Year Built 1922
Builder John Fowler & Co., Leeds, Lancashire, England
Wheel Type 0-4-2ST
Works number 15932
Cylinders 8 x 12
Mill First Used at in Mackay Pleystowe
ID Number or Name "No. 2"
Fate Sold or scrapped c. 1971

Commenced work in district at Pleystowe Mill till about 1960.

Was plinthed at Mulherin Park at the Mackay Outer Harbour by 1961. It was removed for scrap c. 1971.


The Fowler working in the yard at Pleystowe Mill in 1934.
(The Queenslander, 4 October 1934)

The Pleystowe Mill Fowler plinthed at Mulherin Park in the Mackay Outer Harbour. October 1961

(courtesy John Browning Collection)

The builders plate on side of the Fowler Loco at Mulherin Park, Mackay Outer Harbour. 15 February 1965.
(courtesy John Browning Collection)

The Fowler loco as part of the play equipment at Mulherin Park, Mackay outer Harbour. c mid 1960's.

(courtesy Pirie Collection)

Mulherin Park, Mackay Outer Harbour, January 1968. (courtesy Dot Moffatt Collection)


BROWNING, John ; various emails (2016). Preserved Steam Locomotives Down Under [online] Available at:  [Accessed 7 Feb. 2019].


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