Before the Yanks Arrived Mackay before The Americans entered the War in December 1941
Mackay R&R Facilities Mackay was the destination of many United Stated Army Air Force men for rest and relaxation. It was also a stopping point for trains transporting troops from Brisbane north.
One Mans Memories Jack Heyn, a USAAF Photographer recalls his journey to Mackay in November 1942 to obtain Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Australia Worst Aviation Accident Links to the history and outcome of Australia's worst aviation accident where 40 men were killed when a US B17C Transport crashed at Bakers Creek in June 1943
The President's Wife pays a visit Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt, as a representative of the Red Cross visited Mackay in September 1943.
Rationing Examples of Ration cards and the effect of rationing on the Civilians of Wartime Mackay.
Crash of Royal Navy Corsair Details of a little known accident of a Royal Navy Corsair crashing near Flat Top Island in 1945.
VE Day How Mackay reacted when news of the War in Europe had ended.
VP Day Mackay's celebrations with the ending of World War 2.
Relics of the Past Relics and artefacts of Mackay in 1939-1945.

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