Year Built 1941
Builder Perry Engineering Co. Ltd, Adelaide, South Australia.
Works Number 2382.41.1
Wheel Type 0-6-2T
Cylinders 10 x 14
Mill First Used at in Mackay North Eton
ID Number or Name "No. 6" 
Fate Under restoration at Lake Macquarie Light Railway near Toronto, New South Wales.


This loco was one of the last two steam locomotives to work at North Eton Mill. By 1968 the steam locos had been replaced by diesel and they were relegated to standby locos. Taken out of service in 1965 it was well maintained until sold.


The Perry was purchased in 1972 by Keith Duncan of the Megalong Valley Tourist Railway near Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. The Perry last ran at Megalong in 1986.


In 2001 both locos were acquired by the Lake Macquarie Light Rail. This loco is in the process of full restoration to running order.

Perry No. 6 at North Eton Mill shunting Sugar bins. 23 June 1958.
(courtesy John Browning collection)

No.6 at Megalong Valley in mid 1970's
(courtesy John Cowper Collection,


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