Location: Old Mackay Town Hall foyer, Sydney Street, Mackay.
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council.
Year Constructed: Post 1918?
Type of Construction:   Marble
War: 1914-1918
Names: 1590
History:  There are 14 Marble plaques, 12 are in Alphabetical order however the two nearer to the back of the Hall appear to have been placed there at a later date or were they actually from a different location or do they contain names added at a later date? There are 120 names on each plaque in 4 rows of 30 except plaque number 14.
Information Sources:  


Mackay Town Hall circa 1915 (Mackay Views 1915)


The 14 Marble Boards that Make up the Old Mackay Town Hall Honour Board (Glen Hall Collection 2009)


 A small plaque place under the Honour Board following renovations circa 2000 (Glen Hall collection 2009)


The different web pages are sorted according to the panel number see below for alphabetical sorting of the panels.


Panel 1
Adams to Howland
Panel 2
Howland to Waldron
Panel 3
Aaskov to Brown
Panel 4
Brown to Corbett
Panel 5
Corbett to Eklund
Panel 6
Elliott to Grendon
Panel 7
Grenier to Hughes
Panel 8
Hughes to Lenton
Panel 9
Letchner to McEwan
Panel 10
McAleese to Perry
Panel 11
Pershouse to Shaw
Panel 12
Shaw to Todd
Panel 13
Toft to Worster
Panel 14
Wannel to Iwers

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