Year Built 1916
Builder Hunslet Engine Company, Hunslet Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
Works Number 1240
Wheel Type 4-6-0T
Cylinders 9 1/2 x 12
Mill First Used at in Mackay Cattle Creek
ID Number or Name "WD 328", "No. 2", 
Fate Scrapped after 1963.



Formerly a former British War Department Light Rail surplus locomotive, it was built in 1916 to service the trenches along the Western Front in World War 1.


It was bought by the Hunslet Engine company in October 1924.  It was rebuilt and sold to the Engineering Supply company of Australia (ESCA) in Brisbane and purchased by the South Johnstone sugar Mill in Far North Queensland.


It was purchased by the Cattle Creek Mill in 1957 as "No. 2". In 1963 it was taken out of service and placed in storage. This was a loco chassis obtained following the collision involving 1229


In 1974 it was donated to Australian  Narrow  Gauge  Railway  Museum Society, Durundur Railway, Woodford and was moved to Brisbane for storage.

In 1983 it was finally moved to Woodford.



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