Coningsby State School Honour Board

Location: Coningsby State School Library, Coningsby via Mackay.
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council.
Year Constructed: post 1918
Type of Construction:   Hammered Copper
War: 1914-1918
Names: 43 (8 Killed in Action; 1 Died of Wounds; 3 Invalided Home; 1 wounded; 3 Sisters)
History:  The ceremony of unveiling the Coningsby Honor Board was performed at a memorial service in the school room on Sunday last by Rev. Mark H. Stone. The board, which was draped with the Union Jack and Australian flag, is made from hammered copper. It contains the names of 35 soldiers, with others still to go on, all past scholars of the Coningsby State School. The money to erect the board was collected by the children of the State school. Mr. R. Robinson presided. The speakers were Messrs. F. Knobel and R. Kippen. The arrangements were carried out by the school master, Mr. Hamilton.

(Source: The Daily Mercury, 6 February 1919, p. 4)


Coningsby State School Honour Board.
November 2009, Glen Hall Collection.

Advertisement for Hammered Copper Honor Roll from the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, 7 May 1917.  This is the same type of Honour Board as the Coningsby School.





(DW) Died of Wounds
(IH) Invalided Home
(K) Killed

Name recorded Identified as  
J. AVERY (I.H.) AVERY, John Goodall, Surgeon, 1 Australian General Hospital, enlisted 30 July 1915, Returned to Australia 12 May 1918. Died 1968 in Victoria.  
R. AVERY (K) AVERY, Reginald Edgar, Private, 1870, 49th Battalion 
(3rd Reinforcements) / 59th Battalion, enlisted 31 January 1916, Killed in Action 4 April 1918, Bouzencourt, France. 
T. BANNAN (K) BANNAN, Thomas Joseph, Private, 11th Depot Battalion, enlisted 6 January 1916, Deserted 3 February 1916, did not go overseas. Incorrectly listed as "Killed" on memorial.  
A. BROOKS (I.H.) BROOKS, Alfred, Private, 6299, 26th Battalion 
(18th Reinforcements), enlisted 21 October 1916, Returned to Australia 24 January 1918.
E. BROOKS BROOKS, Edward James, Lance Corporal, 6720, 15th Battalion (22nd Reinforcements), enlisted 23 September 1916, Returned to Australia 19 June 1919.  
C. CRACKENBURY BRACKENBURY, Algernon Carr, 5442, 25th Battalion 
(14th Reinforcements) / 9th Battalion, enlisted 18 December 1915, Returned to Australia 24 October 1919. Died 15 January 1960.
C. DUNCAN (K) DUNCAN, Charles, Private, 44, 14th Light Horse Regiment (A Squadron) / 52nd Battalion, enlisted 6 December 1915, Killed in Action 23 September 1917, Ypres Sector, Belgium.
J. DONNELLY DONNELLY, John Joseph, Private, 2159, 47th Battalion (4th reinforcements), enlisted 11 March 1916, Returned to Australia 20 November 1918.
G. DREW DREW, George, Private, 4295, 31st Battalion 
(11th Reinforcements), enlisted 7 October 1916, Returned to Australia 16 March 1918.
J. DUNCAN DUNCAN, James, Corporal, 2134, 25th Battalion 
(4th Reinforcements), enlisted 17 June 1915, Returned to Australia 20 December 1917.
W. DUNCAN DUNCAN, William, Private, 2163, 47th Battalion
(4th Reinforcements), enlisted 20 March 1916, Returned to Australia 5 April 1919.
W. FLOOD (not positively identified)  
L. GARNER GARNER, Leonard Victor, Private, 2658, 49th Battalion
(6th Reinforcements) / 2nd Division Traffic Control Detachment, enlisted 5 June 1916, Returned to Australia 13 July 1919.
V. GARNER GARNER, Valentine Horace, Corporal, 3174, 49th Battalion (8th Reinforcements) / Australian Army Medical Corps, enlisted 5 October 1916, Returned to Australia 22 September 1919. Died 30 July 1923 aged 25 years at Bowen, QLD, buried Bowen Cemetery.  
G. GAYLARD GAYLARD, Robert Graham, Gunner, 25473, Howitzer Brigade 21, (4th Reinforcements) / 1st Divisional Ammunition Column, enlisted 30 November 1915, Returned to Australia 9 February 1919, died 18 September 1965, aged 70 years, buried Mount Bassett Cemetery, Mackay.  
W. HUNTER (I.H.) HUNTER, William, Private, 4414, 1st Pioneer Battalion (12th Reinforcements),enlisted 14 February 1917, Returned to Australia 7 February 1920, Died 20 October 1970 aged 72 years, buried Mount Bassett Cemetery.  
R. JOHNSTONE JOHNSTONE, Robert Philip, Private, 1676, 25th Battalion (B Company), enlisted 12 May 1915, Returned to Australia 25 January 1919.  
W. KEMP (K) KEMP, William Henry, Private, 629, 5th Light Horse Regiment (A Squadron), enlisted 12 November 1914, Killed in Action 28 June 1915, Gallipoli, Turkey. 
A. KIPPEN (not positively identified)  
R. KIPPEN (K) KIPPEN, Robert, Private, 458, 41st Battalion (B Company), enlisted 18 January 1916, Killed in Action, 7 January 1917, Armentieres, France. 
W. KOCH KOCH, William Francis Joseph (M.i.D.), Major, 11th Light Horse Regiment (B Squadron), enlisted 20 March 1915, Returned to Australia 29 June 1919.
R. LONERGAN (not positively identified)  
G. MARTIN MARTIN, Gilbert, Private, 2424, 4th Pioneer Battalion
(4th Reinforcements), enlisted 3 April 1916, Returned to Australia 17 March 1919.
R. MARTIN (D.W.) MARTIN, Robert, Trooper, 495, 5th Light Horse Regiment (2nd Reinforcements), enlisted 5 November 1914, Died of Illness, 27 August 1915, Gallipoli, Turkey.
R. McCULLOCH (not positively identified)  
L. McGOWN McGOWN, Leslie Gordon, Gunner, 878, 2nd Light Horse Regiment (4th Reinforcements) / 11th Field Artillery Brigade, enlisted 16 December 1914, Returned to Australia 28 February 1919.
C. MILLER (W) MILLER, Charles William, Private, 5943, 26th Battalion (16th Reinforcements), enlisted 6 March 1916, Returned to Australia 23 March 1919.  
H. MULHERIN MULHERIN, Henry Gratton, Sergeant, 457, 2nd Light Horse Regiment (C Squadron), enlisted 26 August 1914, Returned to Australia 15 November 1918, died 12 January 1962, aged 66 years, buried Mackay Cemetery.
T. MULHERIN MULHERIN, Thomas Griffin, Lieutenant, 544, 2nd Light Horse Regiment (C Squadron), enlisted 26 August 1914, Returned to Australia 13 March 1918, died 1 June 1977, aged 77 years, buried Mount Bassett Cemetery, Mackay.
W. PEELE (K) PEELE, Wesley William (M.M and Bar), Private, 1720, 47th Battalion (2nd Reinforcements) / 15th Battalion, enlisted 14 February 1916, Returned to Australia 23 July 1919, died 18 October 1973, aged 83 years, buried Mount Bassett Cemetery, Mackay. (Note: incorrectly listed on Honour board as Killed)  
R. PITMAN (not positively identified)  
G. SHAW SHAW, Gilbert Rolland, Private, 6382, 26th Battalion (18th Reinforcements), enlisted 16 October 1916, Returned to Australia 24 August 1918.  
W. SHAW (K) SHAW, William Ernest, Private, 665, 9th Battalion (F Company) / 26th Battalion, enlisted 29 August 1914, Killed in Action, 5 October 1917, Passchendale, Belgium.
J. SMITH (not positively identified)  
R. SMITH (not positively identified)  
W. SYMONS (K) SYMONS, Charles Willie, Private, 2256, 47th Battalion
(4th Reinforcements), enlisted 21 February 1916, Killed in Action, 12 August 1917, Wytschaete, Belgium.
E. WICKS WICKS, Albert Ernest, born 16 August 1893, Mackay QLD, Private, 5964, 26th Battalion (16th Reinforcements), enlisted 22 April 1916, Returned to Australia 6 November 1918, Died 11 November 1967 in Townsville, QLD aged 74 years. Buried Home Hill QLD.
T. WHITE WHITE, Thomas Joseph, Private, 5497, 12th Battalion (17th Reinforcements)/ 1st Convalescent Depot, enlisted 17 January 1916, Returned to Australia 22 July 1919.  
J. WILSON (not positively identified)  
T. WILSON (not positively identified)  
F. BARRY BARRY, Florence Beatrice, Staff Nurse, enlisted 19 May 1917. Returned to Australia 13 May 1919.  
M. BARRY BARRY, Mary Ellen, Staff Nurse, enlisted 7 October 1916, Returned to Australia 3 May 1919.  
B. KEMP (not positively identified)  

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