Information Sources


Code Reference Details
AWM Australian War Memorial Resources
DM The Daily Mercury Newspaper; published by Mackay Printing and Publishing Co.
ELF Email recieved From Mr. Lyall Ford
FOF Faith of our Fathers, A journey of three Fatnownas 1866-1999, by Teresa Fatnowna, published 2002.
HCS Heritage Context Study for the Mackay City Council Town Planning Review; by Berenice Wright, Anne Jacobs and Roger Dalton; July 1996
MHS The Mackay Harbour Story, by H.A. Moore, 1978, Mackay Harbour Board, Mackay. 
PN Pioneer News Newspaper, Mackay.
QPH Queensland Political Portraits 1859-1952, edited by D.J. Murphy and R.B. Joyce, 1978, University of Queensland Press, Brisbane. 
QPP Three Decades of Queensland Political History 1929-1960, edited by Clem Lack, 1961?, Government Printer, Brisbane. 
REF Reflections - 125 years of Education , Mackay Central State School; by Mackay Central State School 125 years Celebration Committee; published 1996
SN Scrubby News, Volume 1, Number 3, December 1991, published by Walkerston Neighbourhood Centre Group
TWI The Whitsunday Islands - An Historical Dictionary; by Ray Blackwood; published 1997

Street Name


Named after

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Abel Tasman Court Rural View Australian Explorers  
Aberdeen Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Absolon Street South Mackay Subdivider (HCS pp.141)
Eric & Joyce Absolon had 5 acres in Archibald Street and not long after they bought this land the Housing Commission started to build on land nearby.  Eric said that they decided to give the council one acre of land so that a street could be put in to open up the area which would also be an advantage to them.  At this time there was an article in the Daily Mercury saying that the council was having some difficulty finding street names so Eric wrote to the council suggesting Absolon Street for the street being put in on the acre of land that he had given.  He told them he would like it named after his grandfather, John Absolon (1840-1904), who was one of the early pioneers of Mackay and district.  Absolon Street was accepted. (Source: Email D. Jeppesen 19 Aug. 2009)
Absy Court Glenella    
Acacia Court Andergrove Australian Flora  
Acacia Street Seaforth Australian Flora  
Adair Court Eimeo    
Adams Court South Mackay    
Adele Court Andergrove    
Admiral Drive Dolphin Heads    
Admirality Way Shoal Point    
Adrian Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty Named after Robert Andrew Adrian who served in the 2nd A.I.F. and was attached to the 31/51 Battalion when he was killed in Action on 31 January 1945 in the Solomon Islands. He is buried in the Port Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery in New Guinea. (AWM 147),(HCS pp.141)
Aileen Court Andergrove    
Aitken Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.141)
Alan Naish Court Eimeo    
Albatross Street Slade Point    
Albert Street Andergrove    
Albert Street Mackay   Name changed to Gordon Street in 1930's to avoid confusion with Alfred Street.
Aldo Court Glenella    
Alec Dick Court Seaforth    
Alexander Street Eimeo    
Alexandra Street Meadowlands Royal Family Queen Alexandra?; previously Alexander Street; Alexandra was the name proposed for Mackay in Fitzgerald's 1863 survey
(HCS pp.141)
Alexandra Street Ooralea Royal Family see above
Alexandria Road Alexandra    
Alexandria Road Walkerston   Allegedly named after the Alexandria housing estate developed in the early 1970's on the former site of the Alexandra sugar mill.  Was previously known as the "Palmyra" Road. 
Alfred Street Mackay Royal Family Son of Queen Victoria 
(HCS pp.141)
Alison Court Slade Point    
Allan Court Ooralea Subdivider's Family Plath Family & names
(HCS pp.153)
Allandale Street South Mackay    
Alma Court North Mackay    
Amanda Drive Andergrove    
Amelia Drive North Mackay    
Amhurst Street Slade Point Local Pioneer Named after Francis Tyssen Amhurst who developed the Foulden Sugar Mill in 1871. He was in Queensland Parliament from 1875 to his death in 1881.  The suburb of Slade Point was previously known as "Amhurst" 
Amiet Street South Mackay Local Identity? Possibly named after William Amiet a local solicitor. 
Amstead Street Eimeo Local Pioneer? Possibly named after James Amstead who was licensee of the Eimeo Hotel from 1925 to 1927.
Andergrove Road Andergrove    
Andrew Court Andergrove    
Andrew Milne Drive Mount Pleasant Local Identity  
Anglers Parade Blacks Beach    
Anita Drive Andergrove    
Anne Street Walkerston    
Annie Wood Avenue Mount Pleasant   Named in honour of former Mayor Ian Wood's mother. Was originally part of "Bona Vista" estate which was owned by the Croker family and afterwards by Ian Wood.
Annmore Court Andergrove    
Anthony Vella Street Rural View    
Anvil Street Slade Point    
Apollo Drive Andergrove    
Apsley Way Andergrove    
Aquatic Place Blacks Beach    
Arana Drive Eimeo    
Archibald Street Paget    
Archibold Street Seaforth    
Arcturus Street North Mackay    
Argyle Court Beaconsfield    
Armitage Drive Eimeo    
Armstrong Street Farleigh    
Arthur Street Mount Pleasant    
Ash Street Slade Point    
Atkinson Street East Mackay    
Avalon Drive Eimeo    
Avocado Court Beaconsfield    
Azalea Court Beaconsfield    
Badila Court Mount Pleasant Sugar Cane Variety  
Bagley Street West Mackay Early Pioneer?
WW1 Casualty?
William Bagley publican of Great Northern Hotel, Eton, 1865; H.G. Bagley KIA WW1; C.F. & J.J. Bagley (HCS pp.141)
Bakker Crescent Eimeo    
Bald Hill Road Glenella    
Baler Street Shoal Point    
Balmoral Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Banksia Avenue Andergrove Australian Flora  
Bankswood Street Beaconsfield    
Bannister Street South Mackay    
Barbat Court Andergrove    
Barber Drive Eimeo    
Barcoo Road Habana    
Barlow Street Walkerston    
Barnes Creek Road Cremorne Local Pioneer  John Greenwood Barnes was the first settler in the North Mackay area at Cremorne.
Barnes Road Richmond    
Barnfield Drive Andergrove    
Barramundi Court Andergrove Fish  
Barton Street West Mackay Local Identity Sir Charles Barton - Mackay Engineer and Commissioner of Main Roads (HCS pp.141)
Bartrop Street Beaconsfield    
Bassett Street North Mackay    
Bath Avenue Ooralea    
Baur Street North Mackay    
Baxter Drive Mount Pleasant    
Baxter Street Mackay WW1 Casualty Jack Baxter, died wounds WWI, 1918 (HCS pp.141)
Beach Road Dolphin Heads    
Beach Road Mackay   Original name for Evan Street.
Beaconsfield Road Beaconsfield    
Beaton Street West Mackay    
Beckett Court Ooralea    
Bedford Road Andergrove  Local Family was originally known as Slade Point Road until the now Slade Point Road was constructed.  Named Bedford Road after various members of the Bedford family who owned land along its route. (Email P & K Morrow, 30/10/2010) 
Begonia Court Beaconsfield    
Belbin Street Blacks Beach    
Ben Nevis Street Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Benaud Street Glenella Australian Cricketer Richie Benaud
Benbow Court Mount Pleasant    
Benham Street Andergrove    
Benson Avenue Mount Pleasant    
Bernborough Avenue Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.141)
Berry Street North Mackay    
Beschen Court Blacks Beach    
Beth Street Blacks Beach    
Beverley Street South Mackay Island Group (HCS pp.141)
Bezzina Court Bucasia    
Binnington Esplanade

East Mackay Former Mayor John (Jack) Binnington, Mayor 1952 to 1967(HCS pp.141)
Birditt Court Glenella    
Black Street

South Mackay Former Mayor Henry Bowyer Black, Mayor 1891, 1895, 1897; also H.L. Black, Mayor 1888(HCS pp.142)
Blackall Court Mount Pleasant    
Blacks Beach Road Blacks Beach    
Blacksmith Street Slade Point    
Blackwood Street Slade Point    
Bligh Court Mount Pleasant    
Blue Gum Drive Glenella    
Boddington Street


Mackay WW1 Casualty 1917 After two sons of F.W. Boddington, KIA WW1' one was an architect (Frederick Eckersley Boddington) (HCS pp.142)
Boden Street Bucasia    
Bold Street Walkerston    
Bona Vista Drive Mount Pleasant   named after "Bona Vista" estate owned by the Croker Family and later by Ian Wood. 
Border Street Glenella Australian Cricketer Allan Border
Borg Court Beaconsfield    
Botha Street Blacks Beach    
Bothwick Street East Mackay    
Boulton Street South Mackay    
Boundary Road Paget   Original City Boundary
(HCS pp.142)
Bourke Street Blacks Beach    
Bovey Road Nindaroo    
Bovey Street North Mackay    
Bowen Court Mount Pleasant    
Bower Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Bowerman Street Blacks Beach    
Bowman Street West Mackay    
Bracken Street Slade Point    
Bradford Street North Mackay    
Bradman Drive Glenella Australian Cricketer Sir Donald Bradman 
( 1908-2001)
Brake Street North Mackay    
Brampton Avenue Bucasia    
Brand Court Beaconsfield    
Brandon Street South Mackay    
Branscombe Road Walkerston Sugar Mill Named after Branscombe Mill and Plantation
Bream Court Andergrove Fish  
Breckell Court Slade Point    
Brickworks Court Glenella    
Bridge Road West Mackay   To Pioneer River Bridge (HCS pp.142)
Bridge Street Walkerston    
Brimelow Street Bucasia    
Brisbane Street Mackay Queensland Governor Named by Thomas Henry Fitzgerald in his original survey of Mackay township in 1863. Governor Brisbane (HCS pp.142)
Broadsound Road Paget   To Broadsound 
(HCS pp.142)
Brolga Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Bronte Street West Mackay Author Bronte sisters
(HCS pp.142)
Brooks Street West Mackay    
Broomdykes Drive Andergrove    
Bruce Highway      
Bucas Drive


Bucasia Local Pioneer Father Pierre Marie Bucas owned most of the land in Bucasia and Shoal Point in the late 1800's and started an ill fated orphanage in the area in the 1880's.
Bundesen Street North Mackay    
Burge Street Glenella Australian Cricketer Peter Burge
Burgess Street North Mackay    
Burns Street Mackay Poet Named by Thomas Henry Fitzgerald in his first survey of the Mackay township in 1863.
Robbie Burns
(HCS pp.142)
Burston Street North Mackay WW2 Casualty Named after Hec Burston who served with the A.I.F. and was killed in the 2nd World War. (DM 26 May 1993. p. 7.)
Burton Court Eimeo    
Burwood Close Andergrove    
Busuttin Drive Eimeo    
Butler Street Bucasia    
Byron Street Mackay Poet Named by Thomas Henry Fitzgerald in his first survey of the Mackay township in 1863.  
Lord Byron
(HCS pp.142)
Cabbage Tree Road Andergrove    
Cahill Crescent Eimeo    
Caledonian Drive Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Callan Court Eimeo    
Calliandra Court Andergrove    
Calrossie Road Te Kowai    
Cambridge Avenue Andergrove    
Cameron Street East Mackay Mayor G.M. Cameron, Mayor, 1920(HCS pp.142)
Cameron Street North Mackay    
Camerons Road Walkerston Original Landowner Named after the Cameron Family. Allan Cameron had his slaughter yard and piggery in this area supplying his butcher shop. (SN)
Camilleri Road Eimeo    
Campbell Street Beaconsfield    
Campbell Street Slade Point    
Campbell Street South Mackay    
Canberra Street North Mackay    
Cannan Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.142)
Canter Lane Bucasia    
Carbeen Street Andergrove    
Carbine Street Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.142)
Caribaea Court Andergrove    
Carl Murray Street Beaconsfield    
Carlyle Street Mackay Poet, English (HCS pp.142)
Carne Court Eimeo Brisbane Bronco Rugby League Players Willie Carne
Caroval Drive Rural View    
Carr Street North Mackay    
Carroll Street Blacks Beach    
Casey Avenue South Mackay   Jack Casey (Ex Mackay City Council Alderman)(HCS pp.142)
Cassia Place Glenella    
Cassia Street Beaconsfield    
Casuarina Street Slade Point Australian Flora  
Cathy Court Slade Point    
Cavanagh Drive Blacks Beach    
Cedar Court Eimeo    
Celeber Drive Beaconsfield    
Cemetery Road West Mackay   To Cemetery(HCS pp.142)
Central Drive Andergrove    
Chain Street Mackay Reef (HCS pp.142)
Challenger Street Beaconsfield    
Chapman Court Eimeo    
Chappell Court Glenella Australian Cricketer  
Charles Court Andergrove    
Charles Hodge Avenue Mount Pleasant    
Charlmay Court Meadowlands    
Chataway Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty Two Chataway boys lost in WWII, sons of James Cosmo Mant Chataway .(HCS pp.142)
Chauvel Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.143)
Chelsea Crescent Glenella    
Cheribon Avenue Mount Pleasant    
Chidlow Street Farleigh    
Chris Court Walkerston    
Christensen Street Bucasia    
Christie Street

East Mackay Mayor J. Christie, Mayor 1910-1911.(HCS pp.143)
Christine Drive Nindaroo    
Christines Way Eimeo    
Christo Court Bakers Creek    
Christoe Street Farleigh    
Christopher Court Eimeo    
Churchill Street Ooralea British Prime Minister Winston Churchill(HCS pp.143)
Cinnamon Drive Glenella    
City View Court Mount Pleasant    
Clark Street South Mackay    
Clarke Court Seaforth    
Clear Vista Crescent Mount Pleasant    
Clements Street South Mackay   Early Street, named for Clements-landowner and cemetery Sexton.(HCS pp.143)
Clifton Court Slade Point    
Clipper Court Bucasia    
Coakley Court Erakala    
Coatbridge Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Cocos Court North Mackay    
Colby Court Beaconsfield    
Coles Road Andergrove    
Comino Court South Mackay WW2 Casualty named after Jack Comino who died whilst a POW of the Japanese at Singapore in 1943. (DM 25/11/1992)
Commercial Avenue Paget   Industrial Estate
Cone Street Shoal Point Shell  
Connors Road Paget    
Conrock Avenue Andergrove    
Contor Drive Bakers Creek    
Cook Street Bucasia    
Cooks Lane Bakers Creek    
Cooney Street Andergrove    
Coral Court North Mackay    
Coral Drive Blacks Beach    
Coral Ridge Drive Eimeo    
Corney Street North Mackay    
Cornwall Street North Mackay    
Corporate Avenue Paget    
Corporate Drive Paget    
Cosford Court Eimeo    
Cowley Court Mount Pleasant    
Cowleys Road Te Kowai    
Cowrie Street Blacks Beach    
Coyne Street South Mackay WW1 Casualty named after David Emmett Coyne. WWI Albert Medal Winner.
Craig Street North Mackay    
Crane Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Creal Street East Mackay Reef Named after Creal Reef on the eastern side of Hydrographers Passage was named in the late 1920's by Captain J.A. Edgell RN in HMAS Moresby. It is after Flying Officer Denis A.J. Creal who was one of the pilots with RAAF Flight 101 based at Bowen from 1926 to 1928 assisting Moresby with her surveys. (TWI pp55)&(HCS pp.143)
Credlin Street South Mackay Reef Named after Credlin Reef on the barrier east of of Shaw Island. It was named by Lieutenant Commander H.T. Bennett, RAN, in HMAS Geranium which surveyed the area in 1925-1926. The name is after Lieutenant Alfred L. Credlin on board Geranium.(TWI pp55) &(HCS pp.143)
Creek Street North Mackay    
Creek Street Walkerston    
Creese Street Beaconsfield    
Cremorne Street Cremorne    
Crispin Drive Mount Pleasant    
Crowley Drive West Mackay Subdivider's Family (HCS pp.143)
Crowleys Road Meadowlands    
Cruckhorn Drive   Subdivider's Family Subdivider, Jim Cruckhorn(HCS pp.153)
Culhene Court Beaconsfield    
Cullen Street West Mackay   Marine Surveyor
Culoden Place Beaconsfield    
Cumberland Avenue Slade Point    
Curlew Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Currawong Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Cuthbert Court Slade Point    
Cutler Drive Beaconsfield    
Cypress Court Beaconsfield    
Dale Court Andergrove    
Dallas Court Beaconsfield    
Dalrymple Street

East Mackay Mayor David Hay Dalrymple, Mayor 1869-71, 1873-74.(HCS pp.143)
Damien Street Eimeo    
Dampier Drive Andergrove Australian Explorers  
Danastas Avenue Eimeo    
Dane Street Walkerston   Named after the Dutch family of Jack Mezger's Waggonworks. (SN)
Danelles Way Eimeo    
Daniel Court Ooralea    
Daniel Street North Mackay    
Dapplewood Close Andergrove    
Darling Street Mount Pleasant    
Darren Court Bucasia    
Davey Street Glenella    
David Muir Street Slade Point    
Davidson Street Walkerston    
Davinelle Close Andergrove    
Davlyn Drive Andergrove    
Deborah Court Andergrove    
Deguaras Drive Beaconsfield    
Dell Court Beaconsfield    
Delma Street Andergrove    
Denham Crescent Rural View Queensland Premiers  
Denise Court Beaconsfield    
Denman Avenue Shoal Point    
Dennis Street South Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.143)
Dent Street Walkerston   Named after the long time residents, the Dent Families. It was the depot of Harvison and Dent's Bus Service. (SN)
Denton Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.143)
Desbois Street North Mackay    
Deshong Street Walkerston    
Dewar Street Bakers Creek    
Diamond Court Mount Pleasant    
Dickens Avenue Ooralea Author Charles Dickens(HCS pp.143)
Digby Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.143)
Dimmock Street South Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.143)
Dixon Court Beaconsfield    
Dobel Court Mount Pleasant    
Dolby Court North Mackay    
Dolphin Drive Bucasia    
Dolphin Heads Road Dolphin Heads    
Domino Court Andergrove    
Don Street West Mackay    
Don Wright Court Andergrove    
Donaldson Street West Mackay    
Doris Street Andergrove    
Douglas Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.143)
Downie Avenue Bucasia    
Downing Street Ooralea    
Driftwood Court Eimeo    
Du Maurier Court   Writer Daphne Du Maurier
Dudley Place Slade Point    
Dugong Place Andergrove    
Duke Court Eimeo    
Dumfries Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Duncan Street West Mackay    
Dundee Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Dunn Street West Mackay    
Dupuy Street West Mackay Local Pioneer Bernard Celestin Dupuy, Surveyor(HCS pp.144)
Durham Court Beaconsfield    
Dutton Street Walkerston   Main street of Walkerston and named after George Dutton, a well known teamster, who carried goods over the Eton Range when the town was a stopover point coming from the Port of Mackay. (SN)
Eagle Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Eaglemount Road Beaconsfield    
East Gordon Street East Mackay   To avoid confusion in house numbering. (HCS pp.153)
East Pugsley Street Walkerston    
Edge Water Court Dolphin Heads    
Edinburgh Place Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Edmond Street Eimeo    
Edmond Street West Mackay    
Edmonds Street Bucasia    
Edmund Kennedy Court Rural View Australian Explorers  
Edward Street South Mackay Original Landowner Edward William McKenney(HCS pp.144)
Egan Court Blacks Beach    
Eighteenth Lane Mackay    
Eighth Lane Mackay    
Eimeo Esplanade Eimeo    
Eimeo Road Eimeo    
Eklund Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty Private William Eklund Died New Guinea WW2.(HCS pp.144)
Elamang Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.144)
Eleventh Lane      
Elizabeth Drive Bucasia    
Elizabeth Street North Mackay    
Elizabeth Street Seaforth    
Ellis Avenue Bucasia    
Ellul Court Beaconsfield    
Elm Drive Andergrove    
Elva Court Glenella    
Elvin Street Paget    
Emperor Drive Andergrove    
Emu Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Endeavour Street Mackay    
English Street South Mackay WW1 Casualty (HCS pp.144)
Ennio Court South Mackay Subdivider's Family Chosen by Ennio Cavallo a partner in the company Coreen Mackay Pty Ltd that developed the subdivision. (Email: Judy Wallace)
Enterprise Street Paget    
Ernest Street North Mackay    
Eshmann Street North Mackay    
Esplanade Bucasia    
Etwell Court Walkerston    
Eucalyptus Drive Andergrove Australian Flora  
Eulbertie Street Eimeo    
Evan Street Mackay   Formerly Beach Road. Originally Government Road.
(HCS pp.144)
Evans Avenue North Mackay    
Evans Avenue Seaforth    
Fadden Street Walkerston Australian Prime Minister Named after Sir Arthur Fadden, who commenced his schooling in Walkerston in 1900. He later became Prime Minister in 1941. His father was the Sergeant of Police in Walkerston. (SN)
Fairmmeadow Drive Mount Pleasant    
Farleigh Road Farleigh    
Farmer Street Mount Pleasant    
Farquahar Street Beaconsfield    
Farrell Court Beaconsfield    
Farrelly's Lane Paget   Farrelly family, original landowners
(HCS pp.144)
Fatnowna Street Andergrove   Originally known as Fatnowna Lane. Land owned by Harry Norman Fatnowna(1897-1967). Land was subdivided in 1968. (FOF pp34.)  
Ferguson Street West Mackay    
Ferngrove Lane Andergrove    
Fernleigh Avenue Andergrove  Early Resident Named after early property "Fernleigh" in area now known as Andergrove owned by Edward Robert Norfor MacCarthy in late 1800's. E.R.N. MacCathy was an ealry Harbourmaster as well as Collector of Customs
(Source: Neil Bradford)
Field Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.144)
Fifteenth Lane      
Fifth Lane Mackay    
Figtree Court Eimeo    
Finch Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Finger Street North Mackay    
Finlayson Street Seaforth    
First Lane Mackay    
Fisher Street Bucasia    
Fitzroy Court Mount Pleasant    
Fleming Court South Mackay    
Fletcher Street West Mackay    
Fleurs Way Andergrove    
Flight Street Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.144)
Flinders Court Bakers Creek    
Florence Street Eimeo    
Flors Avenue Mount Pleasant    
Flounder Court Andergrove Fish  
Ford Court Seaforth    
Ford Street Walkerston   Named after Charles Edward (Darcy) Ford, Pioneer Shire Council Health Inspector during the 1920's. (SN),(ELF-07/03/2004)
Ford Street West Mackay    
Forest Court Andergrove    
Forgan Street North Mackay    
Formation Street Paget   Industrial Estate
(HCS pp.144)
Forsayth Street West Mackay    
Forth Street South Mackay    
Foulden Street North Mackay    
Fourteenth Lane Mackay    
Fourth Lane Mackay    
Foxtail Court Glenella    
Frangipani Avenue Seaforth    
Frank Cowley Drive Glenella    
Frank Paul Street Andergrove    
Fraser Court Beaconsfield    
Freeman Avenue Slade Point    
Frith Street Andergrove    
Fuller Court South Mackay    
Furlong Street Andergrove    
Fursden Street Glenella    
Gable Street East Mackay Reef Named after Goble Reef on the Barrier Reef east of Carlisle Island. Some charts incorrectly named the reef Gable Reef hence the incorrect spelling. The reef was named in the 1920's by Captain J.A. Edgell, RN, in HMAS Moresby after Wing Commander Stanley James Goble, RAAF who, with Flying Officer Ivor Ewing McIntyre, completed the first aerial circumnavigation of Australia in 1924. They left Point Cook on 6 April 1924 in a Fairey 111D Seaplane and while in Queensland landed at Southport, Gladstone, Townsville, Cooktown and Thursday Island. They returned to Point Cook on 19 May 1924 after a trip lasting 44 days, 20 flying days and about 90 hours of flying.(TWI pp88) & (HCS pp.144)
Galasheils Street Beaconsfield    
Galletly Street West Mackay   A.M. Galletly(HCS pp.144)
Galvin Street Beaconsfield    
Galway Court Andergrove    
Gannet Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Gans Court Eimeo    
Garden Street Andergrove    
Gardenia Court Beaconsfield    
Gardiner Street West Mackay    
Garner Street Farleigh    
Garraway Street West Mackay    
Gaylard Street North Mackay    
Gemini Drive Andergrove    
Gentle Avenue Bucasia    
Geoffrey Nolan Drive Andergrove    
Geoffrey Thomas Drive Bucasia    
George Bell Drive Mackay Harbour    
George Fordyce Drive Rural View    
George Jane Street Walkerston    
George Milton Street

West Mackay Mayor George Milton, Mayor 1926-1930.
(HCS pp.145)
George Street Mackay    
George Street Seaforth    
Gibbs Court Mount Pleasant    
Gibson Street West Mackay    
Gibsons Road Te Kowai    
Gidgee Court Beaconsfield    
Gillan Street West Mackay    
Ginger Street Paget    
Gladstone Street Eimeo    
Glamis Court Beaconsfield    
Gleeson Court Mount Pleasant    
Glenella Road Glenella    
Glenella Road Richmond    
Glenfern Street South Mackay    
Glenhorn Close West Mackay    
Glenpark Street North Mackay    
Gold Street Mackay    
Goldsmith Street South Mackay   Author Oliver Goldsmith (Originally Chaucer St)(HCS pp.145)
Goldson Street North Mackay    
Golf Links Road Beaconsfield    
Gooding Street Andergrove    
Gordon Street Mackay   General Gordon? previously Albert St.
(HCS pp.145)
Gorman Street Bakers Creek    
Grace Crescent Slade Point    
Grace Deguara Drive Andergrove    
Gracie Court Walkerston    
Graeme Heggie Street Mackay Harbour    
Graffunder Street South Mackay    
Graham Court Mount Pleasant    
Graham Crescent Eimeo    
Grandview Drive Mount Pleasant    
Grant Street Mackay WW1 Casualty (HCS pp.145)
Graves Street North Mackay    
Gray Court Beaconsfield    
Green Street North Mackay    
Greenfields Boulevard Mount Pleasant    
Greenmount Road Greenmount    
Greenwood Drive Glenella    
Gregory Street Mackay   Surveyor Augustus Charles Gregory.
 (HCS pp.145)
Grendon Street North Mackay    
Greta Court Beaconsfield    
Grevillea Drive Glenella    
Griffin Avenue Bucasia    
Griffin Street Mackay WW1 Casualty (HCS pp.145)
Grosvenor Place West Mackay    
Grout Street Glenella Australian Cricketer  
Grove Court Andergrove    
Gunsynd Street Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.145)
Habana- Farleigh Road Farleigh    
Haber Street North Mackay    
Hague Street

East Mackay Mayor Robert Hague, Mayor
(HCS pp.145)
Hamilton Drive Mackay Harbour    
Hamilton Street North Mackay    
Hamlet Street Mackay Shakespeare Character (opened in 1915 when land reserved for railway line and station). (HCS pp.145)
Hammer Street Slade Point    
Hancock Street Eimeo Brisbane Bronco Rugby League Players Michael Hancock
Hanlon Way Rural View Queensland Premiers Named after former Queensland Premier Edward Michael (Ned) Hanlon who served as Premier from 7 March 1946 to 15 January 1952. He died whilst in office. (QPH p. 784.)
Hannaford Street North Mackay    
Hansen Drive Ooralea Subdivider's Family Subdivider, W. Hansen. (HCS pp.153)
Hansen Street Seaforth    
Harbour Road Mackay Harbour   Road constructed to lead to the Mackay Outer Harbour which was opened in 1939.
Hargreaves Street Andergrove    
Harney Street

South Mackay Mayor John Harney, Mayor, 1885.(HCS pp.145)
Harrier Street Eimeo    
Harrington Street North Mackay    
Harris Street Beaconsfield    
Hart Street South Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.145)
Hartog Street Andergrove Australian Explorers  
Harvey Street North Mackay    
Harveys Road Beaconsfield    
Harvison Street East Mackay WW1 Casualty (HCS pp.145)
Harvisonís Road Erakala    
Hassen Court Mount Pleasant    
Hastings Street Ooralea    
Hawk Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Hayes Avenue Bucasia Local Pioneer Named after Matron Elizabeth Hayes, of the former Cromer Hospital which was located on the corner of Keats and Shakespeare Streets in Mackay.  Matron Hayes was one of the first residents in the Bucasia area, near "Kohuna resort, before 1930. (DM 26 May 1993. p.7)
Hayes Lane Mackay    
Hayman Court Bucasia    
Heaths Road Glenella    
Heidi Street Paget    
Heidke Street Eimeo    
Heinrich Court Paget Subdivider's Family Heinrich Manzlemann, uncle of subdivider. (HCS pp.154)
Henderson Street East Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.145)
Henman Street South Mackay   Original Resident
Henry Court Beaconsfield    
Herald Court Andergrove    
Heron Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Herrigan Street Glenella Local Land Owner Named after farmer Donald Herrigan who owned land on Richmond Road. (via Email 19/3/2013)
Hewitt Way Glenella Local Identity Norman Hewitt's story.

Dad's parents were - George Edward Hewitt born in Australia, he was a butcher by trade but did farming in Finch Hatton ( his father was born in Northern Ireland & was a doctor) & his mother, Hannah Nicoline Tidemann was born in Denmark, they had 11 children.

Eldest brother - Reginald Fulton, 2nd brother - George Edward, 3rd brother - Harold Edward, 4th brother - John Harvey Hewitt.

Eldest sister - Irene Sarah, 2nd sister - Fransellar Lillian (Sally), 3rd sister- Edna May, 4th sister - Fira Isabell (Belle), 5th sister - Doris Muriel, then 5th brother - Dad, Norman Hewitt & then the youngest 6th sister - Laurel Joy Hewitt born on 2/10/1927.

Dad was born in Mackay on 4th December, 1923 at the Ormond Hospital & moved to Finch Hatton when he was 4 years old & is the last surviving member of his family. 

Dad's name was chosen because, his mother's cousin had her baby before Dad was born, he was going to have 'Darryl' as his second name but she called him 'Darryl' first, so Dad only has one name. So my Mum (Irene Watters) & Dad called my brother 'Darryl Norman'. I was named 'Andrea' after the actress 'Andrea Leeds' (Mum's choice, as she liked the name). We are both adopted.

Dad's family owned a cane farm in Finch Hatton. Coming into Finch Hatton it's the last farm before you reach Finch Hatton on the right hand side before the school. The people that bought it off Dad ( my grandfather) their prodginy had to farm & they were conservationists, they just let it go & it's overgrown with ginny grass now. It was at the top of the hill & you went down the hill & along & there was a blue water gully. 

Dad's cousin, Harvey Hewitt used to own a farm near the Glenella roundabout, not far from Hewitt Way.

Dad started school in 1929, stayed there till 1934, then came to live in Mackay, his Dad had a cane farm & a town house in North Mackay, it used to take 2 hours to get here, he owned a 1927 Whippet with wooden spoke wheels. The family would go to Slade Point to have a holiday.

He spent grade 5, when he came back from Finch Hatton at North Mackay State School, then went to intermediate, which is known as Central School now, where he spent grade 6 & 7, got a scholarship, which allowed him to go to high school, he did 2 years & passed there, then had to go to work because of the depression years. He started work at 15 shillings ($1.50) per week, working 5 x 8hr days & a 4 hr day Saturday morning. 

His Dad owned a Ĺ block of land in Malcomson St between School St, Malcomson St & Harvey St. He died at the outbreak of WW2 (Sept 3rd 1939), Dad was 15. His Mum gave him the other 1/2 block of land as a wedding present ( valued at 50 pounds ($100) he & Mum, Irene Watters married in 1950. (she died when I was 25 ).

Dad has war medals The Pacific Star, for serving in the South Pacific, The 1939/45 Star for serving in the term of the war, The War Medal, The Defence Medal & The Service Medal. He served in New Guinea & Borneo, Milne Bay, Nadzab, Lae, Goodenough Island, Ballikpapen with the RAAF. His Squadron 75 & 76 Kittyhawks was a conglomeration of beaufighters, bombers, yanks (Dad's word) had flying fortresses, liberator bombers. Dad serviced them, fuelled them, fixed them, working on the fuselages, he was called a fitter 2A. Engine guys were called fitter 2E's. The guys that loaded them with bullets were called armourers.

The song they sang before they went out each day was -

Beside a Papeon waterfall, one bright September day, beside his shattered Kitty hawk, the young PO he lay, and as he lay below the coconut tree, not yet completely dead, I listened to the very last words, the young PO he said " I'm going to a better land, where everything is bright, where whiskey grows on coconut trees & the beetles play all night, there's nothing else to do all day, but sit around & sing, the old barcoo & the women too, oh death where is thy sting". 

A war story - While driving back from lunch one day at the 33 squadron, driving up a hill, Mick ( from West Wyalong) asked Dad if he knew how to drive, Dad said no I don't have a license, Mick said, now's a good time to learn, & jumped out of the truck. That's how he got his license !!

Never did a driver's test, just told them he could drive.

When Dad returned from the war he worked at Marsh & Websters in 1946 and worked there till 1964 when he opened Kerrisk's Toy Shop (Wood St next to Roy Andrews' Treasure Store) as manager, then moved to Victoria St opposite Field's (where Centrepoint was) & then to where Struthers Funiture Store is now, & it was opened as a toy & gift shop . After Kerrisk's closed he worked at Field's for 18 months until my Mum died on 30th October 1986.

Dad's sporting achievements were playing cricket at school first, then the first real time he played in a team was with Marsh & Websters where he worked the year Harrup Park opened in 1946. His team won the premiership from Bakers Creek at 22 years, the first year after WW2. Then he developed into a fast bowler, & he was picked for their turf team to play at Queens Park on grass wickets. He then represented Mackay to play against Cairns, Ayr, Townsville, Rockhampton & Bundaberg.

He was the President of Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club, he was a foundation member & still has the trophies & plaque to prove it !! He retired from cricket at 35 years of age when his son was born.

Now he just watches all sport on TV !!!

(Courtesy from Hewitt Family via Mackay Regional Council)

Hi-Grove Terrace Andergrove    
Hicks Road Glenella    
Hicks Street North Mackay    
High Street North Mackay    
High Street Walkerston    
Highland Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Highway Place Glenella    
Hilda Crescent North Mackay    
Hill Street North Mackay    
Hillcrest Street Eimeo    
Hillend Road Glenella   Hill End was the original name for the area now known as Glenella.
Hillside Terrace Mount Pleasant    
Hindmarsh Court Mount Pleasant    
Hinton Street Mackay WW1 Casualty after William Henry Hinton, KIA , 19 August 1917 in Belgium. DM 30/04/1927
Hocken Street North Mackay    
Hodder Street North Mackay    
Hodges Road Shoal Point    
Hodges Street

South Mackay Mayor W.G. Hodges, Mayor 1800, 1890, 1896, 1901.(HCS pp.145)
Hoey Street East Mackay    
Holack Street North Mackay    
Holland Street West Mackay    
Holmes Drive Beaconsfield    
Holts Road Richmond    
Homebush Road Walkerston    
Homestead Bay Avenue Bucasia    
Honeysuckle Street Andergrove    
Horse and Jockey Road Meadowlands Local Hotel The "Horse and Jockey" Hotel operated near the corner of the Peak Downs Highway and Cowley's Road at Racecourse. It operated from 1869 to 1889.
Houdewind Street Eimeo    
Howard Street Mackay WW1 Casualty Walter Howard, KIA, WWI.
(HCS pp.146)
Howland Street North Mackay    
Hucker Street Mackay WW1 Casualty Mayor Arthur Hucker's only son, KIA, 1917.
(HCS pp.146)
Hugh Reilly Court Mount Pleasant Local Identity Hugh Reilly was a well known Real Estate Agent who commenced business after the Second World War.
Hughes Street Glenella Australian Cricketer Kim Hughes
Hume Street West Mackay    
Hunter Street West Mackay    
Hydrangea Court Beaconsfield    
Hyne Street

Mackay Former Mayor Patrick Maurice Hyne, Mayor 1885,1895.
(HCS pp.146)
Ian Wood Drive


Dolphin Heads Mayor  
Ibis Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Illawarra Court Beaconsfield Australian Flora  
Illawong Drive South Mackay Aboriginal Name (HCS pp.153)
Industrial Street Mackay   Industrial Estate.
(HCS pp.146)
Inglewood Close Andergrove    
Inverness Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Investigator Street Andergrove    
Irving Street South Mackay Reef  
Island Close Shoal Point    
Ivana Court South Mackay Subdivider's Family (HCS pp.153)
Ivers Street Bakers Creek    
Ivy Drive Andergrove    
Jacaranda Street Andergrove Australian Flora  
Jackson Street West Mackay    
Jade Court Glenella    
James Cook Drive Rural View Australian Explorers  
James Court Andergrove    
James Croker Drive Mount Pleasant Pioneer  
James Muscat Drive Walkerston    
James Street Mackay original landowner believed to be named after the son of Solomon Watson who owned the original portion of land. James Alexander Watson born 1870 in Mackay?.(see also Sophia Street and Watson's Lane).

(Correspondence from Bill Watson, great grandson of Solomon Watson and grandson of James Watson , 20/6/2003)
Jamieson Street Seaforth    
Jane Court Walkerston    
Janelle Court Andergrove    
Jansen Street Slade Point    
Janz Court Slade Point    
Jarman Court Seaforth    
Jarrah Street Beaconsfield    
Jasmine Drive Blacks Beach    
Jasmine Street Andergrove    
Jason Street Andergrove    
Jean Court Bucasia    
Jeffcoat Street West Mackay    
Jenvey Court Bucasia    
Jessika Court Andergrove    
Jewell Street Mackay WW1 Casualty (HCS pp.146)
Joanne Street South Mackay Subdivider's Family (HCS pp.154)
Joe Johnson Street Seaforth    
John Court Andergrove    
John Oxley Avenue Rural View Australian Explorers  
John Vella Drive Paget    
Johnson Avenue Seaforth    
Johnson Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty? (HCS pp.146)
Jorgensen Street Bakers Creek    
Jubilee Street Mackay Royal Family Queens Victoria's Jubilee.
(HCS pp.146)
Jukes Street Slade Point    
Juliet Street South Mackay Shakespeare Character (HCS pp.146)
Kaddatz Street Andergrove    
Karen Court Ooralea    
Karl Langer Crescent Mount Pleasant Town Planner  
Karri Court Beaconsfield    
Karwin Drive Andergrove    
Kate Street (formerly Maurice Street) East Mackay local pioneer Name changed from Maurice Street on 12/6/1931 after resolution by Mackay City Council. Named in memory after Kate Ready daughter of James Ready. First girl born in Mackay district in 1862. Married Patrick M. Hynes one time mayor of Mackay.
(HCS pp.146)
(DM 13 June 1931).
Katherine Court Andergrove    
Kay Court Glenella    
Kean Street Andergrove    
Keats Street Mackay Poet (HCS pp.146)
Keelan Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.146)
Keeleys Road Slade Point Local Pioneer Charles Keeley one of Mackay's first residents owned a large parcel of land in the Slade Point Andergrove area. He was also licensee of one of the first hotels in Mackay the "Golden Fleece".
Keim Street Eimeo    
Keithamilton Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty see below.  Original spelling combining first and surnames in one word originally to avoid confusion with Hamilton Street in North Mackay. Name corrected to spelling below in 1990's.
Keith Hamilton Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty Keith Hamilton
(HCS pp.146)
Keller Street North Mackay    
Kellys Road Walkerston    
Kemp Street Bucasia Local Pioneer? William George Kemp operated the "Seaview Hotel" from 1887-1894.  This was located on the land now occupied by the "Kohuna" resort.
Ken White Avenue Mackay Harbour Member of Harbour Board and Pioneer Shire Chairman Ken White was a member of the Mackay Harbour Board from 1955 to 1964.
Kenilworth Street South Mackay Scottish Locations "Scottish" subdivision (Pirie, Forth, Tay, Kenilworth)
(HCS pp.146)
Kenmore Street Slade Point    
Kennedy Street South Mackay    
Kennedy Street Walkerston    
Kentia Court North Mackay    
Kenzey Street North Mackay    
Keswick Avenue Slade Point Island Keswick Island, together with its twin, St Bees Island, was first designated as "L1 Island" by Lieutenant Matthew Flinders, RN, in HMS Investigator in October 1802. Flinders was well out to sea when he passed and probably could not see any separation between the two islands but in any event it was practice in those days to treat closely linked islands as one and give a single name pending further surveys. The two islands were given their individual names from the then English County of Cumberland he brought to the Whitsundays following James Cook's 1770 designation of the group as "The Cumberland Isles". Keswick is a major county town on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria into which Cumberland was absorbed in 1974.(TWI pp119.)
Kidston Avenue Rural View Queensland Premiers  
Kierra Drive Andergrove    
Kilgour Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.146)
Kilkenny Court Eimeo    
Kimberley Court Andergrove    
Kindermar Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.146)
King Street North Mackay    
Kingfisher Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Kinghorn Court Eimeo    
Kingsford Court North Mackay    
Kinnon Street Glenella    
Kintyre Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Kippen Street South Mackay    
Kirkconell Street Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Kirwan Street Seaforth    
Kiwi Court Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.154)
Klinger Street Eimeo Local Pioneer Allegedly after Max Klingner who was licensee of the Eimeo Hotel in early 1900's (DM 7 Jan 1983. p.3)
Klingner Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty A.C.F. Klinger. Air Force pilot officer. Killed in Adriatic Sea.(DM 7 Jan 1983. p.3)(HCS pp.146)
Knight Street Mount Pleasant Local Pioneer

The street was named after Harry Lawrence Knight, shortly after he died.

He lived from 1926-1979.

He was a senior Electrical Engineer for the Mackay Electricity Board working on major expansion projects in the 1960's and 1970's. He was also a keen yachtsman, regularly sailing around the Whitsunday Islands, and helping repair electrical generators on the islands along the way.

(per Yolande Knight, 04/10/2017)

Knobel Street North Mackay    
Koala Court Slade Point Australian Fauna  
Kookaburra Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Krause Court Andergrove    
Kristy Crescent Eimeo    
Kurrajong Court Beaconsfield    
Kylie Street Andergrove    



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