Year Built 1908
Builder Krauss Locomotive Works, Munich, Germany.
Wheel Type 0-4-0WT
Works Number 6063
Cylinders 210 x 300
Mill First Used at in Mackay Farleigh
ID Number or Name "JACK"
Fate At Lake Macquarie Light Rail Museum , Toronto, NSW.

Built for the New South Wales Water conservation & Irrigation Commission for construction of the Burrinjuck Dam. It was nicknamed "Jack." Ownership transferred to the New South Wales Water Conservation & Irrigation Commission in 1913 and it was still based at Burrinjuck Dam.

In 1928 it was advertised for sale with merchants, E. Sloman in Sydney. In 1933 it was sold to Farleigh Mill and remained known as "Jack." It is believed  to have been mistaken as another Krauss loco called "Archie" in 1957 It was taken out of service and put in storage in 1963.  In 1966 it went to the NSW Rail Transport Museum and was still mistakenly called "Archie." It was restured and displayed at the Museum's Enfield Roundhouse site till it was transferred to Thirlmere in 1975.  It remained there till 2008  

In September 2008 it arrived at the Lake Macquarie Light Rail Museum , Toronto, NSW.  For many years it was thought it was another Krauss loco named "Archie", however after restoration work at the Lake Mcquarie Light Rail Museum, it was found that this loco was actually "Jack."

Krauss No. 6063 "Jack" mistakenly referred to as "Archie."  Farleigh Mill Yard 15 February 1965

(John Browning collection)

Krauss No. 6063 "Jack" fully restored and operating at Lake Macquarie Light Railway, Toronto NSW

(courtesy LMLR website retrieved 05 May 2018)

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