Owens & Beatrice Creeks Honour Board

Location: Gargett Hotel, Gargett.
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council
Year Constructed: post 1945.
Type of Construction:   Timber
War: 1939-1945
Names: 41 (2 Killed in Action; 1 Accidentally Killed; 3 Australian Women's Army Service)
History:  This wooden Roll of Honour once hung with a picture of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the old dance hall at Owens Creek, near to Llew Harrisí residence.  Llew Harris transferred it to the Gargett Hotel in the 1990s for better security as the hall was becoming dilapidated.
Information Sources: Mr Col Benson, RSL Historian
Owens and Beatrice Creek Honour Board, Gargett Hotel , 1994. (Glen Hall Collection)



Name recorded Identified as  
BAKER, L. (A.W.A.S.) (not positively identified)  
BURNS, A.F. BURNS, Arnold Francis, Gunner, QX51248 (Q114769), 2/5 Field Regiment, enlisted 25 March 1943, discharged 26 November 1945.  
BURNS, E.C. BURNS, Elmore Crouye, Gunner, QX18917, Australian Imperial Force, enlisted 18 December 1941, discharged 6 March 1944.  
CASEY, K.  Private, QX27534, 2/7 Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 11 February 1942, discharged 11 June 1946.  
CLAUSEN, A.J.C. (not positively identified)
CLARE, W. CLARE, William , Driver, QX41664, 2/6 Field Ambulance, enlisted 9 December 1942, discharged 18 January 1946.  
CRANSTON, A. CRANSTON, Alfred, Bombardier, QX18641, 2/2 Anti Tank Attack Regiment, enlisted 17 April 1941, discharged 13 December 1945.  
ERB, L. ERB, Laurance Edward, Corporal, 77029 (RAAF), 9 Transport and Movement Office, enlisted 22 July 1942, discharged 25 January 1946.  
ERB, R.M. ERB, Robert Macklin, Corporal, QX20414, 2/31 Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 5 June 1941, discharged 3 January 1946.  
FRIER, W.H. FRIER, William Henry, Sapper, Q55340, 12th Australian Army Transport Company, R.A.E., enlisted 20 March 1942, discharged 19 December 1945.  
GROTH, R. GROTH, Ronald Alfred, Private, QX23157, 2/15 Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 13 November 1941, discharged 11 April 1946.  
HEEL, E.A. HEEL, Ernest Alfred, Sergeant, Q54991, 4 Aust Dtn Barracks, enlisted 16 February 1942, discharged 19 October 1945.   
HELSHAM, R. HELSHAM, Roy, Private, QX39826 (Q103339), AACS 1 DET, enlisted 21 May 1941, discharged 7 February 1946.  
HARRIS, G.F. (not positively identified)  
HARRIS, I. HARRIS, Ivor Alexander, Private, QX18587, 2/15 Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 25 March 1941, discharged 21 December 1945.  
HARRIS, L. (not positively identified)  
HARRIS, O. (not positively identified)  
HOBBS, W.G. HOBBS, William George, Corporal, Q111344, 127 Australian General Transport Company, enlisted 2 September 1940, discharged 22 April 1944.

HOBBS, William George, 441074 (RAAF), Air Gunnery School West Sale, enlisted 24 April 1944, discharged 28 March 1947.

HOWARD, V.A. (A.K.) HOWARD, Vivian Arthur, Pilot Officer, 414138 (RAAF), 10 Elementary Flying Training School, enlisted 16 August 1941, Died in Flying Accident, 29 October 1943, Temora, New South Wales. 
KOHLER, A. KOHLER, Alfred, Private, QX18864, Australian Imperial Force, enlisted 12 November 1941, discharged 19 August 1945.  
KOHLER, E.J.S. KOHLER, Edward John Smith, Gunner, Q114731, 4 Field Regiment, enlisted 15 June 1941, discharged 4 April 1946.  
KOHLER, A.S. (K. in A.) KOHLER, Arthur Sutherland, Private, QX32415, 2/25th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 20 May 1942, Killed in Action, 17 July 1945, Balikpapan, Borneo.  
KOHLER, E.W.A. KOHLER, Eric Walter Alec, Private, QX27343, 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 15 January 1942, discharged 10 April 1946.  
LAMB, A.J. LAMB, Alfred James, Corporal, QX51736 (Q130662), 22nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 16 April 1943, discharged 27 May 1946.  
LAWTON, P. (not positively identified)  
PATAMISE, R. PATAMISE, Rocco, Private, Q273654, 7 Base Ordnance Depot, enlisted 3 March 1945, discharged 20 December 1946.   
PAUL, D.N. PAUL, Douglas Noel, Gunner, Q114844, Australian Training Centre (Jungle Warfare), enlisted 15 June 1941, discharged 11 April 1944.  
PAUL, J. (not positively identified)  
POWELL, G. (not positively identified)  
POWER, S. (A.W.A.S.) (not positively identified)  
REEDMAN, C.G.A. REEDMAN, Cyril George Arthur, Leading Aircraftman, 429349 (RAAF), 3 Central Recovery Depot, enlisted 11 September 1942, discharged 10 January 1946.  
ROBB, H. ROBB, Harry Andrew, Gunner, QX53557 (Q114851), 1 Tank Attack Regiment, enlisted 3 June 1943, discharged 4 December 1945.  
ROGERS, M.E. (A.W.A.S.) ROGERS, Marie Ellen, Corporal, QF267360, AACS (QLD) L OF C AREA, enlisted 28 December 1942, discharged 23 September 1946.  
SIMPSON, K. (not positively identified)  
SOPER, A.S. SOPER, Albert Lewis, Private, Q130719, 30th Battalion, enlisted 15 June 1941, discharged 14 June 1946.  
SOPER, W.J. SOPER, William James, Craftsman, QX18704, 2/31st Aust P Bn., enlisted 8 May 1941, discharged 11 February 1946.
THOMPSON, W.D. THOMPSON, Walter Daniel, Private, QX27904, 2/16th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 18 February 1942, discharged 19 November 1945.  
THOMSON, J.A. (not positively identified)  
TURNER, T.W. TURNER, Thomas William, Driver, QX27320, 2/31st Transport Platoon, enlisted 8 January 1942, discharged 4 April 1946.  
(K. in A.)
WEBSTER, Eugene Cromer, Private, QX2903, 2/9th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 5 April 1940, Killed in Action, 18 December 1942, Papua New Guinea. 
WILSON, J.E. WILSON, John Edward, Sergeant, Q268695, 22nd Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 27 May 1942, discharged 16 September 1946.  

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