Niels Christian Morthensen

Born:       1855 (Hammel, Aarhus, Denmark)  


Niels Christian Mortensen was born in the village Hammel, county of Aarhus in Denmark in 1855. He came to Bowen Queensland 12 July 1873 as passenger no 254 on the three mast
Hamburg (German) ironship Herschel, (Sloman &c o 814t). Capt E.A. Freiderichs, and Surgeon Superintendant was none other than Dr Axel Kortüm, later famous doctor at the Palmer River goldfield. 

He had previously been engaged in farming pursuits and learned the art of cabinetmaking. He settled and worked hard and entered the cordial-making business in Bowen not long after his arrival. He served two and a half years with F. Merce, and at the end of that time purchased that gentleman's business, which he carried on for two years. 

He then settled in Mackay, and bought the business of Patrick McCluskey, who was the Proprietor of a Steam Aerated Water and Cordial and Soap Factory in Peel Street, Mackay. He increased the business by the addition of a new branch in Walkerston. 

In 1882 he imported a complete plant for making ice by the ether process. He then added to his works a saw-bench and circular-saw for cutting firewood, and in 1887 commenced the manufacture of soap, for which he has now established a fair demand.  when he was interviewed for the Aldine history of Queensland in 1888. 

Niels Christian Mortensen was elected an alderman in 1886, and became Mayor of Mackay in 1893. He became a Freemason, Temple Lodge 318 IC Mackay 18 May 1881, he was for many years on the Hospital Committee, and, in addition to being a mason he was also a Trustee of the I.O.O.F., M.U. (Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity) .


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