Reginald Spratt - Eton  1911-1917
Walkerston  1913-1921

Walter Spratt - Walkerston 1918-1926
Mackay  1927-1938

Reg Spratt started an Aerated water and Cordial factory located in Eton however this did not last long apparently due to a lack of water due to drought during this period. He was also operating a factory in Walkerston by at least 1915. The factory in Walkerston was located on the corner of Creek and Anne Streets. The land is presently used as a car park for the St John's Catholic Church which is situated over the road. Walter Spratt was his brother and appears to have taken over the business and late operated in Mackay at an unknown address.


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Reg Spratt driving a float in a procession along River Street. Possibly 1918 to celebrate the Armistice.
(Source: Sue Short Collection)

     Advertisement from the Mackay Panoramas and War Views. C. 1915

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