Walkerston Memorial Gates

Location: On Corner of Bridge and Dutton Streets, Walkerston.
Local Government Authority: Mackay Regional Council.
Year Constructed: post 1945
Type of Construction:   Red Brick and wrought iron.
War: 1914-1918; 1939-1945
Names: 1914-1918  (18) ; 1939-1945 (19) All men listed died during the wars.

This memorial commemorates those fallen from the Walkerston and Pleystowe districts. The Memorial Gates have two plaques. One commemorates those who fell during the 1914-1918 war and the other those who fell during the war of 1939-1945.

Information Sources: Email: Mrs Di Randell, 16 Nov. 2006.

Walkerston Memorial Gates



Name Recorded Identified As  
CAMPBELL  J.E. CAMPBELL, James Eric, Lance Corporal, 365, 20th Battalion, enlisted 11 April 1915, Died of wounds, 14 August 1916, Pozieres, France.  
CAMPBELL  R.F. CAMPBELL, Robert Ferguson, Private, Q11983, Australian Army Medical Corps, enlisted ?, Died of Illness, 27 October 1916, Brisbane, Queensland.  
DEE  H.J. DEE, Henry Joseph, Private, 2419, 47th Battalion, enlisted 25 March 1916, Killed in Action, 30 September 1917, Belgium.
FURNIVAL  J. FURNEYVALL, Edmond James, Private, 437, 31st Battalion, enlisted 12 July 1915, Died of Illness, 23 November 1918, France.
GARRAWAY  A. GARRAWAY, Alan Edward de Jonyn, Gunner, 3843, 4th Pioneer Battalion/3rd Field Artillery Brigade, enlisted 1 March 1917, Died of Wounds, 27 May 1918, Franvilliers, France. 
LUSCOMBE  T. LUSCOMBE, George Thomas, Lance Corporal, 1266, 42nd Battalion, enlisted 11 February 1916, Killed in Action, 10 June 1917, Messines, Belgium.
McGREGOR  N. MacGREGOR, Donald Neil, Company Sergeant-Major, 1481, 3rd Infantry Battalion, H Company, enlisted 18 August 1914, Killed in Action 25 April 1915, Gallipoli, Turkey aged 28 years. Buried in Quinn's Post Cemetery, Gallipoli.
McLAY  JAS. McCLAY, James, Private, 5724, 9th Battalion, enlisted 31 January 1916, Died of Wounds, 23 December 1917, Belgium.  
MOODY  C. MOODY, Charles, Private, 1981, 15th Battalion, enlisted 21 January 1915, Died of wounds, 9 August 1915, Gallipoli, Turkey.  
PAGAN  J. PAGAN, John, Private, 1717, 47th Battalion, enlisted 18 January 1916, Killed in Action, 7 June 1917, Messines, Belgium.  
PERRY  E.H. PERRY, Eric Horatio, Private, 5734, 9th Battalion/26th Battalion, enlisted 18 January 1916, Killed in Action, 3 May 1917, Bullecourt, France.
POPE  J.R. POPE, James Richard, Private, 5448, 12th Battalion, enlisted 18 January 1916, Killed in Action, 5 May 1917, France.  
RANDALL  P. RANDELL, Alfred Ernest (Paddy), Private, 2494, 47th Battalion, enlisted 1 April 1916, Died at Sea of Ilness (Meningitis), 17 October 1916, just off Durban, South Africa.
SMITH  N. SMITH, Norman, Private, 3113, 9th Battalion/49th Battalion, enlisted 24 June 1915, Killed in Action, 5 September 1916, Mouquet Farm, Pozieres, France.
SMITH  W. SMITH, Walter, Private, 5678, 26th Battalion, enlisted 1 April 1916, Killed in Action, 6 October 1917, Belgium.  
STODDART  T.G. STODDART, Thomas George, Private, 751, 25th Battalion, enlisted 6 February 1915, Killed in Action, 27 July 1916, Pozieres, France.  
SWAN  H. SWANN, Harry Alfred, Private, 326, 41st Battalion, enlisted 13 November 1915, Died of Illness, 13 November 1916, Fremantle, Western Australia.
WILKINSON  S. WILKINSON, Sydney, Corporal, 461, 31st Battalion, enlisted 12 July 1915, Died of Wounds, 10 April 1917, France.


Name Recorded Identified As  
BAKER,  R.G BAKER, Ronald George, Private, QX13247, 2nd Company, Australian Army Service Corps, enlisted 12 July 1940, Died of Illness whilst P.O.W., 1 October 1943, Burma.
BAKER,  W. BAKER, William John, Sergeant, 405670 (RAAF), 27th Operational Training Unit R.A.F., enlisted 24 May 1941, Accidental Death, 20 November 1942, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.
BOVEY,  A.R. BOVEY, Allen Robert, Gunner, QX18776, 2/15th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, enlisted 10 July 1941, Died of Illness while P.O.W., 24 April 1945, Sandakan, Borneo.
BOWKETT,  E.J. BOWKETT, Edwin James, Private, QX12062, 2/26th Battalion, Australian Infantry, enlisted 24 June 1940, Presumed Dead at Sea while P.O.W., 13 September 1944, South China Sea.
CHRISTIE,  N. CHRISTIE, Neil McNaughton, Corporal, QX8389, 2/3 Ordnance Store Company, Australian Army Ordnance Corps, enlisted 16 June 1940, Died of Illness while P.O.W., 5 June 1945, Sandakan, Borneo.
CULLEN,  D.N. CULLEN, David Neil, Sergeant, 405723 (RAAF), 7 Service Flight Training School, enlisted 25 May 1941, Killed in Flying Accident, 26 August 1942, Wanganella, New South Wales. 
DENT,  T.R. DENT, Terence Roy, Flight Sergeant, 425617 (RAAF), 463 Squadron, enlisted 25 April 1942, Flying Accident, 31 August 1944, United Kingdom.
DORWARD,  L.C. DORWARD, Leslie Clement (DFC), (MID), Flying Officer, 404174 (RAAF), 97 Squadron R.A.F., enlisted 21 June 1940, Killed in Action (Flying Battle), 5 October 1942, Germany. 
ELWORTHY,  A.J. ELWORTHY, Alan James, Private, QX33560(Q130620), 15th Battalion, Australian Infantry, enlisted 16 December 1941, Killed in Action, 26 December 1944, Bougainville Island.  
GLEN,  H. GLEN, Harry James, Lance Corporal, QX8398, 2/25th Battalion, Australian Infantry, enlisted 16 June 1940, Died of Injuries, 4 September 1942, At sea off Townsville, Queensland.
HALPIN,  G. HALPIN, Geoffrey, Engineer Officer, (Merchant Navy), S.S. Faraday, Missing presumed killed, 26 March 1941, English Channel.  
HOWARD,  T.J. HOWARD, Thomas Jackson, Private, Q42294, 49th Battalion, Australian Military Forces, enlisted 3 March 1941, Died of Illness, 29 August 1942, Papua New Guinea.  
KELLY,  J. KELLY, John Patrick (Jack), Private, QX18710, 2/12th Battalion, Australian Infantry, enlisted 15 May 1941, Killed in Action, 1 January 1943, Buna, Papua New Guinea.
KERR,  W. KERR, William Joseph (Billy), Private, QX25924, 14 Garrison Battalion, Australian Infantry, enlisted 8 January 1942, Death Cause unknown, 24 May 1942, Woombye, Queensland.  
McCOLL,  K.A. McCOLL, Kevin Alexander.  
REASTON,  J. REASTON, Vivian James, Private, Q270857, 58/59th Battalion, Australian Infantry, enlisted 30 April 1943, Killed in Action, 9 June 1945, Bougainville Island.
SMITH,  G.M. SMITH, Geoffrey George Minchin, Pilot Officer, 426848 (RAAF), 105th Operational Training Unit, R.A.F., enlisted 14 August 1942, Accidentally Killed, 29 April 1945, England.  
WADE,  W. WADE, William John, Private, QX18808, 2/26th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 28 August 1941, Missing presumed Dead, 11 February 1942, Malaya.
WORK,  L. WORK, Lennie Robert, Private, QX18775, 2/9th Australian Infantry Battalion, enlisted 3 July 1941, Killed in Action, 23 December 1942, Papua New Guinea.  

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