Year Built 1907
Builder Krauss Locomotive Works, Munich, Germany.
Wheel Type 0-4-2T
Works Number 5679
Cylinders 145 x 260
Mill First Used at in Mackay Plane Creek
ID Number or Name "15G", "KAISER"
Fate After 1963 was scrapped.



This locomotive was delivered new to Plane Creek Mill in 1907 as "Kaiser 15G." During 1929 to 1940 was used on the isolated Carmila tramway. From 1940 it was based on the isolated Koumala tramway before returning to Carmila from 1952 to 1957.  By 1960 it was out of service and was scrapped after 1963.


Krauss No. 15 G "Kaiser" , Plane Creek Mill, date unknown (John Browning collection)

References Browning, John, various Emails.

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