Year Built 1917
Builder Avonside Engine Company, Bristol, England, United Kingdom.
Wheel Type 0-4-0T
Works number 1761
Cylinders 8 1/2 x 12
Mill First Used at in Mackay Farleigh 
ID Number or Name "KATHLEEN"
Fate Scrapped after 1969.

This locomotive was built in 1917 and was used in the construction of the Feltwell Aerodrome in Norfolk, England for the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 but the war ended befroe it could be completed. To carry construction materials a 2ft 0in gauge railway was laid by contractors, Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons from Lakenheath GER station to the airfield site. 

Purchased by Farleigh Mill in 1921. It was either sold or scrapped after 1969.

 Avonside "Kathleen" at Farleigh Mill 4 November 1966. (Courtesy Weston Langford Collection)

References BROWNING, John ; various emails (2019). Railways of the Wissey. [online] Available at:  [Accessed 7 Feb. 2019].

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