Information Sources


Code Reference Details
AWM Australian War Memorial Resources
DM The Daily Mercury Newspaper; published by Mackay Printing and Publishing Co.
ELF Email recieved From Mr. Lyall Ford
FOF Faith of our Fathers, A journey of three Fatnownas 1866-1999, by Teresa Fatnowna, published 2002.
HCS Heritage Context Study for the Mackay City Council Town Planning Review; by Berenice Wright, Anne Jacobs and Roger Dalton; July 1996
MHS The Mackay Harbour Story, by H.A. Moore, 1978, Mackay Harbour Board, Mackay. 
PN Pioneer News Newspaper, Mackay.
QPH Queensland Political Portraits 1859-1952, edited by D.J. Murphy and R.B. Joyce, 1978, University of Queensland Press, Brisbane. 
QPP Three Decades of Queensland Political History 1929-1960, edited by Clem Lack, 1961?, Government Printer, Brisbane. 
REF Reflections - 125 years of Education , Mackay Central State School; by Mackay Central State School 125 years Celebration Committee; published 1996
SN Scrubby News, Volume 1, Number 3, December 1991, published by Walkerston Neighbourhood Centre Group
TWI The Whitsunday Islands - An Historical Dictionary; by Ray Blackwood; published 1997

Street Name


Named after

Details & Reference Sources

Lachlan Street Mount Pleasant    
Lagoon Street West Mackay   Waterworks lagoon (HCS pp.147)
Laird Street North Mackay    
Lamb Street South Mackay    
Lambert Court Slade Point    
Landsdowne Road Meadowlands    
Langer Drive Eimeo Brisbane Bronco Rugby League Players Allan Langer
Larkins Road Richmond    
Lavarack Street North Mackay    
Lawson Street Mackay Author Henry Lawson
(HCS pp.147)
Lazarus Court Eimeo Brisbane Bronco Rugby League Players Glenn Lazarus
Le Carre Court   Writer John Le Carre. 
(HCS pp.153)
Leahy Street Beaconsfield    
Lee Court Bucasia    
Leeuwin Court Andergrove Australian Explorers  
Leister Court Bucasia    
Leisure Court South Mackay   Leisure Area
(HCS pp.147)
Lembergs Road Bakers Creek    
Len Sheild Street Paget   Surveyor
(HCS pp.147)
Lenehan Street Slade Point    
Lenesha Drive Andergrove    
Les Cameron Avenue Mount Pleasant    
Leslie Street Andergrove    
Lester Hansen Street Slade Point    
Leticia Street Bucasia    
Lettice Court South Mackay    
Lever Court Mackay Harbour    
Lillee Street Glenella Australian Cricketer Dennis Lillee
Linda Street Bucasia    
Lindeman Avenue Slade Point Island  
Lindesay Court South Mackay Subdivider's Family Chosen by Henry Lindesay (Chubb) Black a partner in the company Coreen Mackay Pty Ltd that developed the subdivision. Chubb Black was a principle in Black's Real Estate. (Email: Judy Wallace)
Lindsay Street Mount Pleasant    
Lindwall Street Glenella Australian Cricketer Ray Lindwall
Link Street South Mackay   Link between streets
(HCS pp.146)
Little Street North Mackay    
Lizy Street Bucasia    
Lloyd Street West Mackay    
Lochmaben Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Lockerbie Street Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Longair Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.147)
Lorne Court Beaconsfield Scottish Locations  
Lorne Road Walkerston   Situated at the eastern end of Creek Street. Led to the Lorne Estate Sugar Mill and Rum Distillery in 1872. (SN)
Lorraine Court Andergrove    
Loudon Street Mount Pleasant    
Louise Court Andergrove    
Luscombe Street Mackay WW1 Casualty  
Luscombe Street Walkerston    
Lyn Court Beaconsfield    
Lynch Court East Mackay    
Lynette Drive Nindaroo    
Lyrebird Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Macalister Street Mackay Queensland Premier Named in Thomas Henry Fitzgerald's first town survey completed in 1863.(HCS pp.147).
Arthur Macalister was the Queensland Secretary for Lands and Public Works from 1862 to 1866 at the time Fitzgerald named the street in his honour.  He later became Premier for three terms from 1 Feb 1866 to 20 July 1866, 7 Aug. 1866 to 15 Aug. 1867 and from 8 Jan. 1874 to 5 June 1876. (QPP p.497)
Macarthur Street South Mackay    
Macartney Street Seaforth    
MacDonald Street South Mackay    
Mackay-Bucasia Road Mount Pleasant    
Mackay-Habana Road Richmond    
MacKenzie Street Eimeo    
Mackenzie Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty Ian William MacKenzie served with the R.A.A.F.  He was serving with No. 2 squadron when h e was killed in action over the Celebes in Indonesia on 7 May 1943. He has no known grave and is listed on the Ambon Memorial in Indonesia (AWM 148), (HCS pp.147)
Macquarie Street Mount Pleasant    
Macrossan Street East Mackay Former Mayor Vincent Macrossan, Mayor, 1916
(HCS pp.147)
Magpie Street Slade Point Australian Fauna  
Maguire Street Andergrove    
Main Street Bakers Creek    
Malabar Court Glenella Sugar Cane Variety  
Malagache Avenue Mount Pleasant Sugar Cane Variety  
Malcomson Street North Mackay Local Pioneer The Malcolmson family originally setteld in the North Mackay area the the Gooseponds/Valley Street area before the 1900's.  The land from that area to "Bona Vista" (100 acres) was purchased by Thomas and Mary Malcolmson who originally came from Ireland. The started a productive fruit orchard on the land.  Their son John (Jack), was a Councillor in the then Pioneer Shire Council when the area was sold and subdivided in the early 1930's and the streets named. (PN 4 Dec. 1997)
Mallet Court Beaconsfield    
Mango Avenue Eimeo    
Mangrove Road Mackay   Dump Creek, Mangroves
(HCS pp.147)
Mansfield Drive Beaconsfield    
Manuel Street North Mackay    
Manzelmann Street Andergrove Original Landowner  
Maple Drive Andergrove    
Maraju-Yakapari Road Foulden    
Marcella Street Rural View    
Margaret Street Mackay    
Margaret Street Seaforth    
Margaret Street Walkerston    
Margaret Vella Drive Paget    
Marianna Court Mount Pleasant    
Marine Parade Bucasia    
Marlborough Street Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.147)
Marlin Avenue Bucasia Fish  
Marrau Court Slade Point    
Marryatt Street West Mackay Former Mayor?
WW1 Casualty?
Edward James Marryatt, Mayor, 1909
(HCS pp.148).
It was more likely this street was named after EJ Marryatt's son who was killed in WW1.
Marsh Street East Mackay Former Mayor William Marsh, Mayor, 1878
(HCS pp.148)
Marshall Avenue Andergrove    
Martin Street North Mackay    
Mary Street Walkerston    
Mary Street West Mackay    
Marzan Street Rural View    
Matsen Street Bakers Creek    
Matterson Avenue Eimeo Brisbane Bronco Rugby League Players Terry Matterson
Matthews Street Andergrove    
Maurene Court Glenella    
McAlary Drive Eimeo    
McColl Street Walkerston Local Pioneer Named after M.A. (Alex) McColl (nickname "Lobby") who was a school teacher and historian. He taught at the Kanaka Mission School in High Street. He was born near the previous Albion Hotel. (SN)
McCormack Avenue Rural View Queensland Premiers Named after William McCormack (1879-1947), Premier of Queensland from 22 Oct. 1925 to 21 May 1929. (QPP p.500.)
McCready Street Rural View    
McCrossin Court Eimeo    
McCulloch Street North Mackay    
McGarry Street Bucasia    
McGinn Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty Keith Charles McGinn served with the R.A.A.F.  He was with 103 Squadron R.A.F. when he was killed in Action over Germany on 8 March 1945. He is buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in Germany. (AWM 148),(HCS pp.147)
McGuane Street North Mackay    
McHugh Street Eimeo    
McIntyre Street East Mackay WW1 Casualty son KIA, WWI
(HCS pp.147)
McKellar Court Mount Pleasant    
McKenney Street South Mackay Original Landowner Edward William McKenney, (who owned the land)
(HCS pp.147)
McKinley Street North Mackay    
McLaughlin Drive Eimeo    
McLean Street East Mackay Mayor A.J. McLean, Mayor, 1907
(HCS pp.147)
McLennan Street Ooralea Local Pioneer Early settler
(HCS pp.147)
McMahon Street Andergrove    
Meadow Street North Mackay    
Meadowlands Road Meadowlands Sugar Mill The Meadowlands mill began crushing in 1870 and ceased operations in 1914.
Meero Street South Mackay Aboriginal Name (HCS pp.148)
Megan Place Mackay Harbour    
Melaleuca Street Slade Point Australian Flora  
Melanie Street Eimeo    
Melissa Court Beaconsfield    
Melissa Crescent Walkerston    
Mengel Street South Mackay WW2 Casualty Colin Eric Mengel served in the R.A.A.F. and was with the 12 Squadron R.A.F. when he was killed in action over Germany on 23 Sept. 1944. He is buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in Germany. (AWM 148), (HCS pp.148).
Mervyn Court Bucasia    
Meyer Street Mount Pleasant    
Michael Court Ooralea    
Michael Moohin Drive Slade Point Pioneer Shire Chairman Michael Moohin was the Chairman of the Pioneer Shire from 1970 to 1973.
Michelle Crescent Bucasia    
Michelmore Street Paget Local Pioneer John Michelmore - founder of Michelmore Pty Ltd
(HCS pp.148)
Michener Court West Mackay Author James Michener
(HCS pp.148)
Miller Court Mount Pleasant    
Milne Lane West Mackay    
Milton Street Mackay Poet Named as Milton Road on Thomas Henry Fitzgerald's first survey done in 1863.

 John Milton (HCS pp.148)
Milton Street North Mackay    
Minster Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.148)
Moffatt Street North Mackay    
Mogford Street West Mackay    
Monique Court Andergrove    
Moody Street East Mackay Former Mayor George Moody, Mayor, 1934-43.
(HCS pp.148)
Mooney Court Glenella    
Moore Street Mackay    
Morley Street South Mackay Former Mayor
Former Town Clerk
WW1 Casualty?
Charles Morley, Mayor, 1900; F. Morley, Town Clerk, 1903-15.(HCS pp.148)
Rupert George Morley killed at Gallipoli in 1915.
Morrison Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty Jeff Morrison 2nd AIF, KIA Middle East
(HCS pp.148)
Mortensen Street North Mackay Local Pioneer Martin Mortensen bought a house on 10 acres of land there in 1919, and later an adjoining five acres.  The road was formed to allow sub-division. (DM 26 May 1993. p. 7.)
Mosta Court Andergrove    
Mountview Court Beaconsfield    
Mowlam Street Eimeo Local Pioneer? possibly to honour Arthur James Wallis Mowlam, who was the licensee of the Eimeo Hotel from 1922 to 1925.
Mt Bassett Cemetery Road Mackay Harbour   Mount Bassett Cemetery was opened in the 1950's.
Mt Bassett Drive Mackay Harbour    
Muldoon Court Eimeo    
Mulherin Drive Mackay Harbour Former Harbour Board Chairman and Former Mayor John Martin Mulherin, Mayor, 1933-34. 
(HCS pp.148).
He also served on the Mackay Harbour Board from 1927 to 1957 and was Chairman from 1927 to 1931 and was instrumental in the development of the Mackay Outer Harbour scheme. 
(MHS p. 28,29,74)
Murphy Street Seaforth    
Murray Close Eimeo    
Murray’s Road Glenella    
Nadarmi Drive Andergrove Subdivider's Family Named after the subdividers children - NA = Natalie, DAR = Darren, MI = Michelle 
Naish Avenue Mount Pleasant    
Nandina Street Beaconsfield    
Napier Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.148)
Nathan Court Beaconsfield    
Nautilus Parade Bucasia    
Nebo Road West Mackay   To Nebo
(HCS pp.148)
Neill Street South Mackay    
Nella Drive South Mackay Subdivider's Family (HCS pp.148)
Nelson Street Mackay    
Ness Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.148)
Newry Avenue Slade Point Island  
Newton Street Andergrove    
Nicklin Drive Beaconsfield    
Nicole Court Andergrove    
Nightingale Court Slade Point    
Nilsson Court Bucasia    
Nilssons Road Te Kowai    
Nindavale Avenue Nindaroo    
Nineteenth Lane Mackay    
Ninth Lane Mackay    
Noble Crescent Mount Pleasant    
Norfolk Drive Andergrove    
Norman Street Andergrove    
Normanby Court Mount Pleasant    
Norris Road North Mackay    
Norris Street Mackay    
Northview Terrace Mount Pleasant    
Nott Street East Mackay Mayor Dr. L.W. Nott, Mayor, 1924.
(HCS pp.148)
Novar Court South Mackay Local Pioneer Name of Pratt family home on corner of Juliet Street & Black Street.
(HCS pp.148)
O'Brien Esplanade Shoal Point    
O'Keefe Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.149)
O’Loughlin Street North Mackay    
O'Neill Street Seaforth    
Oak Street Andergrove    
Oates Street West Mackay    
Ocean Avenue Slade Point    
Ocean Street      
Old Foulden Road Foulden    
Old Pleystowe Road Walkerston    
Orion Avenue North Mackay    
Othello Street Mackay Shakespeare Character (HCS pp.149)
Outlook Crescent Mount Pleasant    
Oxford Court Andergrove    
Pacific Drive Blacks Beach    
Pacific Esplanade Slade Point    
Paget Street West Mackay State Politician Walter Trueman Paget
Palm Court Bucasia    
Palm Ridge Drive Richmond    
Palm Street Cremorne    
Palmer Street North Mackay    
Palms Avenue Seaforth    
Palmview Court Eimeo    
Palomino Parade Erakala    
Pandanas Street Beaconsfield    
Panorama Court Eimeo    
Paradise Street South Mackay    
Pardoe Street Bucasia    
Park Street Mackay   To Queen's Park
(HCS pp.149)
Parker Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.149)
Parkview Court Andergrove    
Parr Street North Mackay    
Parsons Street Bucasia    
Paton Terrace Slade Point    
Patricia Court Walkerston    
Patricia Drive Andergrove    
Pattinsons Lane Bakers Creek    
Patton Street South Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.149)
Paul Hopkins Street West Mackay   Dr. Paul Hopkins
(HCS pp.149)
Paulette Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.149)
Pauline Street Walkerston    
Peace Street Paget    
Peak Downs Highway Ooralea    
Pearce Street East Mackay Mayor Thomas Pearce, Mayor, 1883. 
(HCS pp.149)
Peatey Street Andergrove  Local Family
My grandfather Clive Peatey(dec) told me Peatey Street was named after his father Mr. Robert Henry Edward Peatey who had a farm in the area and was the chairman of the first committee to name "Andergrove." (Email J. Peatey 31/10/2010)
Peel Street Mackay    
Pelican Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Penguin Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Penn Street South Mackay    
Perch Court Andergrove Fish  
Percy Court Glenella    
Peri Road Te Kowai    
Perkins Street North Mackay    
Perry's Road Walkerston   Named after the local mid-wife Lydia Perry, who lived there with her son, Sibel. (SN)
Perry Street West Mackay    
Peter Court Andergrove    
Petersen Street North Mackay    
Petrel Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Petrie Street South Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.149)
Pharlap Parade Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.149)
Pheasant Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Phillip Street Mount Pleasant    
Phillip Street Seaforth    
Piccolo Street North Mackay    
Pilchowski Street Seaforth    
Pinder Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.149)
Pine Street Andergrove    
Pioneer Street Richmond    
Pipeline Drive Blacks Beach    
Pirie Street South Mackay Mayor Alexander Pirie, Mayor, 1882, 1892. 
(HCS pp.149)
Pitkin Street Walkerston   Named after the Pitkin families who were long time residents. Ernest Pitkin died in 1990. His brother William predeceased him many years before. (SN)
Pitt Street Blacks Beach    
Pittman Street Beaconsfield    
Plath Court West Mackay Subdivider's Family Plath Family & names. 
(HCS pp.153)
Plover Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Podosky Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty R.A.A.F., Flt. Sgt Gilbert Podosky KIA over France WWII.
(HCS pp.149)
Poincettia Court Andergrove    
Poinciana Avenue Seaforth    
Pollock Street North Mackay    
Pompey Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.149)
Poole Street Eimeo    
Porter Street Mackay WW2 Casualty Robert Porter, KIA, WWII.
(HCS pp.149)
Porters Avenue Andergrove    
Possum Close Andergrove Australian Fauna  
Pound Street Walkerston   Named after the local Pioneer Shire Council's pound for stray horses and cows often found roaming the streets of Walkerston. (SN)
Powells Road Farleigh    
Pratt Street South Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.149)
Pratts Road Bakers Creek    
Presto Avenue Mackay Harbour    
Preston Street Slade Point    
Prince Charles Avenue Seaforth    
Progress Drive Paget    
Prospect Street Mackay    
Prudhoe Street South Mackay Island (HCS pp.149)
Prunda Street Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.149)
Pugsley Street Walkerston   Named after George Pugsley, another well known bullock teamster, who loaded provisions for the hinterland, and brought back wool and copper during the 1860's and 1870's. (SN)
Quail Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Quarry Street North Mackay    
Queen Street North Mackay    
Rae Street East Mackay WW1 Casualty  
Rainbow Crescent Blacks Beach    
Rainlover Street Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.150)
Raintree Court Andergrove    
Raleigh Street Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.150)
Ram Chandra Place West Mackay    
Ramsay Court Beaconsfield    
Raven Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Raymond Court Walkerston    
Raymond Croker Avenue Mount Pleasant    
Ready Street South Mackay Mayor Charles Patrick Ready, Mayor, 1903, 1913.
(HCS pp.150)
Red Cliffe Avenue Seaforth    
Refalo Drive Farleigh    
Renae Street Andergrove    
Renou Court South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.150)
Reservoir Road North Mackay    
Rhapis Court Andergrove    
Rhonda Court Andergrove    
Ribbon Court Glenella    
Richard Street Andergrove    
Richmond Road Glenella    
River Street Mackay   Along river previously North Street. 
(HCS pp.150)
Riverleigh Drive North Mackay    
Riverside Drive Cremorne    
Robb Place South Mackay    
Roberts Avenue North Mackay    
Robin Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Robinson Avenue Walkerston    
Robinson Street North Mackay    
Robyn Court Ooralea Subdivider's Family (HCS pp.153)
Rockleigh Court Glenella    
Rolston Street South Mackay    
Romeo Street Mackay Shakespeare Character (HCS pp.150)
Ron Searle Drive Mackay Harbour    
Ronnie Court Rural View    
Rose Street North Mackay    
Rosella Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Ross Street Mount Pleasant    
Roy Court Glenella    
Royal Sands Boulevard Bucasia    
Rural View Drive Rural View    
Russel Avenue Slade Point    
Russell Street Andergrove    
Ryan Court Rural View Queensland Premiers T.J. Ryan
Sailaway Drive Eimeo    
Salmon Avenue Eimeo    
Salmon Court Andergrove Fish  
Salvina Court Walkerston    
Sam Bezzina Drive Beaconsfield    
Sams Road North Mackay    
Samuel Court Andergrove    
Sandpiper Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Sands Terrace North Mackay    
Sapphire Court North Mackay    
Satellite Crescent Mackay Harbour    
Saturn Street Andergrove    
Saunders Street Walkerston   Headmaster of Walkerston State School from 1908 to 1923. His name was Edward George Saunders. (SN)
Scanlon Street East Mackay WW1 Casualty (HCS pp.150)
Scawfell Avenue Slade Point Island  
Scenic Drive Farleigh    
Schaefer Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty? (HCS pp.150)
Schapers Road Glenella    
Schmidtkes Road Ooralea    
Schofield Street Seaforth    
School Street North Mackay    
Scott Court Bucasia    
Scott Street South Mackay    
Scriha Street North Mackay    
Sea Side Place Blacks Beach    
Seacove Court Eimeo    
Seaforth - Port Newry Road Seaforth    
Seaforth - Yakapari Road Seaforth    
Seagull Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Searle Street Bucasia    
Second Lane Mackay    
Selby Street Andergrove    
Seventeenth Lane Mackay    
Seventh Lane Mackay    
Sextons Road Te Kowai    
Shakespeare Street Mackay Poet William Shakespeare
(HCS pp.150)
Shane Court Andergrove    
Shanks Street Bucasia    
Shann Street Eimeo    
Shaw Street Mackay    
Shell Street Mackay Harbour    
Shelley Court Andergrove    
Shepherd Crescent Mount Pleasant    
Shepherds Road Eimeo    
Shetland Court Erakala    
Shield Court South Mackay    
Shinn Street North Mackay    
Shiral Drive Beaconsfield    
Shoal Point Road Shoal Point    
Short Street North Mackay    
Silingardis Road Walkerston  Landowner  
Named after two brothers, Aldo & Joe Silingardi who bought a farm there in 1930 . They operated as Silingardi Bros.
They originally came from Ostiglia, Lombardy, Italy in 1922 and went to Halifax.
The farm was sold to George Bezzina in approx 1951.
(Source: Email from Lou Silingardi 29 September 2009)
Silver Gum Drive Andergrove    
Simpson Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.150)
Simpsons Road Bakers Creek    
Sir Griffith Way Rural View Queensland Premiers  
Sixteenth Lane Mackay    
Sixth Lane Mackay    
Skiddaw Street Eimeo    
Skudut’s Place Dolphin Heads    
Skye Court Beaconsfield    
Skylark Street Slade Point    
Slade Court Slade Point    
Slade Esplanade Slade Point    
Slade Point Road Slade Point    
Slater Avenue Blacks Beach    
Smalley Street Andergrove Local Pioneers Named after Smalley Family (of Smalley's Beach)
Smethurst Street Andergrove    
Smith Street West Mackay Mayor Cecil Garcia Smith, Mayor, 1902. 
(HCS pp.150)
Sneyd Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.150)
Snipe Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Snow Wright Court Andergrove    
Sologinkins Road Rural View    
Sophia Street Mackay family of original land owner after Sophia Watson, eldest daughter of Solomon Watson who owned the original portion of land. Sophia was born in 1863 at possibly at Rockhampton.  She was a first year student at Mackay Central State School in 1871. She was also a "Pupil Teacher" at the school from 1/1/1877 to 31/3/1878. (see also Watson's Lane and James Street).

(HCS pp.150. This reference incorrectly refers to Sophia as being Solomon Watson's wife.);
(REF pp126,132);
(Correspondence from Bill Watson, great grandson of Solomon Watson , 20/6/2003)
South Pacific Avenue Slade Point    
Southgate Drive Paget    
Spannagle Street Bucasia    
Spiller Avenue Mackay Harbour    
Spiller Street North Mackay    
Spinnaker Way Bucasia    
St Bees Avenue Bucasia Island  
Steen Avenue Bucasia    
Steen Street South Mackay WW2 Casualty Private James Steen, 2nd AIF, KIA New Guinea.
 (HCS pp.151)
Stefan Court Andergrove    
Steinbeck Court West Mackay Author John Steinbeck. 
(HCS pp.151)
Stevenson Street South Mackay    
Stewart Street Walkerston   Named after the Stewart Family (James and Jane "Granny") who were early pioneers. (SN)
Stirling Street Mount Pleasant    
Stock Route Road Ooralea    
Stockbridge Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty (HCS pp.151)
Stoneham Street West Mackay   W.H. Stoneham, Mill Engineer who also laid water reticulation mains. 
(HCS pp.151)
Stopher Court Beaconsfield    
Stotts Road Te Kowai    
Stotts Street Bucasia    
Strang Street North Mackay    
Streeter Avenue West Mackay   War casualty? 
(HCS pp.151)
Stuart Street Mount Pleasant    
Success Street Paget    
Sugar Shed Road Farleigh    
Suncrest Court Mount Pleasant    
Sunrise Place Blacks Beach    
Sunset Beach Court Shoal Point    
Sunset Boulevard Eimeo    
Sunset Drive Erakala    
Sunset Place Eimeo    
Sunstate Drive Andergrove    
Sussex Street Ooralea    
Sutton Court Andergrove    
Swallow Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Swayne Street North Mackay    
Sweeney Court Glenella    
Swift Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Sydney Street Mackay    
Symons Avenue Bucasia    
Symons Street South Mackay   192?,original land holder Mrs. M.A. Symons (Subdivided 192?) 
(HCS pp.151)
Tait Street West Mackay    
Talara Court Eimeo    
Tallon Street Glenella Australian Cricketer  
Tammy Court Ooralea Subdivider's Family (HCS pp.153)
Tanglewood Avenue Andergrove    
Taroba Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.151)
Tasman Court Andergrove Australian Explorers  
Tass Street Bakers Creek    
Tay Street South Mackay    
Taylor Street Farleigh    
Taylor Street West Mackay    
Te Kowai – Foulden Road Te Kowai    
Teal Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Teanna Court Eimeo    
Telina Drive Beaconsfield    
Tellin Street Shoal Point    
Temples Lane Bakers Creek    
Tennyson Street Mackay Poet Named by Thomas Henry Fitzgerald on his first survey map of Mackay completed in 1863. Alfred Lord Tennyson. (HCS pp.151)
Tenth Lane Mackay    
Tern Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Terri Court Andergrove    
The Barons Drive Andergrove    
The Crescent North Mackay    
The Esplanade Slade Point    
The Goose Walk North Mackay    
The Quarter Deck Blacks Beach    
The Top Deck Blacks Beach    
Theodore Crescent Rural View Queensland Premiers  
Third Lane Mackay    
Thirteenth Lane Mackay    
Thomas Street West Mackay WW2 Casualty F. Sgt Raymond Thomas. Died of injuries, England. (HCS pp.151)
Thomas-Mitchell Court Rural View Australian Explorers  
Thompson Street West Mackay    
Thorn Avenue Rural View    
Thornber Street North Mackay Former Mayor? Possibly Named after James Henry Thornber, Mayor of Mackay in 1898
Thorning Street West Mackay    
Till Street Beaconsfield    
Tinonee Court South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.151)
Tolcher Street Mount Pleasant    
Tom Thumb Crescent Bakers Creek    
Toorak Street Glenella    
Tracey Street Paget    
Tramontana Street Andergrove    
Trevaskis Street Farleigh Local Identity Named after Joe Trevaskis who was involved with the sugar industry including administration (DM 26 May 1993. p.7.)
Trigla Court Andergrove    
Triton Court Shoal Point Shell  
Trochus Court Shoal Point Shell  
Trogolby Street South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.151)
Trojan Court Mount Pleasant    
Tropical Avenue Andergrove    
Trout Avenue Andergrove Fish  
Tudor Court Ooralea    
Tulloch Street Ooralea Race Horse (HCS pp.151)
Tully Court Andergrove    
Turner Avenue Bucasia    
Turner Street Mackay WW1 Casualty John Turner KIA, WWI. 
(HCS pp.151)
Twelfth Lane Mackay    
Twentieth Lane      
Twentyfirst Lane South Mackay    
Ulanda Drive South Mackay Subdivider's Family Chosen by Ulanda Cavallo a partner in the company Coreen Mackay Pty Ltd that developed the subdivision. (Email: Judy Wallace)
Ungerer Street North Mackay    
Upton Avenue Andergrove    
Urarii Crescent Shoal Point    
Vailala Rise Eimeo    
Valley Street North Mackay    
Van Eldik Avenue Andergrove    
Vassallo Drive Glenella    
Veronica Court Andergrove    
Vicky Court Andergrove    
Victoria Street Mackay Royal Family Queen Victoria
Vidulich Street South Mackay    
Vincent Street South Mackay    
Vine Street North Mackay    
Viola Street Glenella    
Volute Street Shoal Point    
Waddells Road Richmond    
Wainai Road Farleigh    
Walkers Road Meadowlands    
Wall Street Eimeo    
Wallace Court South Mackay Developer Chosen by Ross Wallace a partner in the company Coreen Mackay Pty Ltd that developed the subdivision. Ross Wallace was a principle in Black's Real Estate. (Email: Judy Wallace)
Wallace Street Bucasia    
Wallmans Road Rural View    
Walsh Avenue Seaforth    
Walters Avenue Bucasia    
Walzy’s Road Bakers Creek    
Wandoo Court Beaconsfield    
Waratah Street Beaconsfield    
Wardrop Street West Mackay    
Warland Street South Mackay Reef Named after Warland Reef near Hydrographers Passage. The reef was named in the late 1920's by Commander Denys A. Henderson, RAN, in HMAS Moresby after Flying Officer Herbert Warland, a member of RAAF Flight 101 based at Bowen from 1926 to 1928 assisting Moresby with her surveys. Born in Horsham, England on 24 October 1894, Warland emigrated to Australia in July 1913. He served with the AIF in France in World War 1 where he was wounded three times, returning to Australia in 1919. He joined the Australia Air Corps in 1920 and in 1921 enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force, rising to the rank of Flying Officer by October 1924. He died on 7 March 1929 in an RAAF aircraft accident.(TWI pp222.) & (HCS pp.152)
Warner Street West Mackay    
Warrener Street Andergrove    
Watson's Lane Mackay original landowner  after family of Solomon Watson who owned the original portion of land. Solomon was born in 1835 at Rosenhill, Armagh, Ireland. He arrived in Queensland in 1861.  He was one time publican of the School of Arts Hotel in Wood Street from 1888 to 1889. He died on 2 May 1913 in Mackay and was buried in the Mackay Cemetery on 3 May 1913.(see also Sophia Street and James Street).

(Correspondence from Bill Watson, great grandson of Solomon Watson , 20/6/2003)
(HCS pp.152)
Wattle Street Andergrove    
Waverley Street Bucasia    
Wayne Street Walkerston    
Webberley Street West Mackay WW1 Casualty William Webberley, Killed in WWI(AWM)
(HCS pp.152)
Webster Street South Mackay    
Weir Street East Mackay Mayor William Crawford Weir, Mayor, 1919 & Town Clerk
(HCS pp.152)
Wellby Court North Mackay    
Wellington Street Mackay Royal Family Duke of Wellington
(HCS pp.152)
Wentford Street Mackay WW1 Casualty Pte. Jack Wentford, KIA, 1915, First Mackay Serviceman Killed WWI.
(HCS pp.152)
Whinners Court Eimeo    
Whitney Street Andergrove    
Whitten Court Mount Pleasant    
Whittles Lane Eimeo    
Wicks Court Erakala    
Wigham Court Beaconsfield    
Wilga Court Beaconsfield    
Willetts Road North Mackay    
William Street South Mackay Original Landowner Edward William McKenney, (see also Edward, McKenney)
(HCS pp.152)
Williams Avenue Bucasia   was named after Frederick Stanley Williams of F.S. Williams & Co. (later Poole Williams & Co.). The Williams family owned a beach house on the beach front a few blocks to the south of Williams Avenue. They were one of the first families to have a beach house at what was then Seaview. (ELF-07/03/2004)
Willis Street North Mackay    
Willow Court Andergrove    
Wills Street Andergrove    
Wilson Court Eimeo    
Wilson Street West Mackay    
Windsor Street Glenella    
Winifred Court Ooralea    
Wood Street Mackay    
Woodlands Drive Eimeo    
Woodman Parade West Mackay    
Woodwards Road Richmond    
Woodyard Avenue Seaforth    
Wooster Court Mount Pleasant    
Wrasse Court Andergrove Fish  
Wren Street Slade Point Australian Bird  
Wrights Road Glenella    
Yaralla Avenue South Mackay Reef (HCS pp.152)
Youngs Lane Walkerston   Named after the Young Family. Mr. J.H. Young, O.B.E. was a councillor and Chairman of the Pioneer Shire Council for 18 years. His mother, Mrs. H. Young, retired schoolteacher resided there. (SN)
Zamia Court Andergrove    
Zammit Street North Mackay    
Zeigler Street Mount Pleasant    



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