Mackay  - St Patrick's College Honour Roll.

Location: St Patrick's College entrance gate, River Street, Mackay.
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council.
Year Constructed: post 1945.
Type of Construction:   Marble inlaid with lead names on concrete former part of wall of former school building demolished.
War: 1939-1945, peacetime.
Names: 116 Total, (115 x 1939-1945, 1x post war), 11 Deaths (10 x 1939-1945, 1 x post war) .
History:  St Patrick's College was originally founded in 1929 as Christian Brothers College, as an all-boys school. The school was situated on the Gregory Street side of where the current school is. In the late 1800's, the river side of today's St Patrick's College was occupied by St Joseph's school. When the Sisters of St Joseph moved to North Mackay, the Christian Brothers acquired the river side land. On the river side was CBC's primary school and on the Gregory Street side was CBC's secondary school. During a renewal process, the school became known as "St Patrick's Christian Brothers College. In 1987 St Patrick's became what it is today. A renewal process resulted in Our Lady of Mercy College (an all-girls school) becoming a co-educational school for lower high school (grades 8-10) and St Patrick's becoming a co-educational school for upper high school (grades 11 and 12.)
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St Patrick's College Memorial , 2005. (Glen Hall Collection)

Brass Plaque on Memorial reads

7 NOVEMBER 1989"

Marble plaque in middle of memorial for former student Tony McNeill dies as a result of Aircraft Accident 28 March 1988.


recorded as       Identified as  
F/O    BAGLEY C RAAF BAGLEY, Charles Raphael, Flying Officer, 124905 (R.A.A.F.), 15 Aircraft Repair Depot, enlisted 27 March 1944, discharged 15 August 1946.  
PTE    BAILLIE C AMF BAILLIE, Colin, Private, Q130591, General Details Depot, enlisted 9 June 1942, discharged 19 May 1944.  
PTE BAILLIE K AMF BAILLIE, Kevin Lister, Private, Q37059, 42nd Battalion, enlisted 16 August 1940, discharged 8 August 1942.  
SGT BARCLAY G AIF BARCLAY, George Henry, Sergeant, QX59664 (Q130553), 13th Australian ADV W/SHOP, enlisted 31 December 1943, discharged 15 January 1946.  
W/O BARCLAY J RAAF BARCLAY, James Joseph, Warrant Officer, 434769 (R.A.A.F.), 3 Squadron, enlisted 29 January 1943, discharged 19 December 1945.  
PTE BATTAMS E AMF BATTAMS, Edward Percival, Private, Q131040, 31/51 Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 9 March 1942, discharged 22 March 1946.  
PTE BATTAMS L AMF BATTAMS, Leonard, Private, Q36250, 36th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 6 February 1940, discharged 12 June 1946.  
SGT BATTAMS M AIF BATTAMS, Donald Philip, Sergeant, QX53268 (Q37061), 42nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 17 May 1943, discharged 22 January 1946.  
A/S BLAIR W RAN BLAIR, Wallace John, Ordinary Seaman, B4625 (R.A.N.), HMAS Moreton, enlisted 19 April 1943, discharged 16 April 1946.  
PTE BRENNAN J   R.I.P. AIF BRENNAN, Jack Thomas, Private, QX13275, 2/26th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 19 July 1940, Died of Illness whilst a Prisoner of War, 25 December 1943, Thailand.   
PTE BYRNE W R.I.P. AIF BYRNE, William Robert, Private, Q130831, 1 Employment Company, enlisted 29 January 1942, Died of Injuries, 10 November 1943, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.  
PTE CAIRNS F AMF CAIRNS, Francis James, Private, Q37066, 42nd Battalion, enlisted 13 February 1941, discharged 5 June 1942.  
PTE CARROLL J F AIF CARROLL, John Francis, Private, QX31131, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 1 April 1942, discharged 25 June 1946.  
PTE CARROLL J P AIF (not positively identified)  
PTE CARROLL M AIF (not positively identified)  
PTE CHEETHAM H AIF (not positively identified)  
PTE COLLET N AIF (not positively identified)  
SGT COLLET S RAAF COLLET, Stanley Thomas, Sergeant, 22268 (R.A.A.F.), 3 Personnel Depot, enlisted 15 April 1940, discharged 6 February 1946.
CPL CONNOR C RAAF (not positively identified)  
CPL COSTIGAN N AIF COSTIGAN, Noel George, Corporal, 1400070 (QX61408), 42nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 17 May 1944, discharged 21 August 1947.  
GNR CRONIN J AIF CRONIN, John Joseph, Gunner, QX8429, 2/10 Field Regiment, enlisted 17 June 1940, discharged 24 April 1946.
PTE CROWLEY C AIF CROWLEY, Colin Clarence, Craftsman, Q270562, 1 MD AREA W/SHOPS, enlisted 16 August 1940, discharged 17 December 1946.  
PTE CROWLEY T AIF CROWLEY, Thomas Francis, Sapper, QX55667 (Q121851), 8 Aust. Army Tps, enlisted 31 May 1943, discharged 22 May 1946.  
GNR CROYDEN R AIF CROYDEN, Ronald Louis, Gunner, Q144211, 475 Aust HY A A TP, enlisted 14 September 1942, discharged 25 October 1945.  
A/B DEMPSEY J P MN (not positively identified)  
PTE DEMPSEY J W AIF DEMPSEY, John William, Signalman, QX35753 (Q126610), Signals Torres Stack, enlisted 29 August 1942, discharged 7 August 1945.  
F/S DENT J RAAF (not positively identified)  
F/S DENT T  R.I.P. RAAF DENT, Terence Roy, Flight Sergeant, 425617 (R.A.A.F.), 463 Squadron,  enlisted 25 April 1942, Accidentally Killed (Flying Accident), 31 August 1944, Near Kingussie, Inverness, Scotland. 
LAC DOHERTY E RAAF DOHERTY, Edmond John, Leading Aircraftman, 435736 (R.A.A.F.), 200 Flight Leyburn, enlisted 16 July 1943, discharged 5 February 1946.  
A/B DONNELLY J RAN DONNELLY, James Edward John, Able Seaman, B3953 (R.A.N.), HMAS Moreton, enlisted 21 August 1942, discharged 25 March 1946.  
PTE FARRELLY H AMF FARRELLY, Herbert Francis, Private, Q36542, 39 Australian Works Company, enlisted 16 August 1940, discharged 11 Octber 1945.  
SPR FARRELLY J AIF FARRELLY, Joseph Ambrose, Sapper, QX46578, 2/22 FD PK, enlisted 22 February 1943, discharged 20 September 1946.  
F/S  FOX M RAAF (not positively identified)  
PTE FRAZER P AIF (not positively identified)  
PTE GIBBS J AMF GIBBS, John Joseph, Private, Q114521, 127 Australian General Transport Company, enlisted 16 August 1940, discharged 20 July 1945.  
SGT GIBBS M AIF GIBBS, Maurice, Sergeant, QX53739, 42nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 31 May 1943, discharged 18 February 1946.  
PTE GIBBS T AIF GIBBS, Thomas Michael, Private, QX42622 (Q130503), 113 Convalescent Depot, enlisted 9 December 1941, discharged 30 May 1946.  
CPL GRIFFIN J M  AIF GRIFFIN, Joseph Michael, Corporal, Q269945, Reinforcements Reception Depot, enlisted 17 March 1942, discharged 28 August 1945.  
SGT GRIFFIN J P AIF GRIFFIN, John Patrick, Sergeant, QX58937 (Q36260), 1 Aust. Grn Bn AAPC, enlisted 21 October 1943, discharged 7 February 1946.  
PTE GRIFFIN V AIF GRIFFIN, Valentine, Private, Q114505, 127 General Transport Company, enlisted 16 August 1940, discharged 20 October 1945.  
PTE GRIFFITHS R  R.I.P. AIF GRIFFITHS,  Raymond Leslie, Private, QX55465, 2/17th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 22 July 1943, Killed in Action, 1 July 1945, Brunei Bay, Borneo.  
LAC GUTHRIE S RAAF GUTHRIE, Stanley John, Corporal, 78307 (R.A.A.F.), 13 Aircraft Repair Depot, enlisted 26 August 1942, discharged 20 March 1946.  
PTE GUTHRIE S AIF GUTHRIE, Sidney, Corporal, QX2432, 2/7 Field Company, enlisted 27 May 1940, discharged 16 November 1945.  
PTE HARVISON L AIF HARVISON, Leslie Charles, Sergeant, QX54804 (Q130941), 26th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 25 June 1943, discharged 19 June 1946.  
LAC HAYES T RAAF HAYES, Terence, Leading Aircraftman, 170404 (R.A.A.F.), 1 Tactical Air Force Headquarters, enlisted 13 July 1944, discharged 25 June 1946.  
A/C HERMAN RAAF (not positively identified)  
PTE HICKSON R AIF HICKSON, Robert, Private, Q269755, 1 MD Records Office, enlisted 10 March 1943, discharged 31 October 1946.  
CPL HOCKING A AIF HOCKING, Alwyne John, Corporal, QX42624 (Q114989), 2/4 Motor Ambulance Company, enlisted 8 December 1941, discharged 16 May 1946.  
BDR HOCKING B AIF HOCKING, Brian Thomas, Bombardier, QX48455 (Q114891), 53 Australian Anti Aircraft Regiment, enlisted 24 June 1941, discharged 14 December 1945.  
GNR HOCKING K AIF HOCKING, Kevin George, Gunner, QX13146, 2/10 Field Regiment, enlisted 28 June 1940, discharged 6 February 1946.
PTE HOCKING L AIF HOCKING, Leonard Francis, Private, QX52519 (Q130645), 2/7 Field Ambulance, enlisted 3 May 1943, discharged 9 July 1946.  
STR HODGKINSON A RAN HODGKINSON, Arnold, Private, Q36029, 42nd Battalion, enlisted 12 February 1942, discharged 1 May 1942.

HODGKINSON, Arnold, Stoker, B3697 (R.A.N.), Motor Launch Base, enlisted 28 April 1942, discharged 8 April 1946.

A/B HODGKINSON H RAN (not positively identified)  
PTE HOCKEN J AIF HOCKEN, Joseph Patrick, Private, QX18509, 2/8 Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 26 July 1940, discharged 1 November 1945.
F/0 HOCKEN P B  RAAF HOCKEN, Phillip Brian, Flying Officer, 425010 (R.A.A.F.), 1674 Heavy Conversion Unit, enlisted 7 December 1941, discharged 25 September 1945.  
PTE HOCKEN P P AIF HOCKEN, Paul Peter, Sergeant, QX58633 (Q272596), 29/46 Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 18 January 1944, discharged 10 October 1946.  
PTE HOCKEN S  R.I.P. AIF HOCKEN, Stephen Benedict, Private, QX18795, 2/3 Australian Ordnance Stores Company, enlisted 31 July 1941, Missing presumed drowned at Sea whilst a Prisoner of War, 12 September 1944, South West Pacific Area.  
PTE HUNTER A AIF (not positively identified)  



recorded as       Identified as  
SGT HURLEY J AIF HURLEY, John Joseph, Sergeant, QX53473 (Q130984), H Detachment 2 Advanced 2 Echelon, enlisted 3 June 1943, discharged 5 September 1946.  
LAC JOYNER A RAAF JOYNER, Alexander Ernest, Leading Aircraftman, 123991 (R.A.A.F.), 10 Repair and Servicing Unit, enlisted 12 March 1943, discharged 7 March 1946.  
PTE KEOGH P F AMF KEOGH, Patrick Francis, Private, Q265044, 36th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 6 October 1942, discharged 24 December 1945.  
SPR KEOGH P J  AMF KEOGH, Philip James, Sapper, Q114782, 11 Field Company, enlisted 1 December 1941, discharged 12 October 1945.  
PTE KEOGH W AMF KEOGH, William Stephen, Private, Q36266, Reinforcements Reception Depot, enlisted 6 February 1940, discharged 19 January 1945.  
LAC KEOGH W RAAF (not positively identified)  
LAC LYNA J RAAF (not positively identified)  
SGT LYONS T AIF LYONS, Thomas Daniel, Staff Sergeant, QX48821 (Q130924), 2 Aust. Adv. 2 Ech., enlisted 1 March 1943, discharged 11 July 1946.   
CPL MALONEY B AIF (not positively identified)  
LAC McGARRY M RAAF McGARRY, Mervyn Joseph, Leading Aircraftman, 170370 (R.A.A.F.), 36 Squadron, enlisted 6 July 1944, discharged 28 March 1946.  
GNR McNAMARA W AIF McNAMARA, Walter Richard, Private, Q130846, 10 Australian Leave Train Cooks Section, enlisted 12 May 1942, discharged 10 May 1945.  
PTE McNAMEE N AIF McNAMEE, Neville Francis, Private, QX58295, 26th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 6 September 1943, discharged 22 March 1946.  
LAC McNEILL J RAAF McNEILL, John Henry, Leading Aircraftman, 76182 (R.A.A.F.), 2nd  R.A.A.F Hospital, enlisted 22 June 1942, discharged 3 October 1945.  
CPL McNEILL K RAAF McNEILL, Kevin Francis, Corporal, 426465 (R.A.A.F.), 7 Stores Depot, enlisted 22 June 1942, discharged 7 February 1946.  
PTE MOLLOY J AIF MOLLOY, James Joseph, Private, Q130885, 15 Garrison Battalion, enlisted 22 April 1942, discharged 22 April 1942.  
PTE MOLLOY P AIF MOLLOY, Patrick John, Private, QX63938, 18 Advance Ordnance Depot, enlisted 5 May 1945, discharged 10 May 1946.  
PTE MORRIS W AIF (not positively identified)  
CPL MULHERIN J AIF MULHERIN, James Sylvester, Staff Sergeant, QX29692, HQ NG Force, enlisted 4 February 1942, discharged 14 June 1946.  
PTE MILLS C A AMF MILLS, Cecil Albert, Private, Q36551, 16 Employment Company, enlisted 16 August 1940, discharged 26 July 1945.   
M/O MILLS C K RAAF (not positively identified)  
LAC MITCHELL F RAN (not positively identified)  
PTE MULVEY K AIF MULVEY, Kevin Francis, Private, QX35907 (Q36576), 42nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 16 August 1940, discharged 3 December 1945.  
SIG NEALE W ASWC NEALE, Walter Francis, Signalman, 128371 (QX27535), 51 Australian Wireless Section, enlisted 11 February 1942, discharged 30 May 1946.  
A/B O'RIORDAN H RAN O'RIORDAN, Hugh John James, AB (Radar), B4864 (R.A.N.), HMAS Moreton, enlisted 9 August 1943, discharged 7 June 1946.  
PTE OXENHAM G AIF OXENHAM, Garnet Patrick, Private, QX60212 (Q130988), General Details Depot, enlisted 27 August 1943, discharged 25 July 1944.  
TEL PASCOE I RAN PASCOE, Ivan James, Teleg, B4975 (R.A.N.), Motor Launch Base, enlisted 13 October 1943, discharged 8 March 1946.   
GNR PASCOE M AIF PASCOE, Myles Matthew, Sergeant, QX59529 (Q128256), 56 AASL Bty Royal Australian Artillery, enlisted 14 December 1943, discharged 27 September 1946.  
DR PERRETT N AGT PERRETT, Norman Adam, Corporal, QX43491 (Q114538), 127 Australian General Transport, enlisted 16 August 1940, discharged 30 May 1946.
F/S PODOSKY L RAAF PODOSKY, Eric Joseph, Flight Sergeant, 44975 (R.A.A.F.), 36 Squadron, enlisted 30 March 1942, discharged 28 September 1945.  
F/S PODOSKY R.I.P. RAAF PODOSKY, Gilbert Graham, Flight Sergeant, 429482 (R.A.A.F.), 467 Squadron, enlisted 8 October 1942, Killed in Action (Flying Battle), 8 July 1944, France.  
LAC PORTER S RAAF PORTER, Simon Fahey, Leading Aircraftman, 124763 (R.A.A.F.), 43 Squadron, enlisted 3 June 1943, discharged 6 March 1946.  
LAC POWER K RAAF POWER, Kevin Joseph, Leading Aircraftman, 123862 (R.A.A.F.), 26 Repair and Servicing Unit, enlisted 24 February 1943, discharged 25 August 1945.
PTE RASMUSSEN J AIF (not positively identified)  
SGT READDY L AIF READDY, Leslie James, Sergeant, QX3718, 2/12th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 3 November 1939, discharged 27 November 1945.  
F/O  ROLSTON R.I.P. RAAF ROLSTON, Archibald George, Flying Officer, 124764 R.A.A.F., 1654 Heavy Conversion Unit R.A.F., enlisted 3 June 1943, Accidentally Killed, 12 April 1945, Off English Coast.  
A/B RYAN K RAN RYAN, Kevin Joseph, AB (Radar), B4966 (R.A.N.), HMAS Moreton, enlisted 4 October 1943, discharged 16 July 1946.  
LAC SHARPE B RAAF SHARPE, Benjamin Charles, Aircraftman 1, 44655 (R.A.A.F.), 10 Squadron, enlisted 26 February 1942, discharged 19 February 1946.  
PTE SHEIL K AIF (not positively identified)  
SIG SHEIL L AMF (not positively identified)  
LAC SHEIL R RAAF (not positively identified)  
L/C SHUTTLEWOOD R AIF SHUTTLEWOOD, Rodger, Lance Corporal, QX42447 (Q130652), 31/51 Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 30 January 1942, discharged 30 January 1946.  
SGT SMITH T AIF (not positively identified)  
PTE STEEN L AIF STEEN, Lesleigh, Private, QX28286, 2/15th Australian Field Ambulance, enlisted 3 February 1942, discharged 8 July 1946.  
SGT STEEN P AIF STEEN, Roy Patrick, Corporal, QX37125, 2 Floating W/C Workshop, enlisted 12 June 1941, discharged 12 June 1946.  
CPL STEEN R.I.P. AIF STEEN, Thomas James, Corporal, QX18773, 2/4 Independant Company, enlisted 3 July 1941, Killed in Action, 4 September 1943, Papua New Guinea.  
PTE STEWART J AIF (not positively identified)  
P/O STEWART W  D.F.M.  R.I.P. RAAF STEWART, William (D.F.M.), Pilot Officer, 404117, RAAF, 149 Squadron R.A.F, enlisted 24 May 1940, Accidentally Killed, 31 December 1941, United Kingdom.   
GNR TREACY J AIF TREACY, John William, Gunner, QX5952 (Q144248), 1st A/A (T) Regiment, enlisted 27 July 1943, discharged 21 April 1945.  
LAC WALKER F RAAF (not positively identified)  
A/B WALL S RAN (not positively identified)  
PTE WALZ F AIF WALZ, Francis Frederick, Private, QX62639 (Q36559), 42nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 6 November 1944, discharged 7 December 1945.  
F/C WATERS R.I.P. RAAF WATERS, John Francis, Flying Officer, 408542 (R.A.A.F.), 172 Squadron, enlisted 26 April 1941, Accidentally Killed , 15 July 1944, Bristol Channel, United Kingdom.  
SIG WENCK N AMF WENCK, Noel Victor, Signalman, Q269143, 7th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 18 February 1943, discharged 26 September 1946.  
L/CPL WHELAN T AIF WHELAN, Thomas Joseph, Private, QX42627 (Q130502), 2/4 Australian General Hospital, enlisted 29 October 1941, discharged 30 January 1946.  
PTE WINGROVE G AIF WINGROVE, George Arthur, Private, QX18604, 2/31 Battalion, enlisted 25 March 1941, discharged 4 February 1946.
PTE YOUNG G AIF (not positively identified)  
LAC ZAGLAS C RAAF ZAGLAS, Cosmo Charles, Leading Aircraftman, 123467 (R.A.A.F.), 100 Squadron, enlisted 27 January 1943, discharged 25 September 1945.  

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