Year Built 1907
Builder Borsig (August Borsig Lokomotiv-Werke), Tegel , Berlin, Germany.
Wheel Type 4-4-2
Works number 6345
Cylinders 150 x 300
Mill First Used at in Mackay Cattle Creek
ID Number or Name "No. 3", "ROBBIE BURNS"
Fate Stored at Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society (ANGRMS), Durunder Railway, Woodford, Queensland

This locomotive was originally purchased for use on the Stannary Hills Mining & Tramway Co. tramway near Irvinebank in Far North Queensland. It was used to carry ore to the State Treatment Works at Irvinebank. The works also known as Loudon Mill crushed tin ore from around the district. It was apparently the last loco to work there until the lines were dismantled in 1940.

It was purchased by Cattle Creek Mill in 1942 and converted to a tank locomotive. It was rebuilt in 1946 and returned to service until 1962. It was then placed in storage at Cattle Creek Mill until in 1971 it was donated to the Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society (ANGRMS). It was moved to the Society's site at Durundur Railway at Woodford in 1983.


The Borsig locomotive hauling whole stick cane into the mill yard in the 1950's.
(from "Top Mill in the Valley", courtesy J.W. Knowles, George Bond Collection)

The Borsig at Finch Hatton decommissioned. 2 November 1966.
(Weston Langford Collection no: 108210)

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