Year Built 1951
Builder Perry Engineering Co. Ltd, Adelaide, South Australia.
Works Number 2601.51.1
Wheel Type 0-6-2T
Cylinders 10 x 14
Mill First Used at in Mackay Marian
ID Number or Name Unknown 
Fate Under restoration at Bennett Brook Railway in Western Australia.

This Perry loco was Marian's last steam locomotive purchased. In later years it was used to shunt the 3ft 6in gauge molasses tank wagons and bulk sugar boxes across Eungella Road.  It was decommissioned in 1982 and was purchased by Tony Germanotta of Kuttabul.

It was sold in 1994 and ended up at "Malaleuca Station" at Chinderah, New South Wales (north of Murwillumbah.) It was part of a railway themed attraction that featured local produce, a picnic ground, farmyard animals and a steam train ride through the gardens. The Attraction closed in 2008 and the loco was put up for sale.

Following change of ownership it arrived on 24 June 2009 at Bennett Brook Railway in Caversham, Western Australia where it has been undergoing restoration.



The Perry at Marian shunting wholestick 3' 6" gauge Wagons. 3 November 1966
(courtesy Weston Langford collection No: 108216)

Loading coal into the loco. Note no tender as loco was used for shunting duties. 5 October 1972.
(courtesy Dorothy Moffatt collection)


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