Year Built 1910
Builder Krauss Locomotive Works, Munich, Germany
Wheel Type 0-6-0WT
Works Number 6415
Cylinders 210 x 300
Mill First Used at in Mackay Plane Creek
ID Number or Name "MONA", "KATHLEEN", "15A KOUMALA"
Fate Scrapped after 1958.

In 1911 the locomotive was delivered to Goodwood Timber & Tramway Co., Port Albert, Victoria. The loco was named "Mona". On 2 September 1914 the boiler exploded resulting in the death of the engine-driver. The story was covered in the local newspaper:

On Tuesday a very serious mishap occurred 011 the Goodwood Timber Company's tramway at Port Albert, resulting in tho death of Bert Dudley, the engine-driver, and the serious injury of a fireman named Zappelli. The tram was travelling from Port Albert to the forest mill, 'about 17 miles away, the twelve trucks being loaded with chaff and kerosene for the company'^ store. When about half the distance had been covered the boiler of the engine burst with a deafening explosion that was heard at the mill six miles away. Dudley was buried in the debris, and when extricated he was found to to terribly injured, having broken a thigh and an arm, and severely gashed his head. The fireman was buried two chains away, and suffered severely from shock and abrasions. The injured men were convoyed to a private hospital at Yarram, where Dudley expired at noon on Wednesday. He leaves a widow and child.

(Bunyip Free Press and Berwick Shire Guardian 3rd Sept 1914)

The locomotive was repaired and a new boiler installed after the accident. In 1920 was sold to Cameron and  Sutherland machinery merchants after the timber getting operations ceased. In 1924 it was sold to Nerang Hardwood Co., Mudgeeraba, QLD and was renamed "Kathleen."

By 1926 it was placed in storage. In 1937 it was listed for sale with Drysdale & Ridgway, general engineers in Brisbane. It was on approval to the Gin Gin Co-operative Sugar Mill in 1939 however it was rejected.

It was eventually sold to Plane Creek Mill in 1940 and named "No. 15A Koumala." It remained in service till 1958 when it was scrapped.

Aftermath of the Boiler Explosion on the Port Albert Tramway.
(courtesy Facebook Page, Gippsland History, 02 May 1918)


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