Year Built 1927
Builder John Fowler & Co., Leeds, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.
Wheel Type 0-6-2T
Works number 17683
Cylinders 9 1/2 x 14
Mill First Used at in Mackay Racecourse
ID Number or Name "No.1"
Fate Stored at a private site in Virginia, Brisbane, Queensland.

This loco commenced service at Racecourse Mill in Mackay. Replaced by diesels in the 1960's it was stored till moved to Mulherin Park at the Mackay Outer Harbour in 1971. (Presumable to replace the Fowler No. 15934 which had been removed by then.)

The Locomotive was purchased circa 2006 by a private owner and the tender was sold separately and was last known to be residing near Marian Mill. The locomotive was moved to Brisbane an stored at at site at Kallangur/Murrumba Downs.  In 2007 it was sold again and was located at a site in Virginia, Brisbane.


The loco was moved to Mulherin Park at the Mackay Outer Harbour in 1971. Notice the side tanks have been removed. Image taken circa mid 1970's.
(courtesy Pirie Collection)

A Postcard from the late 1970's of the loco in Mulherin Park.  It was a great piece of playground equipment. It was painted numerous times in its 25 years at the park,

The Fowler lying at a site in Virginia, Brisbane. 30 March 2014.
(courtesy  retrieved 09 February 2019.)
BROWNING, John ; various emails

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