Finch-Hatton Digger Memorial

Location: Eungella Road, Finch-Hatton 
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council
Year Constructed: 19 November 1921.
Type of Construction:   concrete and marble.
War: 1914-1918; 1939-1945
Names: 1914-1918  (16) ; 1939-1945 (7); all names presumably of those who died.
History:  This memorial commemorates those fallen from the Finch-Hatton and Netherdale districts. One commemorates those who fell during the 1914-1918 war and the other for those who fell during the war of 1939-1945.
Information Sources:  

Finch-Hatton Digger Memorial

Southern Aspect

THE GREAT WAR 1914 - 1919
Name Recorded Identified As  
W.G.  AITCHESON AITCHESON, William Gladstone, Private, 5977, 9th Battalion, enlisted 14 February 1916, Killed in Action, 8 October 1917, Third Battle of Ypres, Belgium.  
J.  BALL BALL, James, Sergeant, 597, 41st Battalion / 52nd Battalion, enlisted 3 January 1916, Died of Wounds 26 September 1917, Belgium.  
M.L. CROMPTON CROMPTON, Major Lionel, Private, 3055, 41st Battalion/3rd Machine Gun Battalion, enlisted 23 September 1916, Killed in Action, 24 December 1917, France. 
J.C.  CUMMINGS (not positively identified)  
J.A.  EARLY (not positively identified)  
A. GARNER (not positively identified)  
R.  GILLESPIE GILLESPIE, Robert, Private, 1326, 15th Battalion, enlisted 19 December 1914, Killed in Action 4 May 1915, Quinn's Post, Gallipoli, Turkey.   
T. HARVEY   HARVEY, Thomas James (AKA HURLEY, Thomas James), Private, 193, 41st Battalion, enlisted 6 December 1915, Killed in Action 24 December 1916, France.   
R.D.  HUGHES HUGHES, Richard Douglas, Private, 6028, 9th Battalion, enlisted 8 February 1916, Killed in Action, 20 September 1917, Belgium.
R.D.  McLENNAN McLENNAN, Roderick Dhu, Private, 2219, 47th Battalion, enlisted 15 March 1916, Killed in Action 31 March 1918, France.   
R.  McNICOL McNICHOL, Robert, Private, 4100, 31st Battalion / 15th Battalion, enlisted 3 July 1916, Died of Wounds 16 June 1918, France.
J. MUNRO (not positively identified)  
G. SMITH (not positively identified)  
REX  SNEYD SNEYD, Rex, Private, 5202, 9th Battalion / 49th Battalion, enlisted 11 January 1916, Killed in Action, 14 June 1918, Somme, France.   
C.F.  WATERS WATERS, George Young, Private, 4379, 31st Battalion / 15th Battalion, enlisted 7 October 1916, Killed in Action, 1 July 1917, Messines Ridge, Belgium.  
W.H.  WEBBERLY WEBBERLEY, William Harold, Private, 542, 25th Battalion, enlisted 30 January 1915, Killed in Action, 5 August 1916, Pozieres, France.   
Western Aspect

Name Recorded Identified As  
HANSEN  C.O. HANSEN, Clarence Oswald, Corporal, QX2507, 2/9th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 18 October 1939, Killed in Action, 21 March 1941, Egypt.  
KENNEDY  P. KENNEDY, Patrick Desmond , Private, QX2512, 2/32nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 19 October 1939, Died of Injuries, 10 May 1941, Tobruk, Libya.  
McCALL  C.J. McCALL, Cyril, Warrant Officer, 434227 (RAAF), 463 Squadron, enlisted 6 November 1942, Missing believed Killed in Action (Flying Battle), 23 September 1944, Over Germany.   
OLIVER  J. OLIVER, James, Gunner, QX13185, 2/10th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, enlisted 3 July 1940, died of Illness whilst P.O.W., 16 March 1945, Sandakan, Borneo.
SUTTON  E. (not positively identified)  
WATTERS  C.V. WATERS, George Young, Private, QX18602, 2/31st Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 25 March 1941, Died of Wounds, 13 May 1943, Brisbane, Queensland.
WEBSTER  E.C. WEBSTER, Eugene Cromer, Private, QX2903, 2/9th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 5 April 1940, Killed in Action, 18 December 1942, Papua New Guinea. 

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