Year Built 1911
Builder JA Maffei Locomotive Works, Munich, Germany.
Wheel Type 0-6-0WT
Works Number 3677
Cylinders 240 x 340
Mill First Used at in Mackay Plane Creek
ID Number or Name "CORONATION", "BILLY", "15C"
Fate Dismantled on property at Woodhouselee (North of Goulburn) New South Wales.

One of two JA Maffei locos used at Plane Creek Mill. It was known as "Coronation" and "Billy."

The Loco went out of service and was sold in 1973 to Bruce MacDonald of the Marsden Museum of Historic Engines in Goulburn, NSW. The locomotive collection at the museum was dispersed in the late 1970's due to financial and maintenance problems.

The remains of the loco are presently located on a property at Woodhouselee (North of Goulburn). 

JA Maffei no. 3777 loco in yards at Plane Creek Mill in 1928.
(The Queenslander, 1 November 1928)

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