Year Built 1934
Builder John Fowler & Co., Leeds, Lancashire, England
Wheel Type 0-6-2T
Works number 20277
Cylinders 10 x 14
Mill First Used at in Mackay Marian
ID Number or Name "No.5", "Marian No. 9"
Fate Stored at a private site at Boldon, near Mirani, Queensland.

This loco was delivered to Marian Mill in 1934.  It was fitted with a new boiler in 1949. By 1981 it was out of service and in storage.  It was purchased by John Soper in 1983. It is still owned by the Soper family. In 2018 the writer spoke to the current owner who advised the locomotive is in process of being restored and is currently disassembled.

Builders photo of the John Fowler Loco. 1934 (coutersy accessed 28 October 1919)

Fowler No. 20277 with trucks of wholestick cane at Marian Mill. 3 November 1966.
(Weston Langford Collection No: 108221)

The Fowler with a rake of bins for the Marian Mill possibly late 1960's.

BROWNING, John ; various emails

Browning, J. (1993). Cane tramways and locomotives of the Mirani Shire. Mirani, Qld.: Mirani Shire Council. (2019). Weston Langford - 108221: Marian Mill Shunter No 9 Fowler 0-6-2T 20277 . [online] Available at:  [Accessed 9 Feb. 2019].

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