Year Built 1900
Builder Orenstein & Koppel
Wheel Type 0-4-0WT
Works number 683
Cylinders 120 x 200
Mill First Used at in Mackay Cattle Creek
ID Number or Name Dinty
Fate sold or scrapped in late 1940's.

It is unknown where this loco started service however it was purchased from Sydney machinery merchants, Cameron, Sutherland and Seward Pty Limited from their Melbourne Branch in 1922. The loco was named "Dinty" and served on the Gorge line for over 20 years. The engine was also used for social functions usually involving the Gorge State School. By the 1940's it was out of use  and was either sold or scrapped in the late 1940's.

"Dinty" in Service on the Gorge Line (Queenslander 22 November 1928, Page 36)

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