Charles Patrick Ready
1903, 1913

Born:       10 May 1860 ("Gordanbrook", New South Wales)
Died:          22 April 1936 (Brisbane, Queensland) aged 75 years
Buried:      (Nudgee Catholic Cemetery, Brisbane, Queensland)
Parents:   James READY and Mary HAYES 
Marriage: 14 February 1885 (Queensland) to Mary Frances BREEN 
Religion:   Roman Catholic


James and Mary Ready's eldest child, Charles, was born on "Gordanbrook" station, on the Clarence River in N.S.W. on 10th May 1860.

He accompanied his parents on the long trip overland by bullock wagon to Mackay arriving in early 1862., before Mackay had been named.

In 1884 he married Mary Frances BREEN.

Charles played a prominent part in the public life of the community.

During 1883 to 1905 he was a partner in a butchery with his uncle, Michael Ready.  Charles then owned a cordial factory, then a bicycle shop, and then became a publican in the Pioneer and Cosmopolitan Hotels.

Charles was an alderman on the Mackay Town Council from 1899 to 1902, 1904, 1907, 1909, 1912, and 1914, and was Mayor of Mackay in 1903 and 1913.  He was a member of the Mackay Harbour Board in 1903 to 1904 and again in 1906 to 1911.  In 1907 he was the Chairman of the Mackay Q.A.T.B.  He was also a member of the Hospitals Board for a number of years. He became chairman of directors of Meadowlands Co. of Mackay on 24th September 1908.

During this time in Mackay he lied at Nebo Road and George Streets in Mackay prior to moving to Brisbane before the outbreak of the Great War in 1914.  In Brisbane, he lied in Brunswick Street and later in Sydney Street, New Farm.

Dr. James Hynes, an recall visiting his Great Uncle s a schoolboy with his father "Mossy" Hynes.  He said Charles then owned five cottages in New Farm that he rented out.  James described Charles at that time as a benign old gentleman, balding and with cataracts, who enjoyed his game of bowls.  He said he died with a joke on his lips.  Later in life, Father Jacky Rosenjar (a relative of Mrs. Charles Ready) passed on to James a pair of gold cufflinks belonging to his Great Uncle Charles.

Charles Ready died on 22 April 1936, aged 76 (sic) years. He was buried in Nudgee Cemetery. His wife Mary, died three years later on 1st February 1939.  They had no family.


McDonald, Carmel. (1994). Shamrocks among the Gumtrees, Mackay, QLD: Carmel McDonald. p. 72-74.

The Grave of Charles Patrick Ready in Nudgee Catholic Cemetery, Brisbane.
(Glen Hall Collection, taken December 2007.)
View of the Headstone.
(Glen Hall Collection, taken December 2007.)

Death of Mr. C.P. Ready


BRISBANE, April 22 --- The death occurred at his residence in Brisbane yesterday, of Mr. Charles Patrick Ready, after a short illness.

The deceased who was 76 years of age, was born on the Richmond River, and went with his parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. James Ready, overland by bullock-dray to Mackay.  When aged 2 he arrived there in 1862, to be the first white child in the district.

The deceased who is survived by Mrs. Ready, took a prominent part in the public life of Mackay and twice was Mayor.  The funeral will take place to Nudgee cemetery to-day.


An Important part was played by the Ready family in the early history of Mackay.  The late Mr. Charles Ready's father was undoubtedly one of the earliest, if not the first settler in the district; hi mother was the first white woman in the district and his eldest sister, the late Mrs. P.M. Hynes, had the distinction of being the first white girl born in the district, being ushered into the world in a bullock wagon in the solitude of Connor's Range.

The late Mr. Ready was a popular resident of Mackay.  His marriage took place in 1885.  He followed a number of callings, conducting in turn a cordial factory, a bicycle shop, and a butchery before commencing as a publican.

In 1903 he joined the Mackay  Harbor (sic) Board - which then had not long been in existence - as a town representative, only to resign during his first term in order to take up the position of weighbridge-clerk at the Mt. Bassett quarry during the construction of the Pioneer River northern wall.

In 1906 he re-entered the Harbor (sic) Board and continued a member until 1911, when he retired.  It was during this period that the Flat Top viaduct scheme was mooted.

The late Mr. Ready showed keen interest in municipal affairs, and was also a member of the Hospitals Board for a number of years.  Having held the position of Mayor for a year, he retired from the position in 1903.  He was re-elected to Council in 1907 as an alderman and continued in that capacity until 1910, when he was defeated.  In 1912 he once more was elected an alderman and in the following year he spent his second term as Mayor.  Shortly before the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, he went to Brisbane, where he since resided with Mrs. Ready.  There is no family.


The Mackay Daily Mercury, Thursday April 23 1936, page 8.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel located in Sydney Street.

Ready's Cosmopolitan Hotel, Sydney Street. Charles Ready was publican at this hotel from 1895-1899.
(Source:McDonald, Carmel. (1994). Shamrocks among the Gumtrees, Mackay, QLD: Carmel McDonald. p. 72-74.)

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