Year Built 1884
Builder Société Anonyme Usines Métallurgiques du Hainaut - Locomotives Couillet. Belgium.
Wheel Type 0-4-0T
Works Number 737
Cylinders 210 x 300
Mill First Used at in Mackay Homebush
ID Number or Name 1, "Knox"
Fate Unknown.

The Decauville Company became famous worldwide for their manufacture of reliable and cheap portable railways. The early systems were 40cm or 50cm gauge  and were sold to farming and industrial companies in France.  The Company's Manager's little brother  Emil Decauville, had come to Australia where he had supervised the building of a 52km network of 60cm railway for the Homebush Plantation.

This locomotive was built in Belgium in 1884 by Société Anonyme Usines Métallurgiques du Hainaut - Locomotives Couillet. This locomotive builder is normally known by the abbreviated name Couillet. Although not well known in Australia, in Europe Couillet was a significant builder of steam locomotives of many different gauges and sizes over a long period of time. This Loco was built by for Decauville who at the time were supplying CSR with portable track for their newly opened Homebush Mill.

The loco appears to be be one of the four locos in operation at Homebush Mill. It is unknown where it ended up after Homebush Mill was closed in 1922. It was dismantled by 1937 and possibly scrapped shortly after.


References Browning, John, various Emails.

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