McGregor Creek Honour Board

Location: Dow's Creek Community Hall, Dow's Creek, via Mirani.    
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council.
Year Constructed: post 1945
Type of Construction:   Timber
War: 1939-1945, Vietnam
Names: 58 total, 56 WW2, 2 Vietnam (4 Killed in Action WW2).
Information Sources:  

McGregor Creek honour Board c.1994 (Glen Hall Collection




Name recorded Identified as  
ABBOTT, A.F. ABBOTT, Albert Francis, Leading Aircraftman, 131505 (RAAF), 15 Aircraft Repair Depot, enlisted 2 March 1943, discharged 4 February 1946.
ABBOTT, A.V. ABBOTT, Aubrey Victor, Private, QX8034, 2/9th Battalion, enlisted 20 May 1940, discharged 17 March 1945.
ABBOTT, R.W. Reginald William ABBOTT, Private, QX8241, 1 Australian Parachute Battalion, enlisted 9 June 1940, discharged 27 November 1945.
ANDREWS, T.H. (not positively identified)
BELL, J.J. (not positively identified)
BENNETT, M.A. (not positively identified)
BOURKE, M.J. BOURKE, Mervyn John, Leading Aircraftman, 25908 (RAAF), 1 Reserve Personnel Pool, enlisted 29 May 1941, discharged 10 January 1946.
BRADSHAW, R.A. BRADSHAW, Ronald Archibald, Corporal, QX29215, 2/1st Field Regiment, enlisted 22 December 1941, discharged 11 January 1946.
BREADSELL, W. BREADSELL, William, Private, QX12064, 2/25th Battalion, enlisted 24 June 1940, discharged 28 February 1941.
BRYANT, R. BRYANT, Robert Edward Moore, Private, QX18950, 2/32nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 31 January 1946.
COGGINS, C.W. Charles William COGGINS, Private, QX18697, 2/26th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 8 May 1941, discharged 11 December 1945.
COGGINS, J.R. COGGINS, John Richardson, Cook, 35252 (RAN), HMAS Penguin, enlisted 24 April 1941, discharged 12 January 1954.
COLLS, L. * COLLS, Lance William, Gunner, QX13176, 2/10 Field Regiment, enlisted 3 July 1940, Died of Illness while a P.O.W., 16 April 1945, Sandakan, Borneo.
DAIR, J. (not positively identified)
DAVIS, K. (not positively identified)
DAVIS, M.G. DAVIS, Maitland George, Trooper, QX27329, 2/5 Armoured Regiment, enlisted 15 January 1942, discharged 28 May 1946.
DAVIS, W.H. DAVIS, William Herbert , Corporal, QX30022, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 9 February 1942, discharged 9 April 1946.
DONOVAN, E.A. * (not positively identified)
DRAKE, O. (not positively identified)
DRURY, A.J. DRURY, Albert James, Private, QX8396, 2/5 Australian Independent Company, enlisted 16 June 1940, discharged 5 December 1945.
DRURY, W.D. DRURY, Walter Douglas, Sapper, QX13107, 2/11 Field Company, enlisted 26 June 1940, discharged 17 December 1945.
EDWARDS, A.R. EDWARDS, Arthur Russell, Private, QX13222, 2/25th Australian Infantry Battalion, 1st Reinforcements, enlisted 5 July 1940, discharged 18 May 1945.
GARNHAM, R. (not positively identified)
HANSEN, S.V. HANSEN, Segfred Valdmer, Driver, QX27339, 2/96 Transport Platoon, enlisted 15 January 1942, discharged 2 April 1946.
HANSEN, W. HANSEN, William Charles, Private, QX27340, HQ 25th Aust Inf. Brigade, enlisted 15 January 1942, discharged 11 December 1945.
HARRISON, P.R. (not positively identified)
JENNER, H.J. JENNER, Harry John , Private, QX27342, 101 Convalescent Depot, enlisted 15 January 1942, discharged 11 July 1942.
JOHNSTONE, C. (not positively identified)
JOHNSTONE, D.M. (not positively identified)
JOHNSTONE, R.D. (not positively identified)
KILCULLEN, J.E. KILCULLEN, John Edward, Craftsman, VX77867, 13 Australian Advanced Workshop, enlisted 13 March 1942, discharged 17 December 1945. 
KOHLER, E. * (not positively identified)
LYNCH, W.J. William James LYNCH, Sergeant, A1254 (RAAF), E STT (C), enlisted 10 August 1942, discharged 5 May 1954.
MATTHEWS, A. (not positively identified)
MATTHEWS, R.J. (not positively identified)
McINTYRE, R. McINTYRE, Robert Thomas, Private, QX32106, 2/9th Battalion, enlisted 8 May 1942, discharged 11 May 1943.
McLOUGHLIN, K. McLAUGHLIN, Kevin Vivian, Private, QX18973, Australian Imperial Force, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 14 September 1945.
OLLETT, B. OLLETT, Brian, Private, QX38206 (Q90821), 56 Comp AA RGT, enlisted 5 June 1941, discharged 6 October 1944.
PIRIE, J. (not positively identified)
PIRIE, W.H. * PIRIE, William Hill, Private, QX31335, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 10 April 1942, Died Of Wounds, 22 September 1943, Papua New Guinea.
PORVILL, V. (not positively identified)
ROBERTS, G. (not positively identified)
ROBERTSON, W. ROBERTSON, William John, Private, QX18676, 2/12th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 28 April 1941, discharged 13 December 1945.
SHANDLEY, E.G.B. SHANDLEY, Edward George Barriclough , Private, QX18895, enlisted 4 December 1941, discharged 28 February 1945.
SMYTH, J. (not positively identified)
THOMPSON, B.F. THOMPSON, Bert Francis , Private, QX18997, 62nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 12 December 1945.
THOMPSON, C.W. (not positively identified)
THOMPSON, J.J. (not positively identified)
THOMPSON, R.D. THOMPSON, Raymond Dasit, Private, QX27319, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 11 April 1946.
THOMPSON, W.A. THOMPSON, Walter Daniel , Private, QX27904, 2/16th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 18 February 1942, discharged 19 November 1945.
TOOGOOD, E. TOOGOOD, Albert Edward, Private, Q55352, 3 Australian Army Ordnance Depot, enlisted 20 March 1942, discharged 20 August 1947. 
WARD, F.C. (not positively identified)
WILKIE, A.H. WILKIE, Allan Henry, Lance Sergeant, QX27556, 57 Aust. AA REGT (COMP) LE, enlisted 11 February 1942, discharged 10 February 1944.
WILKIE, G.L. (not positively identified)
WRIGHT, A. WRIGHT, Allen William, Private, QX28226, 2/16th Light Field Ambulance, enlisted 24 January 1942, discharged 28 July 1945.

WRIGHT, Leonard James, Private, QX18634, 9 DAC 7 RFTS, enlisted 1 April 1941, discharged 30 August 1941.

VIETNAM 1962-1972  
CONTOR, T.C. CONTOR, Terrence Colin, 1736712, 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.
HARDWICK, T.H. HARDWICK, Trevor Harold, 1737012, 21 Engineer Support Troop

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