bruce Highway, Yakapari

1887 - 1888 John GOLDSTONE  (QGG), (QHPI p.318)   
1888 - 1894 Thomas HIBBARD  (QHPI p.318) 

WHITSUNDAY HOTEL, formerly Victoria Hotel (2), Vulcan Hotel

Located on the north-western corner of Victoria and Macalister Streets. 
Site presently occupied by modern Whitsunday Hotel.
The original Vulcan Hotel was advertised by James Robb s being on this site and the hotel's name appeared to be changed to the "Victoria" by Robert Neill.
The original Victoria Hotel was destroyed by fire on Friday 3 September 1897.  It was rebuilt and badly damaged in the 1918 Cyclone.
The present Whitsunday Hotel was built on the site of the old Victoria Hotel in 1966. It opened for business on May 6, 1966.

(As Vulcan)
1873-1874 James ROBB (QHPI)
(As Victoria)
1874  Robert NEILL (QHPI) 
1874-1875 James Walker CRAN (QHPI)
1875  John DICKIE (QHPI)
1875-1876 Richard NEILL (QHPI)
1876-1877 John ROLLESTON (QHPI)
1877  Richard NEILL (QHPI)
1877-1880 John Stuart CAMERON (QHPI)
1880 William S.C. ADRIAN (QHPI)
1880-1882 William George KEMP (QHPI)
1882-1883 Harry Wolfgang JACOBS (QHPI)
1883  James HOGAN (QHPI)
1883-1884 Mr MacALISTER (QHPI)
1884 James HOGAN (QHPI)
1884-1887 George HEATH (QGG), (QHPI)
1886-1889 Thomas HOUSTON (QGG),  (QHPI)
1889-1897 Pat HEALY (QGG), (QHPI)
1897-1898 M. HEALY (QGG), (QHPI)
1898-1899 James McERLANE (QGG), (QHPI)
1899-1904 Margaret McERLANE (QGG),  (QHPI), (QPOD)
1905-1907 John MEZGER (QGG), (SLQA)
1908 Agnes O'TOOLE (QGG), (SLQA)
1909 W. VELONG (QGG)
1909-1922 Douglas Heron HARRISON (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1923 Frederick HAYWARD (QSA4), (QSA5)
1923-1925 Alfred Herbert LILLEY (QSA5), (QSA6)
1927-1944 Catherine SIES (QPOD), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1945-1949 Mrs. Violet M. BARRY (QPOD)

WILKINSON'S HOTEL, formerly Pioneer Hotel (2)

North-eastern corner of Victoria and Gregory Streets, Mackay.
Current Wilkinson's Hotel built in 1930's.

(as Pioneer)
1884-1887 Thomas HOLDEN (QGG), (QHPI)
1887-1900 Michael B. O'NEILL (QGG),  (QHPI), (QPOD)
1900-1902 Charles P. READY (QGG),  (QHPI), (SLQA)
1903-1904 Charles FROGGART (QGG), (SLQA)
1905-1906 Jane THORNING  (QGG)
1907-1908 James HUNTER (QGG), (SLQA)
1910-1911 Philip HAGARTY (QGG), (QSA1)
1911-1912 Peter STUART (QGG), (QSA1)
1912 John William FRANKLIN (QSA1)
1912 Laurence HANNAN (QSA1)
1912-1913 James Henry MANUEL (QGG), (QSA1)
1913-1915 Frank MANUEL (QSA1), (QSA2)
1915-1922 Mary MEZGAR (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1923 Mary Kathleen QUILLINAN (QSA4)
1923-1924 Mary MEZGAR (QSA4), (QSA5)
1924-1925 Francis (Frank) MANUEL (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 Timothy HARRIS (QSA6)
1927 Francis (Frank) MANUEL (QSA7)
1927-1941 Leslie Lawrence WILKINSON (QPOD), (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
(as Wilkinson's) name changed c. 1941
1942-1945 Leslie Lawrence WILKINSON (QPOD)
1946 George T. WILKINSON (QPOD)
1947-1949 Mrs. Lilliam WILKINSON (QPOD)


Broadsound Road at Alligator Creek.
This hotel was located on the south-west rise from the southern approach towards Alligator Creek (SSIR p.16/17). The Renewal application was withdrawn on 6 November 1918 and ceased to be licensed from that date.

1902 William R. WILLIS (QGG)
1903 Thomas McGUIRE (QGG)
1904-1906 Thomas WEEKS (QGG)
1907-1916 Johanna Mary MATHIESON (QSA1), (QSA2), (SLQA)
1916-1918 Dorothy Margaret MATHIESON (QSA2), (QSA3)

WILLS' HOTEL formerly Royal, Standard, Mrs Cooks Royal, Mackay(1)

Was located on the North-eastern corner of Victoria Street and Sydney Street, presently site of Kumara House.

Andrew Henderson was the first owner of the property and established a general store on the site. He also established the first hotel on the site, the "Mackay Hotel". Thomas Read was the next licensee on site of the first "Royal Hotel" which was then transferred to Jane Cook.  In 1870, Korah Wills arrived in Mackay and the name changed to "Wills' Hotel".  Mrs Cook built another Royal Hotel in Sydney Street a few doors up towards the Pioneer River. The original hotel building was destroyed by fire on February 21, 1889. A new brick building reopened on November 1, 1889. The hotel was described in 1907 as being the only brick hotel in Mackay.
The Hotel ceased trading on Saturday, February 1, 1964 as the property was to be sold for commercial development. (DM 26/2/2000)

(as Mackay)
1864-1865 Andrew HENDERSON (QHPI)
(as Royal )
1864-1865  Thomas READ (QHPI)
1865-1869 Jane COOK (QGG), (QHPI)
1869-1870 Jas. COOK (QHPI)
1870 Korah Halcombe WILLS (QHPI)
(as Wills' name changed in 1870 (QHPI)
1870-1874 Korah Halcombe WILLS (QHPI)
1874-1879  Charles Robert DUTAILLIS (QHPI)
1879-1880 George Page MARSH (QHPI)
1880-1882 Korah Halcombe WILLS (QHPI)
1882-1884 Herbert GARDNER (QHPI)
1884-1885 George JENKINS (QHPI)
1885-1888 H.W. JOHNSON (QGG), (QHPI)
1887-1888 Edmund DIMMOCK (QGG), (QHPI)
1888-1889 Edward. MOCKRIDGE (QGG), (QHPI)
1894-1896 Edmund DIMMOCK (QGG), (QHPI)
1896-1900 N.C. MORTHENSEN (QGG),  (QHPI), (QPOD)
1899-1904 A.R. WHITE (QGG),  (QHPI), (SLQA)
1905 Edward HANNAN (QGG)
1906-1908 Charles FROGGATT (QGG), (SLQA)
1909 Thomas McGUIRE (QGG)
1910 Hans Christian PETERSEN (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1914 George Herbert Henry ALEXANDER (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1916 John Thomas MILLARD (QSA2)
1916-1922 George Bergen FAY (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1924 John Joseph NOONAN (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Thomas MALPASS (QSA6)
1925-1927 James Alexander LOVE (QSA6), (QSA7)
1927-1935 Hugh John HAMILTON (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1935 S.B. Wright and Wright executors of will of Hugh John HAMILTON deceased (QSA11)
1936-1944 Bridget HAMILTON (QPOD)
1944-1946 Mabel SMITH (JB), (QPOD)
1949 G. J. PLUMB (QPOD)

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